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on 12 November 2014
Do not play it with less than four people. My family found it lacked depth and were surprised at the rave reviews.
Plays much better with many many more players.
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on 17 June 2015
Bought for £21.79 total in June 2015

King of Tokyo is a great relatively quick game. It's easy to learn and pretty fast paced. The main concept is to gain 20 points, either by occupying Tokyo centre, through dice throwing or buying cards. You play as a monster attacking Tokyo. Your character has a limited amount of damage it can take, though you can also heal (but not in Tokyo). On your turn you have to possiblity of attacking, healing, gaining points or gaining power cubes. This is all done via dice throwing so there is an element of randomness, though you can re-roll twice if needed. You can buy cards to boost attributes/attack etc with power cubes.

The game is best played with more than 3 people. Having 5 or more opens up more than 2 monsters in Tokyo itself which brings an added layer of depth. It can be quick to play so despite people being eliminated, it really isn't too bad. The graphics are vibrant and detailed, and the set is very good quality with large easy to see dice and cards for each character and a points tab. I would say this will appeal to the game enthusiast and the casual gamer too, though don't expect too much tactical nuance.

Overall this a very good game, and one I shall be playing for years to come. The price tage of less than £22 all in in was great too. I know there are expansions, so perhaps it is worth thinking about as long term investment.
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on 2 January 2016
I love this game! Some people don't like games with dice because they rely on luck but I'm not one of them. Besides you get 3 attempts at rolling the dice per turn, a bit like Yahtzee, which gives you some control. The game plays fast and my 8yo found it super easy to pick up and play.

I have played with 5 players and there is a downside here. There's quite a gap between successive goes so it's actually easy for a couple of players to get knocked out quite quickly, leaving them waiting for the rest to finish which can take a bit longer. For that reason I'd say 3-4 players is about the sweet spot here, so most players get enough of a chance to heal and avoid that early exit.

Overall if you like competitive, easy to play, family friendly, dice based games then this should certainly be on your list. At this price it's almost no-brainer!
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on 11 April 2016
Not much to say that hasn't already been said about this game. It's a great game that I am equally comfortable playing with my 5 year old son and his mates, my friends, or even the parents. Very easy to play and only takes a few moments to explain.

If there is a criticism it is that the winner can often be determined as much by the draw of the cards and roll of the dice as by any skill on the part of the player. But then who cares when you are having this much fun. A super, light game that is suitable for any occasion and usually over in 20 minutes or so.
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on 12 February 2015
I am 20 y.o and I am into board games. Tried this game with a group of people around my age. However, if you are looking at this game for young children, definitely go for it !

Everybody loved it.
It is incredibly easy to teach and it is really fun when played in 3+ players.
2 players can play it but you might need to tweak the rules a little in order to make it last longer.
It has this element of back and forth which I always love in a game. No matter how desperate a situation is, you can still recover given the dice are in your favor.
It is a dice game so you need to expect some randomness, but you can always increase your odds by having a good strategy.
The art is amazing. It really feels like a nice polished game. Children and adults will love it.

I can't help but feel that after a while it will become a little repetitive using the basic rules. I feel that with a creative mind, this game can be much much better as you can come up with different variants of the game so old players can still enjoy it.
The cards, although many, it is rarely that people get to buy a lot of them, given the high cost of some of them and the fact that gathering energy can set you back a little.

Overall it is a really fun game and it is guaranteed that you and you friends will have a blast playing it.
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on 27 December 2015
I bought this for my daughter's boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. We played it on Boxing Day and the three of us had loads of fun. The game itself is very good quality; satisfyingly chunky dice, all the monsters have their own re-usable scoring chart (wheel based so there's no writing down scores or annoying bits of paper), the board is small but good and solid, nice cards and my daughter was particularly fond of the green energy cubes which, according to her, look like little jewels. On first perusal we thought it looked quite complicated, but it really isn't. Also, there are a few videos of people playing it on youtube if you want to see how it plays. I'd definitely recommend it.
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on 27 June 2017
This is the 1st edition, there's a 2nd edition now, but basically is a dice game with counters and power cards, fast and easy to play with lots of replay value.
The expansion Power Up! Adds a new dimension and custom abilities for each monster but this base game is excellent nonetheless.
A game room essential!
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on 24 February 2014
I bought this to play with my in-laws over xmas. We played with 4 people ranging from a hyper 7yr old to a PhD engineer, and KoT had us all hooked from the start!

The mechanics are pretty simple (roll the dice, get some tokens, draw a card), and it's not very difficult to learn the rules and get going. Once you have the hang of it subtleties and tactics start emerging and add to the experience, but aren't essential - we were beaten by the 7yr old a few times! I will be playing this with friends and family for years to come.

The game itself looks very nice - the artwork is good, the dice are solid, the box is sturdy, and everything feels well made. It takes a little bit of space to play - a kitchen table or a bit of floor space - and there are some small counters that can get knocked about by little flailing arms.

Overall I consider it a worthwhile purchase, and would highly recommend it to everyone that wants a board game a bit different from the usual, but that everyone can play.
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on 20 November 2014
I saw this game on Rab Florence's top 50 board games list (over at rockpapershotgun.com and well worth a read if you're a boardgame newbie), and it did not disappoint! Each game takes roughly half an hour, in which time you will have gained ridiculous powerups, occupied Tokyo about 5 times and retreated again and caused a lot of mischief with your mates. The game is basically king of the hill, where everyone off the hill (Tokyo) has to attack the king, and the king attacks everyone else at once and gains points, but cant heal. This, coupled in with the lovely dice, the energy cubes and the character models (chunky 2D cardboard, really nice) make the game very tactile and a pleasure to play.

tl;dr: 10/10 can't stop playing!
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on 16 March 2016
Really excellent game. The artwork is beautiful.
I get my 4 year old to roll the dice so he feels involved.
When buying this game I did wonder if I should get King of Tokyo or King of New York.
Depends who you play with.
I play this game with my 9 year old and think it makes for a great family game.
I would play King of New York with my friends - because its a little more tactical.
I would buy this game again for a friend as a gift, and if my friend gave me this game as a gift I would be really please.
At it's core it is a very simple idea but very enjoyable. I don't currently have either adoption for this game but all in good time.
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