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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 27 April 2011
This is a film which is much more of a teenage high school romance than a serious science fiction film. The basic plot is that the good-looking high school hero is the last of an extra-terrestrial race hunted by another race of ruthless aliens. He is trying to remain anonymous but falls in love with a girl at his school, and both are in danger as the homicidal aliens close in on him. He has some extraordinary powers which he discovers which help him in his battle with the evil alien race. It would have been improved by exploring the story behind the alien conflict a little more, rather than focusing on high school relationships.

Basically it's a bit of OK escapist fun, but nothing for the serious SF fan to get excited about.
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on 26 July 2011
This is certainly a movie with a young public in mind. The idea is relatively original, there is a good amount of nice action, nice effects and the actors are good and promising. There are some cliches: some look good and make the movie funnier whereas other are just simply too much and they definitely damage the story.

You have to be into this kind of movie for young people, you have to be into sci-fiction, action movies, fantasy, extra-terrestrial stuff and forget about the bad cliches. In that case it's quite a nice movie and certainly worth renting it or buying it like I did. If you are not in the previous list and can't get past the cliches (some of them are funny though) this might not be the movie for you. But if you like action, sci-fi, fantasy movies it's quite nice and worth buying.

It won't get an Oscar (maybe special effects) but you will spend a nice afternoon watching it.
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In this 2011 teen sci-fi fantasy adventure ‘John Smith’ is an alien sent to Earth as a child with eight others to escape the invading Mogadorians. With his guardian, Henri, they flee after the Mogadorians kill the third escapee, meaning John is fourth on the list. Attending the local high school John soon falls for an amateur photographer named Sarah Hart and with the Mogadorians in pursuit, his troubles are just beginning.
This is essentially a more developed variation on ‘Roswell –the Tv series’. The first half is a mixed bag of reasonable plot balanced against over-explanitory dialogue and over-long ‘love interest’ moments and conflicts that seem reminiscant of ‘Karate Kid’ [lose a *]. It’s only halfway through that the real film kicks in and the action begins providing a suddenly fast paced and interesting movie. The special effects are great –mostly, but pulse lasers that can blast through concrete stadium stands but not a wooden coffee table, [lose a *] tends to destroy credibility and the ending is just farcical –just like ‘Roswell’.
Opening to a language selection screen this then goes to 2 trailers before a main menu offering play, scene selection, bonus features [becoming no. 6, bloopers] and set up [languages –English, English audio descriptive, Spanish and Turkish. Subtitles as languages plus Portugese, Arabic, Greek, Bulgarian]. This is a 12 rating with only the violence and poor script likely to offend although there is some mild swearing the Americans seem to take as standard conversation. However the action scenes have a ‘He-man, Masters of the Universe’ feel and while the teen audience it’s aimed at will love it, adults will be less so, and only the final 20 minutes save this by pulling back a *.
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on 15 April 2012
This film is about John Smith, who is a 15 year-old from the planet Lorien who escaped to earth as a baby with his protector, Henri, after the Mogadorians invaded. They now live in America, moving constantly to stay hidden from the Mogadorians. They have killed the first, second and now the third of the refugees seem to be doing fine until their life on the road is brought to an abrupt halt when John Smith meets Sarah Hart.
This film, directed by D.J. Caruso is a stunning adaptation of the book, by Pittacus Lore. Despite a few changes, which are inevitable in these cases, all of the major elements are kept the same and the plot is entirely unchanged from the original. Upon watching this film for the first time, I was amazed to see that the characters matched the image in my mind's eye, which does not often happen. The acting is astounding, and the choice of Alex Pettyfer as Number four, and Timothy Olyphant as Henri was definitely a good one. Generally, I am not the biggest fan of Sci-fi, but this film kept me gripped from the start. One point that could be improved is the excessive fight scenes near the end, for there are points when you think that it's over, but there is still more to come. Despite this, it is a superb film and I would definitely recommend watching it as soon as you have the time.
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I enjoyed this film - partly I have to say because my expectation of main stream sci fi has been somewhat dumbed down: and I am a sucker for blonde women on bikes and young men with good shoulders. This is a pretty film, well made if not overdone
on the computer graphics: at least Number Four acts with a certain moody boy charm - unlike Edward in Twilight who seems to confine himself to narrowing his eyes and snorting. The premise is good if undercooked - and I certainly agree with the perceptive reviews above that this has a sort of pilot feel to it: a lot of lose ends. The fact is, that Twilight Meets ET aside, this is a close re-working of Roswell: in fact it contains the same universe down to the sheriff, the mean sheriff's son (made good at the end), the geeky boy, the box, the communication device, and the Nasedo character pretending to be daddy. In this sense I saw it - and enjoyed it - not so much as a film rip off but a sort of trope about sci fi and identity. Alas it turns into a sort of transformers-mutant approach towards the end with very BAD baddies and lots of explosions, but it was a good day out on a wet windy British bank holiday - teen music over moody shots is a bit wearing though after a while. Serious sci fi fo rme is stuff like Clooney's extraordinary reclaiming of Solaris - almost in many senses better tyhan the original - but it wasnt a hit and studios are driven, like political parties and fashion - into a middle ground in which content and dialogue and ultimately plot give way to a bland derivative format of bang bang kiss and moody endings. I liked the dog though, that was sweet - and this does get a place on the Hewitt sci fi shelves between Roswell Series One and Supernatural.
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This is a review based on the Cinema release.
It shares a lot in common with the Twilight Saga as it's set in a small town with the lead male being an outcast mysterious hunk who falls for the local small town girl. As per the Twighlight saga he falls in Love with her and is destined to protect her from all the dangers and horrors they will encounter in the movie. There's also plenty for the teen boys with motorbikes, hot girls, and lots of Sci-Fi gadgets and guns.
I don't wish to spoil the movie but there were lots of chuckles and 'Cool' being murmured throughout the audience. The story is incredibly predictable but to be honest I wasn't expecting a plot full of twists and turns. I was expecting to be entertained with a reasonable story and lots of action and special effects. I got it in spades. There's one or two 'kind of' surprises but you knew they were coming and a disney moment here and there. The film has been left open for sequels and I'd be really shocked if there wasn't at least another one of these coming down the pipe. I would think given what's on at the movies at the moment (True Grit, The Kings Speech) this will have no problem sucking up all the adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller ticket money. All in all I'd recommend this and the 12 rating is bang on. Total family film with focus on Teens. Sci-Fi meets Twilight. Please remember to vote if you read this. Thanks !
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on 24 October 2011
Rather than the 'Twilight with aliens' that this movie has been described as, it is actually a superior teen action film with good performances from Alex Pettyfer as moody high-school 'hunk' John who is actually an alien on run from merciless killers (The Mogadorians), and Timothy Olyphant as his guardian and pseudo father, Henri. Dianna Agron and Jake Abel are also good value as John's love interest, Sarah, and new best friend Sam, respectively.
The action is well choreographed and used refreshingly sparingly, while the brutal Mogadorians led by their imposing Commander (Kevin Durand) are genuinely frightening in aspect and terrifyingly effective at wiping out any poor sap who gets in the way of their quest to annihilate John and all of his kind.
Overall this is a hugely enjoyable movie and hopefully the start of a promising new franchise.
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on 12 July 2011
Occasionally I see a film that I've never heard of before but give it a go anyway. It's a hit and miss affair, some are good, some are average and some are pretty poor. I got this film for my daughters to watch but had a couple of hours spare one morning, so I sat down with a coffee and watched it. I had no expectations as to its content, actors, director or similarity to a book. When it had finished I thought WOW, THAT WAS EXCELLENT. If you spend your life in the cinema I expect you may have seen similar before, but it doesn't detract from the fact that this is a good movie.
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on 24 February 2016
Saw this on BBC2 the other day and 15 mins before the end it froze. By the time I got my Sky box re-booted it was finished. So here we are I ordered it on Monday and got it on Wednesday. A bargain price with swift delivery. Top Marks and thank you.
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A movie adapation of a science fiction novel for teenagers.

It starts with aliens tracking down and killing a teenager who appears to have special powers. And then fills us in quickly with some narration as to what's going on here.

Humanoids from a world under attack by nasty aliens sent some of their children to Earth, to be raised in secret and hidden from the aggressors. The children will all develop special powers as they grow up. And their destiny is to return to their homeworld and save it.

There were nine. The teenager who just died was the third. Thus six are left. And the main character is the fourth of the nine. Thus he's next on the list.

Having moved around in the company of his protector many times over the years the two move again, this time to a small town in middle America. Number four takes the name John Smith and is told by his protector to blend in and keep his head down.

But in no time at all he's annoyed the quarterback at the high school who's a bit of an idiot and who used to date the nice girl who no longer wants anything to do with him but is instantly smitten by this handsome newcomer called John Smith who can't help but fall for her despite his protector's instructions to the contrary and he's also made friends with the science nerd who is heavily into UFO conspiracy theories.

Oh, and there's an antipodean biker chick literally walking through fire to try and find him.

And he's starting to develop those promised powers.

Life isn't easy when you're trying to blend in.

Especially when the nasty aliens are getting closer all the time...

What may seem like predictable teen fare for the first two thirds is pretty much that, but it's pretty watchable escapism nonetheess. The actress playing the nice girl does have the right charisma for the part, and the rest of the cast are okay. Although Timothy Oliphant's role as John's protector is somewhat underwritten.

However come the last third this does switch over to highly entertaining spectacle, thanks to the alien leader having an amusing interest in human pop culture. And the spectacular arrival of a certain individual on the scene leading to a slam bang action finale with lots of stunt fighting and spectacular explosions.

The book was the first in a series. And thus the film ends on something of a cliffhanger with the next stage of John's destiny about to unfold.

It's nothing special but it has it's moments and the spectacle of the last third does make it above average entertainment.

Those who have read the book will find it a very faithful adaptation, although it does trim down a lot of the moments where there's no action [which is probably why the role of the protector is underwritten] and, because it has to lose the first person present tense narrative of the book some characters are introduced a little earlier.

The dvd has the following language and subtitle options:

Languages: English Spanish Turkish.

Subtitles: English Spanish Portugese Greek Bulgarian Turkish Arabic.

The disc does start with a couple of trailers, which can be skipped either by pressing the next or the menu button on the dvd remote control.

There's just a couple of extras.

Becoming number six: an eleven minute long feature showing, through the eyes of one of cast member, how a couple of the action set pieces were filmed.

Bloopers: A three minute long outtake reel. Like most of these it's almost all people pulling funny faces and making silly noises but there are a couple of genuinely amusing outtakes in there.
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