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on 4 October 2013
This is what I expected this book to be, it covers the subject. For anyone wanting to know the world of Psychedelics this is the book. Its also the kind of book you would read and read again.
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on 25 March 2013
Really good book from some useful practical thoughts on use of psychedelic drugs to consciousness being quantum effect will to 're read just to understand it
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on 7 December 2012
Gives completely different perspective. We, in the Western world, consider everything as given, known, a fact. This book makes you feel you need a new look at life. Highly recommended.
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on 15 February 2009
In collaboration with Dr. Slawek Wojtowicz, Dr. Luis Eduardo Luna, and Dr. Ede Frecska; Dr.Rick Strassman's new book Inner Paths to Outer Space is the natural sequel to his first book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, in which Strassman documented his extraordinary medical research administering the potent endogenous psychedelic neurochemical, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), to human volunteers. After receiving intravenous injections of DMT, Strassman's participants reported a range of exceptional phenomena from entity encounters and alien abduction-like experiences to near-death like experiences. Inner Paths considers the DMT-induced entity encounters and alien abduction-like experiences from Strassman's research in further depth, particularly in the contexts of quantum physics, science fiction and shamanism, proposing that access to alien worlds in outer space occurs in the inner space of the psyche.

The book covers some interesting terrain, ranging from advice on the best circumstances in which to experience these other worlds to speculations about the neurochemical underpinnings of alien-abduction experiences. It didn't quite probe the ontology of the alien encounter fully, nor satisfactorily dissect the insectoid beings enough for me, but it does explore these bizarre experiences in a creative and non-reductionistic way, yet I still feel it could have made a deeper analysis. Nevertheless this book is fascinating, timely and important in that it asks the questions that aren't being asked about psychedelically-induced entity contact, and comes up with some interesting speculations in doing so. Well worth a read.
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on 15 June 2017
Much of the content is repeated from 'The Spirit Molecule'.Also it often didn't resonate with me , painting a dark picture too much I'd say.
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on 29 June 2015
Essentially a regurgitation of 'DMT The Spirit Molecule' with complete passages lifted from that book. A very hippie, out there author takes what was a fringe, scientific approach to analysis of a drug (as in the book The Spirit Molecule), and applies a lot of presumptive conclusions and opinions based upon his own world view, stating questionable conclusions as factual without question. Imagine sitting on a hill smoking weed with a load of mates getting high, and then having a discussion about an (almost) scientific book and then drawing 'definite' conclusions.
An entertaining read but not to be taken seriously.
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on 3 December 2008
An elf whispered to me the other night that "trying to pin down my weird experiences with words was like trying to eat fire with an axe". "Profound experiences", the elf assured me, "can never be embodied in mere words". "Worlds come after the experience, so the experience is real, the word isn't"; the elf said. He taught the original doctrine of awakening. When done correctly, this doctrine will break open your hopelessly dreary reality and set you on your way to the elf palace.

Unfortunately, only the special adepts achieve this goal; access to the elf nest was not meant for the peasants. Fortunately, we now have the new-kids on the block; the psychedelic experience and the DMT flash. These drugs can open the gates to worldwide Enlightenment, that is, they are for the masses. The DMT flash is an especially fast track to the elf infested galaxy. It is even more unfortunate then that the DMT experience really is impossible to describe with a voice box and a pen.

It is this impossibility of 'solid' evidence that leads those who refuse to step off the merry-go-round of consumerism to conclude that it is all an illusion or mere hallucination. How then do we describe the DMT flash with mere mouth noises or fancy pen play? Unless we can write like Plato, and if we can use a Shakespeare's God like talents, we may probably get close; otherwise the experiences we want to describe will easily turn into gobbledygook. (And they almost always do!)

In this fun and sexy age of online gurus and self help movements, we must sharpen our position, otherwise then we run the risk of our ideas being bracketed inside the New-Age section alongside UFOs, Crystal Gazing and celebrity death worship for dummies (insert the latest nihilistic celebrity spiritual fad)! And so the psychedelic experience becomes cannon fodder for the satirists and the sceptics.

Rick Strassman and his merry men put up a good fight. The book is packed with great essays and stories to get your teeth stuck into. Five stars there then as this is as good as these kinds of books really get (though there is allot of UFO stuff included, but I suppose you have to sell books). I'll just like this review to be about the artwork.

McKenna was convinced that the DMT flash was more than the heavenly beauty of Christianity, more than the blissful paradise described in the Qur'an, the two great terminals at the Omega way. Oh no; according to the Terence, 'it's the real'. All you need is a bong and courage (McKenna).

......(7 minutes later).....

And then it finishes and you forget as soon as you open your eyes.

How can artists even begin painting this sort of experience? This is a typical experience you can have on DMT and this is why these scientists and artists are claiming that the DMT experience is not another weird cult, its real! Take a strong enough dose and scientific materialism will just melt away! Just like that. Another reality will then emerge. The molecule is the door-frame and we step beyond it and see wonderful things; things that have an ontological validity independent of our thoughts and feelings about it. "More like shifting fantasy land than good old positivist rock n roll"(Mckenna).

Other worlds are thus a membrane away!!! These are fantastic claims indeed.

These ideas are so alien to our world of television, and football; but why not? Why should 500 years of scientific materialism have all the fun?

So how do we get to the meat of this mystery? How do we demonstrate the validity of these phenomena to those who will never step outside the culturally sanctioned playpen? Like I mention above, nor the voice-box nor the pen will do, but something new.

How about computer technology? With powerful computers it should be possible to create artwork of psychedelic intensity to convince the sceptics.

The bench test will be to design virtual reality software that can model the worlds described in this book. Computer generated vistas of psychedelic space-time if you will. These realities could then be printed onto paper and shown to the rest of the world. It will be art as has never been seen before. The pictures in this book (and all over the Internet) give a glimpse of what can be done with a mouse and little imagination.

Alas, I wasn't converted. The artwork, such as the ayahuasca visions, included in this book look absolutely fantastic, but they didn't mirror alien worlds to me; just our mundane and boring world of rainforests, comic monsters and glossy humanoids.

I really wanted to be blown away by this book. Terence Mckenna used to say that in the future (he was speaking in the 90's), the psychedelic community will be able to model the hyper-dimensional objects they claim to encounter on DMT. Just as quantum mechanics led to the silicon chip and the home computer, the DMT flash will take form and be made visible via powerful computer software.

The truth of the DMT place could then be shown to rest of the world, with a "look at this" ring to it (Mckenna). And so the long heralded alternative to scientific reductionism will be upon us!

Is this book it? It's got the artwork and it's got the psychedelic luminaries. Please let it be it!!

Alas, no, it's not it. It's the job of the artist is to convince us you see, not the other way round. It's not our job to rationalize the artwork just because we want the DMT flash to have a 'real' status. Let's not simply define ourselves as believers or followers. (Have you yourself visited these places?)

Ok I suppose McKenna convicted a generation and he was indeed a genius but who else is coming forward with an equal poetic vision? To my mind Terence McKenna blazed the bath of genius (he really did have something to say) but the rest of the community don't inspire confidence in any ontological aesthetic. There are egos and narcissists and gurus and fopdoodle's and that's about it!

It is claimed that the psychedelic experience is a catalyst for the imagination. If so then psychedelic art created by experienced psychonauts should posses boundary dissolving properties that 'normal' artists cannot possibly match. The kind of artwork I'm thinking about should be able to blow away the competition and by shear extraordinariness, overthrow the dominance of scientific materialism. It would then make front page headlines all around the world with letters ten food high (Mckenna).

Although some of the artwatk is brilliant and otherworldly, mose of it boils down to reptilian humanoids, grey faced aliens, plants and trees and illuminous men on fire! The artwork is indeed brilliant, but art created by experienced psychonauts should posses impossible properties that 'normal' artists cannot possibly match. After all, do they not make fantastic claims? We'll have to wait a few years until the technology catches up I think.

I doubt whether these comic sci-fi scenarios will be enough to convince the sceptics.

This is why, to my mind, psychedelic artwork doesn't come close to say, Hieronymus Bosch or Salvador Dali in imagination and weirdness. Bosch and Dali had something boundary dissolving about their imaginings. They resembled travellers with access to places only they could see. Indeed, Timothy Leary once described Salvador Dali as "the only person who can paint LSD without having taken LSD."

I doubt whether Bosch or Dali had access to magic mushrooms, LSD or ayahuasca.

Terence McKenna's puppet questions.
Stomach girl hair extensions.
Allen Ginsberg howless erection.
Stomach girl's mimetic spaghetti flies.
Terence McKenna's becoming obsessed by floaters that hover before his eyes.
Free floating love could rid her of a desire to die.
Whilst Charles Darwin's suffering from monkey pies.
And Sister Mary's machinery of silent suffering terrifies the children's eyes.
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on 6 January 2011
enthralling academic and scientific accounts of contemporary shamanic practices using entheogens, by leaders in field. Great accounts from ayahuascaheros journeys. Important contribution to spirituality, religion and humanity.
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