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on 11 July 2017
My favourite Sinead album, every aspect is excellent i.e. lyrics, music arrangement, Sinead's delivery and sentiment. I love the Irish lilt in her voice and find myself imitating when singing back to myself.
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on 26 April 2017
Always interesting and provocative !
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on 17 September 2014
I bought this cd for my husband who is a life long fan. I found it whilst browsing one day, and thought it would be a lovely surprise, as I didn't know she was back and husband always manages to buy what he wants before I can even think about it!! Anyway I have to say its a great album and I'm not even a fan!! Husband very happy too!!!
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on 15 August 2014
Everyone should have a copy of this. It costs what, burger-and-chips for two, but it's just exceptional. A gorgeous record, energy honesty and soul encoded in the little bit of plastic like doesn't often happen. Fabulous.
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on 16 August 2014
"Songs of longings but fulfilled
Songs that don't let you sit still
Songs that mend your broken bones
And don't leave you alone"

-'Take me to Church'

After the first listen I wasn't that impressed with this record as a whole although several strong songs stood out immediately. After a few rounds the tracks I first found weak and didn't find much melody and rhythm in began to work, and the record gains structure and simply gets better and better with every listen.

What's interesting about Sinéad as an artist is that she's never afraid of experimenting and trying out new genres/ concepts. I respect that. Every album -I have all of them- is something new in a way. Not sticking to 'same, same, safe' and what is perhaps expected has it's 'risks' depending of course on what you want to achieve and experience. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't quite. This time it does!

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on 16 August 2014
This album is a treasure.
I can't stop listening to it.Beautiful ,moving lyrics and vocals,superb production (great job John Reynolds). For an album like this I've been waiting for months (or years even).
Get yourself a copy (make sure is deluxe one) and just listen to it...
Thank you Sinead.
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It is a real shame that Sinead O'Connor is mostly remembered for her admittedly unforgettable cover of Prince's "Nothing compares 2 U". Not one to shy away from heavyweight topics, her confessional songwriting became her trademark, assisted by her unmistakable, full of conviction, fragile delivery. From her dynamic 1987 debut, right up to today, and amidst adversities during her tumultuous career and public life, she has consistently exhibited such a wealth of talent, that it is beyond me how on earth she has not sustained a solid and abundant audience, and enjoyed the commercial acclaim she deserves.

Following material consisting mostly of religious thematology, her last studio album, 2012's "How about I be me and you be you?", her most accomplished effort in years, failed to meet any success, marking her 2000 album "Faith and courage" as the last, though relatively small, success in her discography. For this new set she seems to move towards a more mainstream direction. More guitar-driven than past records, but brightened with some folk elements, reggae beats, R'n'B touches, combined with edgy as usual lyrics, the overall essence of the record is her most commercial-sounding in over a decade.

Expressing pain and despair, as well as joy and contentment, Sinead's spine-tingling vocals are so pure and raw, that anyone with a beating heart inside them is to be inevitably mesmerised. First single "Take me to church" is indicative of the album's sonic diversity, while "Your green jacket", "Kisses like mine" and "Harbour", are highpoints to treasure. Saving literally the best for last, closing track "Streetcars", possibly the most fragile song of 2014 so far, ends the record in the most striking manner, on an album where some songs are less plausible than others.

Depicted on the cover in a vampy wig, clutching a phallic electric guitar, this dominatrix-style seems unusually impressive (or impressively unusual) for her standards, yet, almost impossible to disguise the disarming look of a scared fawn which the natural beauty of her face resembles. No glossy mix of dancey rhythms, multi-tracked choruses, energetic riffs or catchy singalongs could distract from her captivating delivery. She has repeatedly proven to remain equally compelling even when left with very little to utilize. She may not be bossy, she may be the boss. Without doubt she is imBOSSible to resist.
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on 15 August 2014
Well, I am Sinead fan...but the album is VERY VERY GOOD, and you will definitelly love it, if you give it a good listen. LOTS of standing out, catchy/quiet/angry/ and/or loud songs, powerful vocals and good lyrics. You couldn't ask for more.

And...make sure you get the deluxe edition, even just for the nice packaging (non plastic, digipack in the UK, really cool booklet with lyrics, pictures, and some 'stories') but I guess the album would NOT be complete without a pretty 'sweet' number 13 (bonus) song, my favourite really.
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on 2 November 2014
it's good, but does not have as much power as 'I don't want what I haven't got' or 'faith and courage'. I have a feeling that mrs O'Connor has less and less to say with every next cd
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on 15 March 2015
Once you get past all of the baggage that is attached to Sinead O'Connor you are left with a seriously good singer. This album is excellent but if I was to have one small criticism there are not enough songs on it which show off her incredible voice - the girl really can sing and I still feel today that she is not given enough credit for that.
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