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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 23 August 2017
The story continues about the smith family, making more friends along the way.
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on 18 December 2014
WOW! As expected from ringo, leaves you sweating from just reading! If they made movies this viscerally visual? They would have people fainting from both over excitement or nausea, lol!
Progresses both wolf squadron and the smith girls along nicely, thy gain both troops and experience as the move through our zombie held world. Faith is once again my star performer, showing new sides to her character and becoming a little more fallible therefore more real! Sophia is growing in professionalism and is easily the more likely of the girls to live a normal life when they 'win' the support charectar outside of the smith family are still just that support!, a little two dimensional but seriously not a problem, if you've got this far in the series you know what to expect, faith kicking ass and Sophie taking names!
Walker owns the end of the book with one of the coolest reveals in the history of bad assery! And just like that! Bang! Gives faith the backing of the highest active service officer in theatre, thus cementing her place as the premier marine on the planet! As if she needed it😉. Overall a great addition to the series!
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on 18 August 2014
The series just get better and better, now expanding into locations outside of the USA and it's immediate environs while keeping the strong story line and character development.

Now that Faith is close to the UK, maybe she should pop down to Devon and grab herself a few L129A1's to replace the 'Barbie guns'.

Very good, really enjoying this series.
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on 18 July 2014
not his best work but certainly not his worst i give it 4 stars because being ex military myself i really like the humour throughout the book otherwise this would only rate a 3/5. there are a couple of things i dont like about this book SPOILER ALERT!! the first 2 books have made a big deal about everyone getting to gitmo to set up the lab but it was dealt with in a couple of chapters in this book they pitch up play some music use the gun boats for a bit and drive round in 4 tonne trucks and pick off the stragglers tadaaaaaaa gitmo is cleared! another thing i disliked is the pointless ( unless something is lined up in future books) sub plot about a load of entitled starlets on a reality show getting trapped and then rescued, again this whole subplot is over in a few chapters so there is no time to become emotionally vested in the characters before they are bumped off 1 by 1 so to me just seems like filler just to bump up the ammount of pages in this book.
now for the things i like , the action sequences are as always well written and explained in depth some people might say it is the same thing done over and over again but i like it, if you do not then maybe this genre isnt for you :) . the story is finally moving along at a faster pace they have got a land base now so future books will hopefully have more plots to pick from rather than just being on a boat and killing zombies/infected on another boat so we can use that boat to kill zombies on another boat. as the next book in the series is due in december i am looking forward to reading that very much based on what happens in this book , my only concern is that john ringo is well known for getting a series to a certain point and then leaving it for a few years ( kildar and prince roger spring to mind ) which is understandable if you run out of ideas but annoying for the reader so hopefully will not happen with this series as ringo seems to be churning out a book every 6 months now :) the end of this book suggests there are going to be a lot more characters emerging in future stories so hopefully we wont have to keep reading how much the author hates the 5.56mm nato round anymore :).

on the whole this is a good book that i would recommend to any ringo fans.

EDIT: 4th book in the series is due out on kindle 16/12/2014. info from baen books.com
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on 29 July 2015
Ringo never disappoints and this is yet another example, the only problem with his books is I can read them faster than he can write them. Believable characters take on an unbelievable situation, but the way it's written it doesn't seem unbelievable.
If I could give more than five stars I would.
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on 16 January 2015
One of the author's better series, this book continues the zombie apocalypse and in particular the adventures of two teenage girls, known as Seawolf and Shewolf.
Have re-read it several times since purchase.
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on 30 March 2015
I just cant buy into the teenage girls being almost SAS. It doesn't feel that gritty for me, I guess this is more a book aimed at the teenage market, and those into babes with guns
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on 21 April 2015
Action story drags you into it true human spirit men women fighting no super weapons just a never give fight till you can't rest and start again
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on 22 September 2014
Really good read although the trip to England was slightly unlikely.
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on 27 September 2015
Ringo does not disappoint, action and superb characterisation.
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