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on 29 August 2009
I had initially taken this book out from my local library, and had never heard of Anne Jirsch before. I have found the book easy to read, interesting, and also very informative.

The book guides you in all aspects of developing the psyche, and has handy instructions with each section on how to cleanse, visualise and prepare the mind and body to be receptive of future knowledge and spirit.

There are also exercises such as 'The Photo Album' and 'The Corridor', which allow you to view your past, future and answer those burning questions.

The most simple and easiest way is dowsing. Such a simple tool that most people overlook and yet ANYONE can use this method to answer those most important question.

Overall, I found this book very enjoyable, and the exercises well instructed and laid out.. a must read for those wanting to develop their skills or have a general interest in psychic development.

Worth the money and worth a read.
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on 14 April 2010
My problem with this kind of book is that it seems more geared to NLP type exercises than clairvoyance which is fine but not quite what I expected. The chatty style with case studies and quotes is very similar to the style and layout of Paul McKenna's NLP books which, again, is fine as they are great but I am unsure how far this book actually fulfils its remit. There are a number of positive reviews but these are based on the fact that it was interesting or easy to read (all true) not full of examples of how they've become more intuitive. I can't comment on the author as a clairvoyant but know of no-one including some particularly experienced psychics who had heard of her actually giving readings. The best psychics are always the ones who have very low profiles and live on word of mouth recommendations rather than books and courses- that's why the sceptics can never find the real McCoy. It's a light read (very light) and the exercises are few, they are helpful in some ways but there is really not enough teaching around the techniques which is disappointing, more experience from the author would convince us that she actually trained using these exercises. This is ideal is you're the kind of person who likes to read about the subject rather than do it yourself.
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on 6 May 2010
I searched for books on dowsing as I had become interested in water divining. The good reviews made me buy this book. Dowsing I can get my head around. Auras - I will give it time and see. I have praticed with a pendulum - using my wedding ring on a gold chain. I rushed into it without fully reading about cleansing your pendulum, but 'programmed' it with a 'Yes' and 'No' answer. This happened to be anti-clockwise for 'Yes' and clockwise for 'No'. After reading more, I realised that mostly the 'Yes' and 'No' are programmed the opposite way. However, I have asked obvious questions with positive answers so I guess that whatever way you 'programme' your pendulum it'll do it for you. After a few days of practising questions, to check I wasn't just being silly, I put a big 'YES' on a piece of paper in front of it and it swung anti-clockwise. I put the 'NO' piece of paper in front of it and it swung clockwise. I did this twice. (This is the way I 'programmed' it with an obvious 'Yes' and 'No' answer which has made it different than the normal way people seem to programme).
Soooo...........amazed as I am, the pendulum has definately swung for me. I have not asked it unanswerable questions. I have a wandering mother who has had a stroke. She goes out for walks, and could be at any one of three places. I drew a very rough sketch map and hung the pendulum over each of the places and it swung negatively over each of the houses but swung positively over the road towards home. I jumped in the car to see if the pendulum was right and there she was in the place where the pendulum said she would be. After this I will try to believe and practise the other bits in the book but certainly 'dowsing' is something that is real and most or all people can do. Maybe the other more psychic abilities only appear to certain people - only time will tell. But for now - It is quite something to try it and then to find it works. Thank you Anne for giving me an insight into how some things are 'just the way things are'.
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on 20 May 2010
I first heard of Anne on Radio Solent. She was being interviewed about her special abilities. I heard her talking about this book and thought I'd track it down. What appealed to me about her (and still does) is her easy laid back manner and down to earth approach. I bought this book (and her two others since) and have had distant tarot readings from her. It's true! Her abilties are amazing because she knew so much about me and yet we've never met! I've since gone on to complete her online tarot card course and yes, I can truly say that coming across Anne has changed my life. I hadn't heard of her before but her books and website are all worth visiting. Highly recommended!!
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on 17 September 2009
I bought this book a bit at random and I am so glad that I took the risk.

I am impressed with the way Anne writes her books so that anyone can understand, without being patronising. And as a relative newcomer to the topic I nevertheless feel that I learned everything that I need to follow the exercises safely, and improve my life.

I normally shy away from buying books on topics like these - I have read some where the author appears not to be in contact with reality (or this planet!). But no such problem with this book - Anne is down to earth, matter of fact, and yet an obviously talented psychic.
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on 5 July 2007
I couldn't put this book down... and that's unusual for me. This book gripped me from start to finish, and kept me up till 2 in the morning until I really couldnt keep my eyes open any longer. It was totally fascinating, and written in such a way that it made you feel as if she was actually there in the room talking to you! Easy to read, easy to understand - its like taking the journey through her life with simple excercises between each chapter to try out for your self.

I have many books on this and similar subjects but this is by far the best. I'm hoping she brings out another book!

Highly recommended.
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on 15 June 2007
I wish Anne Jirsch came on the scene years ago. This book is absolutely brilliant and the technique about the Etheric Energy technique is simply amazing.

I recently attended one of her workshops and came away amazed and completely blown away.

Like a lot of new age authors, she does not hold back on anything and does not hide secrets.

I highly recommend this book and look forward to getting her next book out in September.
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on 20 October 2009
If you got this far you should just buy it!

It really is an excellently written book. As a sceptic in such matters I confess I was impressed in the way the book presented the multitude of concepts and ideas clearly, cleanly and with references. In contrast to similar books, you do not get bogged down in "Before you read the next line you must..." exercises. The content is in depth, informative, but light, and a pleasure to read. It is, by all accounts a page turner (and I don't use that phrase lightly!) And whether you are a true "believer", or not, Anne certainly makes a lot of sense!
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on 11 February 2010
I have read many books on the subject of intuition etc but this for me is by far the very best.The author has a humourous and down to earth way of covering all the various subjects covered which I found easy to follow and understand.I have to say it was uplifting and informative and for anyone who wants to learn more about intuition it is definitively a book to read.
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on 8 December 2010
My favorite psychic guide ever. Seriously it's like my bible.

It is worth every penny. Because I find myself reading it again & again, you learn something new every time you read it or else you see something you overlooked.

Her life is fascinating and she always backs up her ideas and exercises with scientific studies.

There is something special about her work that I think can resonate with everyone.

She has two other books aswel. And they have even more goodies and surprises in them.

I'm buying it for my friends in time for Christmas.

It's a wonderful read and you won't be able to put it down! :9
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