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4.9 out of 5 stars
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This volume reprints Iron Man issues #1-6 from 2005/6. This is the reboot of Tony Stark to the next technological level, with the addition of the Extremis technology to his arsenal. In this serial, a new nano-technology, developed by an old friend of Stark, escapes into the hands of cardboard-cut-out right-wing loonies, who infect one of their own, making him a superman, who goes on a killing spree, and smashes up Iron Man for good measure. The only way to stop him, and save Stark, is to use the remaining sample of Extremis on Stark himself. We get a flashback to the birth of the original Iron Man as the Extremis takes hold, showing the analogies between the two situations, as Stark must use technology to keep him alive and defeat the evil terrorists. Remember folks, terrorists are evil whatever their nationality, colour or creed.

The artwork, unfortunately, while being of the highest quality, gives the appearance of being a series of still-life pictures, with little or no sense of movement or dynamism, which takes great skill when illustrating a rocket-powered suit of armour. Unfortunately, it doesn't always make for the best comics, hence the 4-stars.
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on 7 April 2013
A destructive new chemical compound called Extremis that gives the user superhuman powers is set loose onto a domestic terrorist with an agenda to bring down Washington. Cue Tony Stark, flying in to save the day! But even Iron Man isn't able to deal with this threat and must make a life altering choice. We also get the Iron Man origin story here that was used in the Iron Man film (with a few subtle tweaks).

I love Warren Ellis' writing whether it's his weird, original material or more mainstream projects like this book with Marvel. He always writes a very interesting, very fun script and "Extremis" is no exception. Tony Stark's intelligent, humourous nature is put across nicely as are moral arguments for scientists whose work can be used for both good and evil. Much was made of Adi Granov's art but I found it to be a bit bland. Iron Man looks good but the colours are very muted and the humans all look computer generated rather than natural. It wasn't terrible artwork but it was a long way from the brilliance I had been led to expect with this book.

"Extremis" was a great jumping off point for the Iron Man movie series and I think the producers would have done better if they'd chosen the hyper-powerful Timothy-McVey-type in this book than Jeff Bridges' giant robot-suited villain. It just seems like Ellis' villain is more edgy and interesting. The origin story here was also well handled, with Stark visiting Afghanistan and being taken prisoner by the Taliban. There's also a great throwback to the first issue of Iron Man, design-wise.

Overall, a very satisfying, well written superhero comic that I definitely recommend to fans both of the genre but also to those who aren't so that they can see why people enjoy these stories.
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on 12 July 2013
After watching Iron Man 3 which is based loosely on the events in this comic, i have to say that the comic is amazing. Any fan of Iron Man should read this, and if you want to start to read them then this would be a good one to get you going.
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on 5 May 2013
Often regarded as the best Iron Man story, its a quick read but so memorable you find yourself going back to it again
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on 29 April 2013
I think it is well publicised that the Iron Man movie series was inspired by the Extremis storyline, but I didn't realise that when I bought this book a couple of days ago. I had just seen Iron Man 3, and wanted to dive back into the comics, having only really read Iron Man in his Avengers adventures and also in the excellent Iron Man: Industrial Revolution (Iron Man (Marvel Comics) (Quality Paper)). The main attraction was the title, as I wanted to see a comic book take on the Extremis development, and Warren Ellis - who's writing style I like (and his Wired magazine blogs are good too!).

This collection of Invincible Iron Man has many of the characters from the Iron Man 3 movie, but somewhat jumbled up in their roles. Some have a far greater role and others a mere bit part. Some aren't in it at all. I think it's best to leave the movie to one side when reading it, and likewise, if you haven't seen the movie put this to one side when you do. Think of it as an alternative Iron Man universe and just enjoy it as the good story that it is. Elements of the original Iron Man are here today, in particular, how Tony Stark becomes Iron Man.

The plot involves Tony Stark, and an old acquaintance, going up against a fearsome genetic mutation called Extremis, as once again, scientists try to replicate the super-soldier serum given to Steve Rogers (Captain America). As with a lot of Ellis' work, there is plenty of social commentary on the state of society and an ever-present, unresolved argument as to whether military funding is justified in trying to advance humanitarian causes. This is a thinking person's comic, if you like pure rough and tumble action, stick with the Marvel output from authors like Brian Michael Bendis.

The artwork of Adi Granov took a little adjusting to, but after a few pages I realised just how lovely it was. It has elements of Art Noveau about it, which gives the strip a air of fine art rather than traditional line-drawn comic art. Clearly Granov is extremely talented, and I can see why covers are a speciality of his. He was also the concept artist for the first movie.

This enhanced edition also contains an interview with Granov as well as some behind the scenes content - well worth the little bit of extra money over the ordinary edition.

In summary, a great story and great artwork means it's probably one of the best Marvel books I've read.
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on 30 April 2016
If only Iron Man 3 could have stuck to this story it would have been much better
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on 24 July 2013
Quick delivery and good read. Good images and interesting story. If your an iron man fan then it is well worth a read.
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on 27 January 2014
This was an Xmas present to my son. He loves anything iron man with this being no exception. Highly recommended.
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