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on 6 January 2017
Cheap but solid answer to the problem of LG tv's using non standard mounting holes.
This was an essential tool, as it turned out, in allowing me to mount a new LG tv onto my existing "swinging arm" wall mount, because LG for some reason on their newer big screen tv's, my new one's (65"), don't use standard Vesa placement mounting holes???
An LG specific bracket is a very heavy and cumbersome thing which mounts close on to the wall and costs £99.99 from Richer Sounds, while not giving anywhere near the same amount of functionality as my existing swinging arm type mounting.
With these cheap but handy little arms, I was able to attach them to my already mounted back plate and place them in a customised position to match up and securely attach the new tv, saving me a LOT of money, while still retaining all my swing and turn functions provided by my previous arm type bracket. Such a simple thing, but these four strong metal arms with their adjustable slots are a one time purchase which will always be useful to have around for mounting any future tv purchases, without the need to drill more holes in the wall.
I actually only needed to use two of them, so I have two more spare if I need them to mount another tv in another room.
Such a silly seeming little purchase to be so enthused about, but they really are such useful little tools especially for the price.
They were delivered VERY quickly from this seller as well!
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on 27 December 2016
This seemed like a good idea. Use the already fixed in place tv mount and extend it with these 4 bits of metal to accomodate a larger fixing tv.
I don't know if it was just me but they seemed to slip down so the tv is a little lower than the old one.
I am living with it now and it seems fairly stable.
Maybe i will try and re-mount it at a later date and see if i can get it to look like the way the fixings do in the original pictures, but for now mine looks like what it does.
For £12.99 i wont complain though
review image
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on 15 May 2015
First and foremost, it's worth mentioning not to chuck away the 400x400 components of any wall bracket you're buying, even if your TV is smaller. That was the mistake I made which led me to need this item to start with.

This is a simple fix for those people who are upgrading from a 42inch to a 55+inch screen.

It's not the best thing to look at but it's hidden behind the TV!

Installation was easy-peasy. The nuts are nylock a should stay done up no matter how much you giggle the TV during install. Obviously, if you're keeping your bracket on the wall this is likely to be a two man job with any big TV. I do not recommend doing this on your own!

Having four independent arms instead of one (or two) templated bracket extensions can make installation a little fiddling. Recommend starting with the two bottom arms so as to allow the TV to slide to the bottom of its adjustable travel (which in theory should make it level).

Was worried I might have to buy other nuts/bolts but everything is included that you'd need.

Very happy with the product.
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on 18 February 2016
I bought this to be able to use a wall mount which was already installed and being used for a smaller TV that I have just upgraded. Because the existing wall mount is of a very high quality and very solidly secured to the wall, I was hoping to find a way to leave it in place and make it work for the bigger TV. This product works perfectly. It allowed me to effectively adjust my 200x200mm VESA mount to fit onto the new TV needing a 400x400mm mount. The adaptor kit comes with high quality and strong metal extender bars and all required screws and hardware. It was simple to attach the kit to my existing wall mount and then attach to the TV. I am very pleased I found this kit. Definitely deserves 5 stars!
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on 18 March 2012
i agree with the previous reviewer there arn`t any pictures to illistrate the construction of the unit to the tv wall bracket, But basically what you do is as follows attach the four long extension bars on the front side of the tv plate the side that is sunk down, then put the four short screws throught the small holes and attach the locking nut on the other side,Mount them on the four edges corners of the tv bracket to give you full reach,,, Now using the longer screws with the large washers and fix them throught the long slits on the extension arms depending ware the fitting`s are on the back of the tv.

But overall its sturdy and it will save you the cost of buying a new tv wall bracket.

I tried to post a video review but wasnt able too, had some problems.

But is it worth buying ? i would say YES 1000% :-)
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on 6 December 2016
Bought these to convert a motorised tilt bracket that only supported up to 40" TVs with 200x200 VESA mount, but needed 400x400 for a new 49" TV that actually weighed less than the 40" it was replacing. Brackets are strong, but there is some movement when attached due to the design that made me a little concerned at first. This is actually quite useful as it allows you to move the TV slightly if the bracket isn't quite level, and I don't think it will work loose as the bolts are tight in the supplied nuts. The only thing missing from the kit was long M8 bolts to attach to the TV, the supplied ones were too short so had to go and buy some from Screwfix. Have dropped a star for this.
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on 26 April 2017
I purchased the following Invision wall mount :

Invision Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount Bracket with 20 Inch Cantilever Arm/1.8-Inch Wall Profile Tilt and Swivel for Most 26 - 42 Inch LED LCD Plasma 3D &

Upon inspection of my TV i realised i had a 300mm x 200mm configuration and the mount above would not work. So i bought this kit and it resolved the problem perfectly i was worried i would have to return my TV but i managed to sort it thanks to this item.

Great product very easy to work with
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on 17 January 2012
I found this easy to install and it works perfectly.

My old TV has VESA 200 x 200 mounting points, but the new one has VESA 400 x 200. I spent a lot on the original TV wall mount so instead of throwing the investment away I bought this and it allwoed me to use the TV wall mount again.

The only drawback is that it does not have any diagrams in the instructions on how to install the device so make sure you read the instructions and understand them before you start.
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on 23 July 2012
Having inherited a 42 inch plasma screen I needed to extend the existing tv mount housing our 32 inch one. We looked around and struggled to find something until we got this and it was perfect for what we needed! With three of us to do the job, we were finished in about 10-15 minutes, with no problems, no hitches and a really smooth process. I would totally recommend this.
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on 17 August 2015
Very sturdy, does the job well and cheaply. But for a heavy TV (and 42" is heavy) I felt that I really needed extra nuts, bolts and washers to connect it to my mount's plate at a second point on the four arms. Without them the arms could move around, which made it difficult to connect to the TV and also seemed a bit weak for my heavy TV. Fortunately I had some fixings, and I am VERY pleased with the result.
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