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Customer reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

on 18 April 2012
Purchased from the UK- but the dvd is NTSC region. You will need a multi region dvd player or device to play this.

DVD Text:

"Goemon is getting married! Well, he was until his bride, Murasaki, was kidnapped by an evil organisation of ninja: the Fuma Clan. Their random is the Shuujoh Vase, the key to a legacy of untold wealth that has been hidden for hundreds of years. And where there's treasure, there's master thief, Lupin the Third!

When word of Lupin's Appearance reaches Inspector Zenigata, he comes out of retirement to put him behind bars once and for all! Can Lupin, Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko rescue Murasaki, unearth the secrets of the treasure, and evade Old Man Zenigata as they try to foil the fiendish plot of the Fuma Clan?"

My Review:

The animation in this movie is so beautiful. It is set in Japan, so there are gorgeous backdrops and cultural settings. The music is a mixture of funk and jazz, but the romantic based lyrical song featuring Goemon and Murasaki is so cute. I was propelled through this movie because Goemon is my favourite character- and while I normally find one-shot generic female characters annoying, I found Murasaki was adorable. Mostly because her personality was a great fit for his. But of course, if sweet romance was the main focus of the story, it wouldn't be Lupin III.

There's plenty of action in this animation, including one of the most hilarious and exciting car chases I've ever seen in a Lupin production so far, through a poor unsuspecting Japanese village/town. There's also a labyrinth of lethal traps leading to the treasure of Murasaki's family- and they have the deadly Fuma clan to contend with. Goemon is (as you'd expect) at odds with Lupin over his fiance's family treasure. Fujiko is just as obsessed with getting her gold- and Lupin is just as obsessed with being sneaky, suave and just overly awesome.

The villain of this movie is very sinister indeed- I won't spoil anything, but Goemon really does take a front seat in this movie. He has epic fight scenes and pawns his enemies. The ending was actually very satisfying for me. There's an inevitability of certain things, but not everything is as you'd expect. Or maybe it is- but in any case it was a beautifully detailed, wonderfully composed, exciting film that surprisingly had me saying "awww" far more than I normally do.

I personally watch Lupin III franchise in Japanese. Normally I watch anime in English where I can unless the voices are too annoying, but with Lupin III I'd encourage you to watch it in the original language, because it adds to the cultural feel of this film. I also think the recurring voice actors of the Japanese version perfectly suit the characters- adding to the humour and excitement of the series as a whole. I think any fan of animation would enjoy this, it's my favourite Lupin III movie now.

Special Features:
Full length commentary by "Reed Nelson" of lupinthethrd.net
BGM Audio Track
Original Trailer
Liner Notes
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this film is in Japanese and English with English sub's
and is a Cinematic Masterpiece of Animation
And I only recommend at you Pay £25 or less for this DVD as paying any more is a Rip-off.
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on 1 June 2001
First, the obligatory character bios: Arsène Lupin III: Think James Bond meets Inspector Gadget. Cool, crazy, and carefree, he's never caught for long.
Jigen Daisuke: A near perfect marksman and a superb driver of getaway vehicles (ever notice how he never crashes, unlike the people chasing him?)
Ishigawa Goemon: The stoic samurai show his softer side in this film. For those of you who wonder why he hangs out with people so unlike himself, as far as I know, he's vowed that if Lupin is going to die, he must be the one to kill him. So basically, he's insuring that Lupin doesn't die in the meantime.
Fujiko Mine: Lupin's sometime girlfriend. Sort of a token female and source of much fan service.
Inspector Zenigata: Chasing Lupin is his life; he follows our hero everywhere.
And now, a few words on the film itself: it's good. Goemon is getting married. There's an attempted theft of a vase and a successful theft of the bride. Meanwhile, Zenigata thinks Lupin has died, and has become a monk. Fujiko gets in trouble with the bad guys, who have finally managed to steal the vase; it's the key to Goemon's bride's family treasure. I won't give away too much of the plot, but I will say there are some nifty gadgets and numerous chase scenes, including a car chase though a hot springs resort area. The only problems I have with this film are the spelling of "Lupin" as "Rupan" due to copyright issues, and the fact that the bad guys enter a cave with about six henchmen, several dozen of whom die. It's still a great film.
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on 23 December 2014
A fine anime adventure
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