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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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I always feel bad about being negative towards the British film industry. We don't have Hollywood's budget so I always try to support the national film industry. And, `I Give it a Year' certainly boasts an impressive cast of fine British (and even American) actors.

It's about a couple who have only known each other for seven months before they decide to get married. This film charts the first year of their subsequent life together. The characters are all beautiful, rich, thin people who work in trendy London offices, live in stylish Victorian apartments and can afford lavish, high-society weddings. The male characters are either or both selfish or stupid (Rafe Spall attempting to `out-annoy' Jar Jar Binks at some stages). And the American characters are seemingly parachuted into the story to save the lovelorn Brits.

I found the film a bit of an enigma. I stuck with it to the end and enjoyed some of it. Every scene felt like a sketch that would fit right in during an (adult) sketch show (think `That Mitchell and Webb Look' or `Armstrong and Miller'), however, using it in the context of an ongoing narrative, it just didn't work. The parts were funny; it's just they didn't seem to go with each other.

With the calibre of acting talent amassed here, it should have been brilliant, yet, despite being funny, it somehow left me cold. A weird contradiction in film-making.
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on 20 June 2014
Enjoyed this in places but did find it very crude in places, which took away from the overall enjoyment of the film.

Baker played his part well but must have wondered what he was doing there at timnes
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on 18 May 2013
A subversive take on the rom-com genre, more of a com-rom, definitely not a chick-flick. Very British, some rather crude humour which obviously is not to everyone's taste. As usual, Simon Baker was fabulous. I found it very funny, even on 2nd and 3rd viewing, the dove scene was particularly hilarious. So I'm looking forward to watching it again on DVD, and particularly hoping for some funny out-takes with the doves on Simon's head and Rose hiding under the table.
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on 20 June 2013
In places very funny (essentially whenever Stephen Merchant is on screen) this is a mildly entertaining, if formulaic, romantic comedy. I liked the two leads (Rafe Spall and Rose Byrne) and thought that it was a fundamental flaw in the film that the chemistry between them was, ironically, very good and convincing. They seemed made for each other. Hence the flaw. The biggest problem, however, was the story's slightness and contrivance, and that it's over-arching take on marriage was bitter and cynical. It is a product of its time. In places cruelly funny, but empty of a core of humanity.
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VINE VOICEon 17 November 2013
A game British cast and co-writer of Sacha Baron Cohen movies in the director's chair, led to this movie described as a `reverse rom-com' by some. It's laudable to attempt a spin on the worn out premises rolled out time and time again in Hollywood rom-coms, and the cast seem well suited to their roles. We have the central couple who we see at the start embarking on their marriage, their bitter and unhappily married friends, a best friend / best man who reaches new heights of inappropriateness and lack of social graces, and an ex girlfriend of the groom. As the movie rumbles on, with some blackly comic moments which may bring a guilty smile to your face, we are gradually introduced to the idea that this couples marriage is keeping them from the romances they really should be in. As the conclusion becomes more inevitable, sadly, blackly inventive comedy becomes just irritatingly condescending and insulting. Counselling is portrayed as a ridiculous waste of time, and the lies the couple tell each other are poked fun at. Perhaps the worst indictment of a romantic comedy is that none of the leads are particularly likeable. It's really hard to care about whether they find their true love as depicted in the movie, and if anything we the audience have more investment in the marriage, flawed as it is, which leaves a sense of disappointment that they need to take the easy way out for the movie to reach its pat resolution. And therein lies the insult. The idea of a couple fighting to save their marriage is seen as futile, insulting all those who have succeeded in getting over their difficulties and finding happiness together, and the idea of a divorce is seen as a romantic light throwaway moment, insulting all those who have experienced directly or indirectly a divorce. So yes, there are humourous moments, and Minnie Driver's scabrous friend whose answers during charades give away everything but the answers is a highlight, but the humour always feels at a cost, and ultimately the movie does nothing to make you feel good and ultimately the laughs are hollow.
Of course, there is always an audience for a movie. For this movie, if you have a cynical streak about romance, believe that divorce is a worthy goal and that marriage is a singularly failed institution that kills true love, then this IS the movie for you. Classic British comedy..? No, I reckon it'll be forgotten. In fact, I give it a year.
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i must have been a male in my previous life, because this film has a lot of what I call schoolboy humour. I didn't think I was going to like it, because it's quite corny, and some scenes are really silly. But then there are certain scenes ( charades) that really cracked me up. It's not the best film in the world, but I enjoyed it. ( mum hated it with a passion) ha ha
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on 16 April 2015
A thoroughly distasteful film described as a romantic comedy. It's nothing more than a collection of poor taste scenes and bad language with an improbable story line. The younger generation will probably love it - I'm a pensioner and hated it! Only stuck with it to the end to find out what happened and guess what - the ending was just as improbable as the rest of the film.
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on 9 May 2015
This film has some great actors in it: Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall, Stephen Merchant, Neil from The Young Ones. Why they signed up to this project is a mystery.

I Give It A Year is bad right from the start. Richard Curtis stylee it begins at the altar, with the minister (Julius from The Thick Of It) unfunnily coughing. A gag so hackneyed it shouldn't even be hinted at. After this unlikeable and unlaughable beginning the film just gets worse. It makes Love Actually look like a prize - and that is saying something.

Do not rent or buy this film. If you are considering it, why not instead go to the DVD shop, close your eyes and pick something at random - it will be better than this, even if it's an instructional on how to paint skirting boards or a documentary about Canberra.
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on 2 October 2015
I really enjoyed this movie, It ma not have big laughs every scene but it's so lovely of a film, Don't get me wrong you will laugh at some bits. But it was such a great movie. If you like romcom's or even just like romance, British comedy this is a great movie for you.
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on 16 June 2013
This film is clearly meant to be the answer to the traditional romantic romcom by turning the classic story on its head. Instead of ending with a wedding, it begins with one, which friends and relations consider to be doomed from the start. Although it's funny in places, I found it disturbing in some ways. A very cynical and shallow look at this most important institution in our society. If our young people watch too many of these films they will grow up believing that the only thing that matters in life is your own feelings and that, rather than trying to make a marriage work, you should cut your losses and divorce ASAP. Depressing
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