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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 July 2017
Having marked the first cinematic venture into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the 'new character' film 'Iron Man' barely 2 years before, this 2nd foray into the world of the 'Avengers' most 'colourful' character is very much a sequel, since it continues to cover many of the storylines from the original.

However and crucially, it develops the themes quite significantly as it is also serves as a 'vehicle' to delve into the background of the superheroes organisation 'S.H.I.E.L.D.' and the related importance of Stark Industries; we are also introduced to a new 'Avengers' character...

I started to watch this film on satellite TV very soon after it was released for broadcast BUT it didn't really grab me so I didn't make it all the way; however, as the Blu-ray could eventually be got second-hand for a very affordable price I gave it another go.

I'm glad I did !

Watching it with a bit more dedication, I soon realised that what I perceived to be as an uninteresting, over-dominantly featured 'opponent' character was incorrect AND I had missed the presence of another equally important 'opponent' character. The film does obviously feature him and deal with his activities/significant relation to Tony Stark, BUT far more of the running-time is devoted to the more interesting Tony Stark/Iron Man persona than I had first appreciated and there are also those significant Stark Industries/'S.H.I.E.L.D. revelations as well....

In fact, it could be said that TOO much is covered in the middle section of the film, but since it is all necessary to learn in 'one chunk' - for anyone keen to immerse themselves in the 'Avengers' world, with hindsight it is done quite appropriately.

The clincher is that it features the same core ensemble as the original (albeit that it is the last time Jon Favreau directed 'Iron Man'), again has great special-effects, sharp action and snappy dialogue - plus it presents itself very well on Blu-ray.

I don't think any of the Amazon synopsis choices cover things properly, so here's a paste from a well-known info website which I think serves as a good starter :

"After Tony Stark reveals himself to be 'Iron Man', the U.S. government demands he hand over his technology. Meanwhile, a rival industrialist and a Russian scientist conspire to use his own technology against him."

It's also worth mentioning that events in this film occur in the same time period as the events of previously released and following 'Avengers' films respectively: 'The Incredible Hulk' and 'Thor' - also, Captain America's shield makes another appearance.....

So, we firstly see the main 'opponent' character, his significant actions and through visual 'hints' are able to learn more about his 'drive'. Then we see how Tony Stark 'meets' his main opponent before a sizeable chunk of long-tem plot/historical information revelation is made before a lengthy finale/confrontation.

The production-values of the film are equal, if not better than, the original since so much more 'equipment' is on show and the action is certainly more intense; the sets are more expansive and the special-effects convincing. Again, there are a number of notable acting performances but Downey Jr remains dominant and just as energetic as before.

There is more drama this time and it is more often than not of a darker nature, but humour is present, just not as much as previously....Since Stark is not just a talented businessman/engineer but also a very rich 'playboy' type of person, perhaps even more 'sexism' is on show this time - especially as women are used as promotional 'tools' in mass expo productions etc.

Finally, as before, Jon Favreau really deserves a lot of credit for being at the helm of this effective blockbuster which clearly had the remit of covering so much plot, associated/necessary explanatory dialogue, as well as depicting a lot of action.

As we should expect from a modern film, on Blu-ray things look and sound very good; everything is as sharp/detailed as you could hope for. Similarly, the soundtrack is clear and active, especially as this time we get DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1.

Amazingly, on the 'Triple Play' edition I got, the copious disc extras are EVEN more extensive this time !

Again we get a 2nd disc with largely featurette-type extras, with again a total running time some 30mins longer than the film itself, BUT on the film disc we get several features which run in conjunction with the movie, as well as a director's commentary - which I have listened to. Jon Favreau does a sterling job of maintaining a presence on the audio track, only occasionally meandering around with light observations, the rest of the time he makes insightful observations which only he is able to contribute.

Plus we get the film on DVD !

I've attached a photo of the 'Triple Play' case back with all the disc info as Amazon omits it.

So, a worthy sequel to 'Iron Man' and one which I'm glad I re-visited, after an an initial viewing didn't grab me very much. I think it misses out on some of the excellent humour present in the original, but on the other hand it has more energetic action, some of which can stray into the crash-bang-wallop variety, but not excessively so. Nevertheless it still has many of the positive Tony Stark/'Iron Man' credentials and the screenplay has a tougher job, since it clearly had a remit to cover/reveal a LOT of 'Avengers' back-story. It also looks/sounds great on Blu-ray and the 'Triple Play' edition is loaded with extras.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 November 2017
Great sequel to Iron Man. With the world now privy to the true identity of Iron Man it's not long before both good and bad forces have their eye on some of Iron Man's technology and inventions, in particular those that have the potential to be shaped into weapons. The supporting characters build and develop in the film (gotta love Happy) and I thought Rourke was a brilliant evil nemesis type for Stark to deal with. Really well paced, good action, super styled and entertaining throughout.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Iron Man so skipped the Iron Man films as the MCU unfolded on the big screen, but saw all other films. I really liked how Downey portrayed him though I still found his character kind of annoying. Finally watching all the Iron Man films whilst doing a full run leading up to Thor 3 recently though really changed my mind about the character and Downey really owns the character again in this sequel, like he was born for it.
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on 25 October 2016
Had the first and third Iron Man film along with both Avengers films! Brought this to complete the Iron Man trilogy! Iron Man is my third favourite superhero, the second being Batman and the first being Spider-Man! Robert Downey Jr is doing a fantastic job as Iron Man and he's just being himself, but it works and he does it with a lot of his roles! The second Iron Man film is great as it shows more action from Tony Stark/Iron Man and the first appearance of War Machine! Loved it in the cinema and now I have it on DVD, completing the Iron Man trilogy!
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on 21 December 2014
Ready for the next sequel, well this one we have the idiot who hasn't learnt from the first iron man, but even with new allies he just loves the punishment, that makes this entertainment more delightful to watch with the action and high flying thrills and spills we can't go wrong. The story is fantastic and a marvellous cast this is sheer pleasure to sit down and see through forget about a nap there is no time, so I rated this an A grade plus. Now it's your turn to do something like collect the movie gather up the popcorn get comfortable and relax in your favourite chair with feet up for a fabulous night in with fantastic entertainment. Enjoy!
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on 6 September 2011
There is a lot of talking in this movie in between the action sequences - I'm sure they could have trimmed 20 mins off the length. However, the action scenes are good and Mickey Rourke does make a decent bad guy. Sam Rockwell also plays the jealous villain wannabe to great effect. Blu ray picture and sound were great, not quite as good as Avatar or Sucker Punch (in my opinion, two of the best).
Would like some confirmation from other reviewers - I wonder whether my copy of Iron Man 2 (Triple Play) is official product or not - blu ray case was thinner and more rounded on corners than standard blu ray case and small print on rear cover could not be read due to poor print quality - discs all present but just have black print on, no colours/pictures - digital download code worked so assumed must be original - is this a correct description of this version?
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on 17 May 2018
My 11yr old Son never gets tired of watching this movie, - Robert Downey does a great job on this one, subsequent movies not so much, Mickey Rourke doesn't say much, you get the general idea, great movie for Friday night Lad & Dad night. Recommended
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on 14 May 2016
While not as good as the first this sequel to Iron Man is a worthy successor. Great effects a decent script and great performances plus a few new characters. The only downside to Iron Man 2 is the main villain is not that great however looking back at this film now it is arguable the most important phase one film of all as far a laying the groundwork for the MCU. Plus Introduces Black Widow and War Machine.
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on 23 October 2017
I love all the Iron Man films. The "technology" ideas are amazing and will one day become reality. Good escapism, light and entertaining with none of the gore prevalent in today's films. Highly recommended.
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on 2 May 2018
Not as good as film 1, but ok.
Mickie O’Rourke steals the lime light as a great villain
Plenty of action with limited plot
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on 2 March 2018
The dvd arrived quickly. Arrived intact properly packaged. Dvd quality excellent. Highly recommend.
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