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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

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on 1 December 2014
Iv'e wanted a good automatic watch (no battery needed) for a long time now and always admired the looks of the Rolex Submariner, but not having thousands of pounds to spare and after watching a few review videos I decided that the Invicta Pro Diver was worth a try.

Let's make this clear, you will find mixed reviews, and many criticise this particular model, as its not the swiss movement version, but what I have found is 100% opposite to the negative reviews.

This version has an incredibly well tested and reliable Seiko automatic movement, which can be delightfully watched through the glass back of the watch, the way I looked at it is that as with cars the Japanese studied the market (in the case swiss movements) and then made a reliable version of their own. This is a 24 jewel movement and the second hand swings around in an almost smooth movement with only the tiniest 'tick' visible.

The watch feels like a quality item, and since setting over a week ago it has lost only 10 seconds, which for an automatic watch is fantastic. If you want absolute accuracy then go for the swiss quartz version, but my opinion is that it's just not the same as having a non-battery version which winds itself back up with every movement of your arm and hand during normal daily use.

I read in a review somewhere that the latest versions of this watch with the seiko movement cannot be hand wound, but I have found this to be incorrect and I was able to wind mine prior to wearing for the first time and its worked wonderfully ever since without intervention.

Being a divers watch of course I wanted to check the water tightness, particularly as its advertised as water tight up to 200 metres. I have left the watch in a glass of cold water for over an hour and also worn it whilst having a shower, at no point did it show any signs of moisture under the lense, something which I have experienced on other so called 'waterproof' watches.

For the money, and forgoing the 'I must have swiss' snobbery, this is a fantastic watch.

Anyone who has owned or considered owning a fake brand name watch should look at this, you get all the looks and style of the brand name, but instead you are buying a genuinely well made quality watch, not some cheap and leaky import, don't buy on name, buy on quality.

Anyone receiving this as a gift would surely love it, and for less than £70 you would be hard pushed to find anything remotely close in quality, my own research found that the Invicta brand was originally formed in the 1800's as a swiss watch maker and despite this more modern re-incarnation of the brand you will still experience the heritage of well made quality timepieces.

Will certainly be buying again, just have to decide what styles to choose from as there are so many!
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on 28 August 2013
This watch was purchased to replace another automatic watch (different brand) that I dropped and went haywire. I like the idea of the self-propelled mechanical watch, and after some deliberation I decided to give automatics another chance. I have had my Invicta for four months now, so I think I can express a well founded opinion of it.

It is a nice watch, looks good and stylish, and keeps time pretty well (mine has a tendency to be two-three minutes fast in about two weeks, but that is fine with me, and this would vary with the user, I guess). I consider it a good value for the price. The luminous hands/dial is quite bright and can be read easily.

It is a heavy watch (about 200 g - NOT 455 g, as it is stated in the product overview), but it is comfortable for wearing around the clock (I had in on for two weeks straight when we went camping).

It is shock resistant enough for my taste: I dropped it a couple of times so far on hardwood floor from about a meter height, and it is working fine.

I did not realise that it had a little magnifying lens above the date display when I ordered it (although now I can see it on the pictures). This lens does not look very appealing to me, I do not find it very useful, either, but I have gotten used to it.

I had resized watch bands before, so I wanted to take a link out of the wristband when the watch arrived, but I could not remove the pin holding the link. I was afraid of damaging the wristband, so I ended up paying a few Euros for the resizing.

Invicta includes a little instruction book with the watch, but you have to know the features of the watch to be able to pick the relevant section - on the other hand, if you know the features, you hardly need the instructions! I thought it was quite cheap of them to print just one booklet for all their watches.

The important thing to know about this model that is has a screw-down crown. It is not mentioned in the description, and since I had never had a watch with this feature before, I had a little difficulty with it first. As I mentioned before, the instruction booklet that comes with the watch is useless, you have to know that the watch has a screw-down crown to look up how to use it.

Another important thing is that they guarantee the water resistance ONLY if the crown is screwed in the watch body (this is in the instruction booklet). The crown of mine got loose somehow without me noticing it, and some water actually got into the watch when I was taking a bath - I was quite upset about it. I am still in the process of trying to dry it out.

The pin of the fold over clasp came apart one day when I was taking the watch off. I do not remember any rough usage that would explain it. Apparently it is not of a common size, because the watchmaker did not have it on hand, so it took a couple of days to have the wristband repaired.

All in all, it is a nice watch for everyday use, but I wonder how long it will last.
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on 30 March 2011
Looking for an automatic watch rather than quartz. Read various reviews on the Invicta 8926 pro diver with coin edge bezel and decided to purchase. Great looking watch, not too bulky but big enough to see! Seems to keep time really well - never going to be as accurate as even cheap quartz watches but even the most expensive branded 'mechanical' watches would lag behind quartz to some degree.Bracelet has decent length and watch seems to be built to last. I would definitely reccomend this watch.Check prices as there can be quite a variance between various Amazon sellers!
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on 9 June 2011
Firstly, I'd like to say that I would rather not make the comments which follow in the review format, but it seems to me that it's the only reliable way to ensure that potential purchasers have the opportunity to read them. I suspect that whilst many poeple read reviews, very few also go to the comments section of a review.

The Invicta 8926 has had excellent reviews on many watch forum websites, and has become something of a "Cult" watch. The purpose of this review is not to comment on the product, which as I've said is clearly of good quality as demonstrated from other reviews, rather it is to warn potential purchasers that, although the Amazon page for this watch looks quite innocuous, it's only when you dig into the details of the seller, ICM, that you eventually discover that they are based in the USA. That's why some of the Amazon reviewers had to pay Royal Mail or Parcelforce in order to receive their goods; Royal Mail & Parcelforce act as collectors of import duty, vat etc on behalf of HM Customs & Revenue. By all means purchase through ICM...just be aware that your "bargain", is likely to cost you more than you thought once you've paid your dues this side of the Atlantic!
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I wanted to buy a watch for my Nephew's 21st birthday.

My brief was to get a really good looking watch that had the qualities of an expensive watch but would be a watch he would wear everyday and not be too frighted about either damaging or loosing.

This Invicata ticked all the boxes.
It has the good looks of a Rolex which let's face it a heck of a lot of watches aspire to.

The black goes with everything.

It looks good.
It is a Man's watch really heavy and thick but it looks really good.
This is awatch that will be noticed yet is really functional.

It is water proof.
I know that my nephew likes to swim and this is the watch for him.
I got an automatic because this is the favoured watch if you dive or go in water quite a lot.
If it were a battery whilst you can easily reoplace the batteries it is the seals that you need to watch out for.
If the seals fail then the watch is ruined.

A nice touch with this watch is the rear where there is a glass back that allows you to see the movement action.
A convesation piece if you like.

I already have an Invicta Watch and am please with it BUT this one does look better.

It is a decent price for a really good looking watch.

You do need to get a couple of links taken out of the strap unless you are a big body builder.
A decent local jeweler will do this for you for around a fiver.
Believe me it is worth getting a jeweller to do this for you because they know what they are doing and a fiver for a good fit and a good job is worthit.
The jeweler that did mine gave me bags of advice like don't adjust the connecting part that folds to the max because this puts a lot of strain on the bracelet- better to take another link out. etc.
Sound advice.

With a bit of care it will run and run and if the worst does come to the worst its resonable price means it will not be the absolutely disasterous loss that you would get with a Rolex.
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on 13 March 2015
Let's get this out of the way, while I am aware this is a blatant homage to the Rolex Submariner this was not what attracted me to the watch. It's almost impossible for a steel diver's watch to not be compared with the more prestige models.

What attracted me was that here was an automatic movement 200m diver for under £70. Now I just needed to know if it was any good. Apart from the fact I know full well that mineral glass is not sapphire glass from past scratchy experience I thought it was worth a gamble, following some research.

So, what turned up? A yellow box that's OK, if quirky. The watch itself looks massively expensive. At a glance it is indistinguishable from the Rolex it apes. So is it just a cheap knock off or an actual watch that's OK in its own right?

I had to adjust the bracelet by removing 2 links. This is unusual as I have large wrists so it's unlikely you will need to return it for being too short. Many people have criticised the bracelet. I'm not sure if this has recently been upgraded but the links are solid and robust. The clasp isn't up to the standard of some other watches I have had, but they cost over £300. It's functional, shuts strongly and has a safety lock over double clasp. It's not going to fall off. On the wrist this is very comfortable. It's as heavy as you would expect.

The case is well made and I don't mind the confident engraving of the Invicta name on the non-crown side of the case because I don't want people to think it's a Rolex. It's a satisfying single machined piece of stainless steel. The bezel turns easily with a satisfying 120 clicks. The crown is easy to unscrew and is a winder so you can load the spring if you haven't worn it in a while. Some older reviews bemoan a lack of ability set the date without winding through via the time setting but this is out of date. Partial pulling out of the crown accesses the date setting. Pull the crown out all the way and the hacking movement stops the second hand, allowing you to synchronise with an atomic controlled timepiece. The back has a glass panel so you can see a nicely engraved winding weight and the escapement ticking away.

The dial is so very very legible. I love the way automatic movements sweep the second hand instead of doing that second by second quartz tick. Some reviews have criticised a misaligned magnifier for the date but mine is spot on. The luminous highlights aren't the brightest, alas. But every time I have checked the time this watch makes me smile. It's just so useful but uncluttered. It's not pretending that you fly a plane, it just tells the time.

So... accuracy. It's surprisingly accurate. I've synchronised it with my G Shock which is tied to the Greenwich Observatory via radio and it has stayed reliably within 2 seconds per 24 hours provided I am wearing it. Considering that some quartz watches can be more inaccurate this is amazing for a stock mass produced watch. Some people seem to have been more unlucky, but I can't really complain at this.

The bottom line then is that this is a he'll of a lot of watch for your money. I can't speak for people who have had bad experiences with duff watches turning up but I can see why this watch has fans. It's never going to be a surprise future antique, but it's an incredibly good looking and functional timepiece that won't make you cry if you ever lose it. I have a feeling this will be my everyday watch and make my wife despair at me for needing to have other watches I hardly wear.
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on 21 June 2011
Having researched several of Invicta's watches, I finally settled on the the 8926 Automatic. I purchased it on 24th February 2011 and it arrived promptly thereafter. My new Invicta watch certainly looked the part, so I paid a watch repairer a fiver to alter the bracelet, rather than do it myself. Even though it's an automatic, I was surprised a few weeks later when it stopped two hours after I took it off for the first time. It started up again when I put the watch back on. But on June 14th the watch stopped completely while it was still on my wrist. The market place seller would not take care of the problem, nor provide a refund or a replacement. And Amazon are not able to help after 60 days from the date of purchase. To have my three-month-old watch repaired under warranty I have to return it to Invicta HQ in Florida, USA, with a foreign draft for $25 for return postage. The charge for a foreign draft is around £20. So returning the watch to Invicta for repair is going to cost me over £40 by the time I have paid for registered postage. To add insult to injury, this watch was my engagment present from my fiancee. My advice? If you're spending a reasonable sum on a watch, buy it from a shop. Then you stand a better chance of being covered by the Sale of Goods Act.
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VINE VOICEon 22 June 2011
I didn't have to pay any import duty on this item (it appears to be pretty random if you do or don't pay), so it is fantastic value for money. I have loads of watches but not an automatic divers' watch so this one caught my eye. I am delighted with it. I took it for a holiday in Cyprus, which includes swimming, sailing and some snorkelling, and the watch performed perfectly. It keeps fantastic time for an automatic. Unlike some, there is no need to make small daily adjustments. The watch looks fine. It's no Rolex or Omega but it is fine-looking watch by any other yardstick. I have quite small wrists but this watch isn't too big and looks fine on my arm.

I have two (very) small criticisms. It has sometimes ran down in the morning, after a night's sleep, and it has already collected one or two (very) small scratches, so it is not as robust as some watches.

But, at the price, if you are looking for an automatic diver's watch on a tight budget, look no further. You will not be disappointed.
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on 16 August 2010
I bought this watch to replace an identical model which I purchased whilst on holiday in the USA.

You really are getting alot of watch for your money, the automatic movement although Japan Myota and not Swiss is superb and keeps time very well, you never need to worry about changing batteries and I like the fact that you can see the mechanism through the back of the watch.

The solid surgical stainless steel body and bracelet are very well made, overall it looks and feels like a lot more expensive watch, it is very similar to the Rolex Submariner.

A number of online reviews comparing the two watches, remark at how well the Invicta is made and even that the bracelet is better quality than the Rolex!!

Obviously there can be no substitute for a Rolex, but if you are in the market for a goood quality reliable watch that you can wear every day and not worry that you are wearing a small fortune on your wrist, then the Invicta 8926 is a no brainer.

Superb quality and value for money, well done Amazon for bringing it to the UK market at such a competitive price.

Excellent service and delivery time from Amazon again.
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on 7 August 2014
This is a great looking homage to the Submariner with a good quality feel to the watch. If you've been reading reviews on the 8926ob and are worried about what movement you'll get then don't as it will be the Seiko NH35a. This movement is an excellent engine and mine is currently gaining +5 secs every 48hrs, not bad at all and once settled in I'm sure accuracy will be even better.
Don't be put off by the bad reviews, you get a lot of watch for the price point and the build quality is excellent. Ok it's no Rollie but you won't be disappointed with the 8926ob. Case and bracelet are both 316L stainless steel.
You may have read about QC issues with the Invictas but I can say mine is perfect, spot on bezel alignment (easy to move with just the right amount of force-120 clicks). Dial aligned correctly, Cyclops affixed straight. Good polish to case and bracelet. The bracelet is nice with a good weight, I personally don't like metal straps so I took mine off straightaway and put on a Phoenix Admiralty Grey nato.
Lume is initially bright but fades pretty quickly, doesn't bother me much as I'm only a desk diver ;-)

The 8926ob (original bezel or coin edge) is also a perfect base model for modding ;-)
The box is good quality, if a little on the bright side lol.
Overall this watch is very good for the money so if you're hesitating then don't as I'm sure you'll like the 8926ob.
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