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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars

TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 December 2012
I do love the sassy, funny, madcap adventures of Rachel Morgan and friends/colleagues. This fills in some nice gaps, such as her meeting with Pierce after a mistaken summoning in her youth. However I feel you would lose a lot, and gain some spoilers if you read this before her other books, at least up to Pale Demon.

If you want to try some good paranormal fantasy that actually relies on character development, rather than covering it up with sex, then give it a go. It does include some sexy scenes when relevant to the plot, so not a book for the kids, but older teens who watch 15 rated films and the occaisional vetted 18 film should be fine. The first book is Dead Witch Walking (Rachel Morgan 1) - how she manages to get away from the paranormal police force who do NOT like people leaving their employ alive....
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on 10 June 2017
i enjoyed certain stories in this book good reading
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on 28 April 2013
The only bad thing is some of the short stories make you want to read more especially the last story in the book however there are currently no further stories to read. Write more
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on 27 February 2013
This book of short stories fills in lots of gaps for the Hollows series and adds a couple of different ones. Thouroughly enjoyable.
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on 8 November 2012
I have the entire Hollows collection of novels to date and am looking forward with great anticipation to the next one 'Ever After'. Generally, however, I am not a reader of short stories. This collection does go some way to defining elements of the novels that obviously would have detracted from story lines if they had been included previously. I particularly enjoyed the opening story regarding the capture of Ceridwen by Al largely due to the poetic imagery and the cynicism accompanying it. The later tale with Jenks, Bis and the nymphs/dryads was interesting in that we finally found out how the smallest spell pot had been dented but I was not terribly happy with the magical attributes of Daryl the dryad which I felt were slightly too powerful in relation to the amount of damage she caused, particularly as she was then shown to be an equal match to Ivy the vampire. All in all it is a very good read and I would recommend it.
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on 30 October 2012
Like most people, I would assume, I rushed headlong to the new content, the first Trent centric novella, Million Dollar Baby. But before that, there are several other novellas and short stories of varying lengths that have all been previously released somewhere before; either in anthologies or at the end of a Hollows release. The problem I find with those antholgies, of course, is that if you only follow one, maybe two, of the authors included, they work out very costly for what you get.

So it's great, then, that all the shorts have been re-released in this format for the super fans to soak up and enjoy.

Here's a quick run-down of the previously released stories, some of which I'd read already.

The Bespelled is about everyone's favourite demon, Al. It was first published at the end of the Mass Market edition of The Outlaw Demon Wails (Where Demons Dare in the UK), and it shows Al in his earlier mind-set of use and abuse, before he met our Itchy Witch. The contrast to the Alycakes we know and love today is shocking! He was a nasty piece of work. It also features Ceri and provides an interesting glimpse into their relationship. This story was very short and sweet.

Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel is a much longer story about how an 18-year old version of Rachel met the forever soggy Pierce (I'm not a Pierce fan, can you tell?). It also provides a glimpse at the strained relationship between Rachel and her brother Robbie.

Undead in The Garden of Good and Evil is another decent length novella, this time following Ivy (and Kisten) and touches on some of the abuse Ivy has suffered at the hands of master vampire Piscary.

Dirty Magic is a short story about Mia the Banshee, who ended up being an antagonist on one of the main hollows stories.

The Bridges of Eden Park is a very short story, more like a short scene, actually, with Kisten and Rachel. I was never the biggest Kisten fan in existence, but he was a nice, amiable kind of guy and this story shows that side of him, so will be bitter-sweet for truer Kisten Fans.

Ley Line Drifter is a Jenks centric with a little side order of Bis. I wonder if Rachel ever will find out how her smallest spell pot got its dent...

And finally. Da da da da da da DAAAAH!

Million Dollar Baby! This was very good. It's written in third person following Trent on his Elf Quest with Jenks by his side (or on his shoulder, or under his hat). For anyone who's curious to know just how Trent managed to get Lucy away from the Withons, here's your answer.

Now, for the Rachel-Trent 'shippers out there (like me!), in comparison to the freaking amazing 1st person POV bonus chapter of A Perfect Blood we got the other day, this is not quite as squee-worthy or revealing of Trent's inner-most desires. But, even though Rachel isn't in the story (obviously) it's telling just how often she's in Trent's thoughts and how much her opinion of him matters.

Trent's an incredibly complex character. I am a bit in love with him as many of you will know, not only because I'm dying for something to happen with him and Rachel in the main series, but also just because his character is so unique! He's an insecure, slightly nerdish, constantly blushing, tight-ass Suit one minute. Then the next minute he's doing these amazing ninja moves and pulling a total James Bond on the Withon's fortress. The level of preparation alone is staggering. He may not be the most badass book hero out there, but he utilises what resources and skills he does have like no other. I thought he was incredibly brave and selfless in this story. It's easy to be brave when you aren't scared, and it's fair to say that Trent was absolutely terrified, which makes it all the more awesome that he was willing to do what he did, to do anything, actually, including dying, to get his daughter away from that cold-hearted bitch Ellasbeth!

Bonus Material.
At the end of all the Hollows stuff there was a couple of new bits and pieces that Kim Harrison has been working on, including Pet Shop Boys which you can also get as a separate Kindle ebook with a bonus chapter from the upcoming Ever After in it. It's fair to say I'll probably read anything Ms. Harrison produces from here on out, and she certainly seems to have some interesting avenues to explore, while staying firmly in my beloved Urban Fantasy genre. Can't wait!

All together a real treat for fans of the Hollows, especially if you've never read the other anthology stories before. Highly recommended.

4 Stars ★★★★
ARC provided for an honest review.
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on 9 December 2012
Well, As I wait eagerly for the paper book version (I like the feel of holding a book in my hands!) of Ever After, I thought that this one would a be a bit of a "light read". But no! She has woven a rich tapestry of characters and plot in the very successful short story form. It is difficult to separate familiar knowledge of the Hollows from the general genre of fantasy writing, but KH has done this most successfully. Congratulations! A wonderful job done!
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on 25 February 2013
Absolutely wonderful. Great little short stories that give a bit more insight into some of the characters in the Hollows series and in to the wonderful and creative mind of Kim Harrison.

I loved the story of Al and his snatching of Ceri. All the stories are great but that's one of my favourites in this book.

I really liked all the stories about the dryad's too.

And now we wait for the next in the series.
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on 28 May 2014
It's always good to read an author's anthology of short stories. This gives the reader insight into how Kim Harrison saw her characters grow from original genesis to the maturity we see in the Undead Pool. I've read the Hollows Series in short measure and I'm looking forward to the last in the series. Kim has cemented her place in my library. I look forward to seeing other works from this interesting author.
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on 21 January 2013
Good stories but I' d already read some of them at the end of previous Rachel Morgan books. Worth reading
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