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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 September 2015
Anyone who bought the 2010 reissue of this, and might think that buying this 5-disc anniversary set is either too much or not worth it, I recommend ordering without a second thought. Visually, sonically, everything here is top notch. The package is presented in a glossy hardback book that comes with the 5 discs placed in pockets on cardboard pages. The layout of the book looks simple, but takes a look at the fine details to realize how lovingly assembled this item is altogether. All the tracks that appear on here are from the original tapes, including the demos (never knew until now there were so many!) and sound amazing, the sound is so crisp it's unbelievable. Best of all, are the original Tony Mansfield-produced tracks on disc 4 - some of these versions are better than those on the released album! As for the album itself, most of you reading this already know that it is one of the finest debuts, and most intelligent synth-pop LPs of the '80s, one that stood the taste of time a lot better than others of that era.

There's plenty of info on the story behind the album and group coming together, lyrics, and many, many photos of that era (full hair and tight pants galore!). For the audiophiles who may be wondering what happened with the 192kHz/24bit and 96kHz/24bit files, they'll be pleased to know that they are available ...but elsewhere! Check HDtracks for them, and feel free to be annoyed that these are not included on here as was originally intended (a missed opportunity, especially when there is so much space left on the 5th disc which only features 6 videos). Still, this package is a hit, both the content and packaging do justice to the "30th anniversary super deluxe edition" title. Which only makes the anticipation for the next 2 a-ha reissues grow stronger. With so many pristine repackages (ie. recent Belinda Carlisle, and Bananarama singles box sets), it's refreshing to finally see record labels putting this amount of effort into producing such well-presented sets. Physical media is not dead. And a-ha are not either!
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on 8 February 2002
None of a-ha's album's are perfect - but it's impossible not to give them 5 stars, because each of them is so enjoyable in its own way.
I love this band - it started when I heard 'Take on Me' when I was 13, and this was the first album I bought with my own money.
Admittedly, it's sooo 80s, and not all of the songs age as well as their subsequent material. But it's immense fun, and reflects the energy and enthusiasm that the band obviously felt on the verge of success and stardom. They were so fresh-faced back then (with full hair and tight denim trousers!)
The band's better-known singles are here - Take on Me, The Sun Always Shines on TV, Hunting High and Low, and Train of Thought, but there are also some other unknown gems - particularly Living a Boys Adventure Tale.
As I said, some of the tunes are just too 80s to appeal to anyone other than die-hard fans - like And You Tell Me and Love is Reason.
But overall it's a great album of perfect syth pop, and a good starting point for a band that went on to have a great career!
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on 20 June 2009
I've had "Hunting High and Low" for over 20 years, but it was only listening to it again recently that I consciously realised just how good it really is.

What's great is that it manages to fit way more depth, intelligence and atmosphere into the 80s synthpop mould than you'd expect, yet still remains a fantastic pop album.

"Take On Me" may be the best-known song here (in part because it was their only major American hit). It's a good song, but possibly overplayed at the expense of the real masterpiece at the heart of the album, "The Sun Always Shines on TV"- a UK number one, and deservedly so.

The most generic 80s track here is "Love is Reason"- actually quite decent in its own right, but this simply highlights the fact that most of the other non-single songs are way better than the filler you'd expect from a debut album. I mean, "Living a Boy's Adventure Tale" is brilliant.

Morten Harket's singing is one very obvious reason for this album being a cut above the typical 80s synthpop offerings, but not the only one; aside from the songs, there are also some nice touches with the arrangements, like the clarinet in "Living a Boy's Aventure Tale" or the voices and strings in the middle of "I Dream Myself Alive".

Better than you'd have any right to expect from a debut, Hunting High and Low may be pop, but it's certainly not disposable, and it still sounds great over 20 years later.
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on 4 November 2015
On the surface this edition looks wonderful.
I adore A-ha's debut album, and my review is only for this 30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition.
My only issue is with the extremely poor cd holders inside the book.
Upon opening mine I soon realised that every disc was basically ruined, having marks from the cardboard slots which holds each Cd.
So lazy of Rhino, who obviously don't care that the discs are almost guaranteed to get ruined by the one thing that is supposed to protect them.
So in conclusion, a fantastic set, ruined by badly thought-out packaging.
Also I don't think it's just a bad batch, as I bought another from HMV and it had the same marks on the discs, as were the other 2 copies they had in store!
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on 22 September 2005
From the amazing sleeve (how many people can you spot in the picture?!) to the amazing songs - this album is a classic.
'Take on me' There is'nt much to say about this song as everyone knows it, and most people love it (and the video)
'Train of thought' This is a simpler version than the one released as a single (the remix version available on a Greatest hits album)This song doesnt sound like anything else - dance pop with pan pipes and lyrics about a bored business man.
'Hunting high and low' A great ballad, and again a simpler version than the remixed single. This version is less orchestral, but also sweeter and fragile.
'The blue sky' Back to full-blown pop, with some great lyrics.
'Living a boys adventure tale' A somewhat epic ballad that really transports the listener to another place, Morten's vocals are soaring and heart wrenching.
'The sun always shines on T.V' The number 1 single is A-ha at their best, mixing pop sensibility with darker meaning.
'And you tell me' A song in the vein of the Beatles, simple short and catchy ballad.
'Love is reason' A pop stomper with a high energy feel, could have easily been a single.
'Dream myself alive' A deceptively good song, this must be one of the first songs to use samples - news clips and t.v show soundbites- mixed in with a catchy pop song.
'Here i stand and face the rain' This again, could have been a single, along the lines of 'Sun always shines' but even better!
It starts with an opera singer and acoustic guitar and ends with Morten singing his heart out over driving drums and synths.
This album is incredibly ambitious for a debut and although it sold in bucket loads, it's still underrated - if you don't have this album then give it a try, it should be in everyone's music collection.
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on 10 December 2015
bought this for my brother`s birthday yesterday. we are both massive a-ha fans and the album still sounds superb today. it is a beautiful looking box set presented in a large hard cover book with the lyrics and lots of info about the making of the album etc and the 5 discs have a lot of demo versions of the songs and some b sides and rarities. but beware! . on opening the set we discovered two of the discs were scuffed and a line down the centre of them.it looks like they were marked either by the packing of the discs into their cardboard slots or it was caused when the discs wer printed. having checked some other reviews we saw that a few other people had discovered the same problem. my brother has played all of the discs and thankfully they all seem to play fine so we will not be returning the item, but these discs should have been well checked before they were sold.
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on 12 August 2010
When I first heard that this classic cd was getting the royal treatment on its 25th anniversary, I was ecstatic since this is indeed what this masterpiece truly deserves. Sound quality has been
improved tremendously to be at par with recordings nowadays and is louder compared to the original cd which came out in the 80s. Hearing these beautiful songs once again made me relive the 80s when my late brother who loved a-Ha was still with us and we would listen to a-Ha songs together.

The extras are really worth it because after hearing the demos, you get to appreciate even more the final versions which made it to the classic cd. For example, "Take on Me" didn't exactly sound awesome in it's original or demo versions. The melody was there and the vocals but the brilliant arrangement was missing then. Which is why when they finally came out with THE version which made it all the way to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Pop chart, we know why it did.

Hearing the other songs in the cd, I now wonder why they were not released in America because they could have become big hits. Like "Hunting High and Low" with its beautiful melody and arrangement could have been a-Ha's answer to "Save a Prayer". I also like "Love is Reason" and wonder too why this did not become a hit in the US.

This is a must own for any a-Ha fan. So lovingly put together in time for its 25th anniversary!
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on 28 November 2002
This was the first albulm I ever owned from about 1986 I think. It is as good as I remember. The pure pop excellence of Take on Me and The Sun Always Shines on TV really stand the test of time, sounding fresh to this day. The textured keyboards and the beauty, yes sheer beauty (!), of Morten Harket's voice shines in the title track and Living A Boy's Adventure Tale. Maybe its my age but this remains, in my opinion, a classic pop albulm and I would recommend it to all those who remember A-ha. ...
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on 13 January 2016
I bought this 30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition Without Any Hesitation. it comes with 4CD and DVD that has few version of a Great Song "Take On Me " . First CD is the original of 10 Great Songs .2,3 and 4 CD Has got some early mix of Songs and lots of demos,Listening to demos ,there always was that A-ha Perfection ,A-ha Magic ,after so long all these Songs sound so good ,I put them to Timeless Songs ,no meter how many times I listen to them ,I never get tired of them.There is Instrumental version of a Song "Sun Always Shines On Me ",,,Great Instrumentals ,Sounds Great ...Great To Listen To. 60 page Book comes with nice photos,information about their early work ,Great Ilustration in the book.Inside of the cover ( front and back) of a book there are notes from Randezvous Studios -nice bit of information about their schedule and notes about their songs and titles ...CDs and DVD are inside book ,came in a perfect condition .On the pages where the CDs are you'll find Ilustration from video "Take On Me "-true Master Piece..book has been carefully thought right through .
It is a truly great gift for someone who aprisiates Good Music ,Great gift for Music Lovers .
I was told once..."listen to their Songs,you want be disappointed"...I never was ...I really Enjoy Listening to so many of their Songs..they are all Beautiful in their own way .Mr. Harket,Mr Furuholmen & Mr. Waaktaar Thank You For Sharing Your Awesome Talents !A-ha Greatest Band Ever !...Thank You - For All Your Great Songs - Tusen Takk !
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on 11 July 2010
One of my favorites from the mid 1980's, "Hunting High and Low" Aha's first classic collection is finally remastered and released as this fine band calls it a day. With all the music that came out during the 80's this one stood out from the pack. That angelic vocal delivery of lead singer Morten Harket combined with a band that was really
mature(and played real instruments). Moody and atmospheric with songs that soared and in all the emotions of guys in a band in their 20's so far away from their home in Norway. I could not stop listening to these songs, I was so deep into the likes of David Bowie, Grace Jones, Lene Lovich, The Smiths, Propaganda, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen to name a few, my taste in music was expanding faster then I could take it all in, but I knew it was a great time to be around with music videos opening our eyes and thanks to the song and video to TAKE ON ME, I was introduced to this great band. I never could understand why the media and record companies in AMERICA forced this band to be pin up boy idols and left their musicanship by the waist only to abandon them just when they left their mark, is a mystery to me. I have followed this band most of ther career, I loved them like I enjoyed bands like the Moody Blues and the Beatles from their 60's and 70's. HUNTING HIGH AND LOW is full of explosive music, harmonies and good taste. They've gone on to make so much great music over the years, but this first one is so special. Aha will be missed by those
who have a good ear for tunes but we have their legacy. Still hear the sounds of "Living a boys adventure tale" in my brain so many years later, only now it sounds so much better, yet still gives me chills from back in that time of my life. Thanks Aha for all the music, one of the all time great singers in rock pop music history. I hope you continue doing solo projects! You are all just as talented on your own but Aha no one can compare to you!
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