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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 22 December 2012
Just finished reading this and really enjoyed it. Fast paced with lots and lots of battle descriptions and destruction on an epic scale. Some excellent high tech weapons thrown in too. For anyone feeling a bit worried about the rise of China this will do a fine job of fueling that particular fire. Not being a military strategist I could not comment on the plausibility of the of the invasion strategy but what I do think the author got right was the scale of such a conflict and the enormous amount of resources the Chinese would bring to bear in an effort to emerge victorious.

An excellent action read - looking forward to the next in the series. One minor issue is the dozen or so typos I noticed which is a tad annoying but should not stop you purchasing this.
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on 16 March 2013
Sorry folks, this one just isn't as good as Invasion Alaska.

A lot of repeatition of blocks of text pops up, desribing the same things the same old way, word for word, time and time again.

The author assumes you know where everything is in California - if you don't know that and don't have a map handy then it all just becomes a blur of places and names.

Some of the ideas for future weapons technology is a little over the top this time too - 300 tonne tanks? A little silly really. Why does the Blue Swan warhead leak a liquid? And just really, everything on just too vast a scale, it goes beyond "fiction" and into ridiculous.

Loads of grammar/spelling issues too and why are some sections highlighted on my Kindle?

Meh, I slogged on with this but its a shadow of the first book and cost a lot more too!
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on 17 January 2013
I read the first story in this series and thoroughly enjoyed it. The author seemed, in my opinion, to have taken the trouble to build a believable scenario and a cast of characters with at least a little depth who worked within the story line.

This was carried through into this sequel where the Chinese, stronger, richer and better equipped than before take war into the heart of California. Well written and graphic I was engrossed from start to finish. To be enjoyed by all afficiandos of the Military Science Fiction genre. I could go on, but why bother? Just read it and enjoy!
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on 20 May 2014
It is 30 years from now and China is the major world power, the US no longer competing having shipped for short term greed, its development, production etc to China, and guess what the outcome is .. an incredibly successful, wealthy and aggressive military power with no conscience ... then it begins..
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on 16 December 2012
.......but even more preposterous. Forget realism this is pure escapism. Forget the bad planning and tactics, switch the brain off, go with the flow and enjoy as this is fantasy warfare. One complaint there is no description of Californian geography which makes it hard for a UK reader. Fix this in the next book please.
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on 31 December 2012
Having stumbled upon Invasion: Alaska and loving that, this is an excellent Part 2 to what I am hoping will be a series with at least one or two more chapters.

The storyline keeps you wanting more & my family lost me for a day as I read it from start to finish.
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on 5 March 2013
I said I'd read the sequel. And this is it.
Having seized Alaska for the oil, China finds a way to invade California for the farm lands.
Everyone in America should buy at least one automatic weapon............................
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on 15 February 2013
i was a little wary about this book thinking it could never grab me, Boy was i wrong, !! the idea is a little far fetched but the way the worlds finances are who knows ? It is very well written, has characters you can identify with and want to learn more of, the action is fast and furious and it takes a lot to put this down, i have told everyone i know to buy it and hope for many more to come in the series. This is a 5 star argument
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on 23 January 2013
This is as enjoyable as the Alaskan one and if you want a well written full on tale then I recommend it.
I have one problem however and it is the insertion of what seem to be the Authors private religious beliefs. Obviously an Author will create characters that do no not represent his or hers own views it goes without saying. But the unpleasant sub tale of the evil Atheist and the good Christian is just religious prejudice. Followed 60% in by the completely unnecessary piece where we are told that on his death a (Evil Atheist) characters "soul headed into the next world To learn one of the most terrible truths of existence" is just stupid. It has nothing to do with any character and is entirely representative of the authors beliefs.
This nonsense aside, it is a good read and though I am only sixty percent in I intend to finish it today. If it maintains its quality and does not go further down hill with the god bothering then I will buy the next one, but I do not buy books to be preached at.
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on 13 February 2013
Invasion Alaska was excellent. Simply put, this is better.

A brilliant escapist technothriller.

Now that we've had the characters developed and the story is clearly left open for continuation, I sincerely hope we get a third installment!
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