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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2015
With over 1150 reviews of this product another would seem superfluous, but whilst I am generally happy with my purchase there are some user issues that just rob the unit of a full 5 stars.

Things I like:

1. Picture quality is excellent, but only after a couple of weeks of "running in" did the colour balance stabilise. (Colours were slightly off to start with and I couldn't correct using the TV settings.)

2. Recorded progammes are saved to folders in date order, so it is easy to locate series recordings.

3. The USB connection with the wifi dongle allows me to stream movies from an external hard drive connected to my laptop. I found this function extremely useful as I have been copying over my DVD/BluRay library to hard drives for loading up dongles for use with my tablet. I've got about 680 presently loaded and to be able to access them at will for replay on the tv is a great boon. It can access digital images as well, but this doesn't work as well due to the SD tv I'm using.

4. Although it is an HD unit, it will record in both HD and SD and replay either via SCART to my analogue TV. Yes, it even down samples HD to SD, something the instructions don't refer to.

5. It can connect to the internet for a number of subscription free additional tv channels or internet radio.

So, why not a full 5 Stars?
The EPG software is somewhat limited in functionality, and is missing two functions I really miss from my earlier SAGEM pvr.

a) It does not permit scrolling by channel selection for recording purposes. The EPG can only be scrolled horizontally for all visible channels, so it is a long-winded process to find out what is being broadcast over the coming 7 days for a particular channel. Being able to view by genre on the Humax is second best at the very least, although it can do a search on a word contained in the programme title. So, unless I do a daily check, I get to miss programmes that would have been of interest to me.

b) Whilst it has two tuners, it cannot resolve scheduling conflicts by suggesting an alternative broadcast slot if you select a third programme to record. It simply presents the three recordings inviting the user to select which two. So a previously scheduled recording may have to be lost. If you've never had a pvr which offers this functionality, the SAGEM did, you can't appreciate just how useful it is.

ADDENDUM, 2nd April, 2016.

Humax have added alternate program scheduling after my initial review, and I am grateful to Engineer Andy in the comments section for pointing this out.

In the end, this is a good product let down, IMO, by a less than satisfactory EPG and programming functionality.
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on 19 March 2015
Beware of this item! There is a known HDMI 'pairing' issue with some televisions (including my Samsung it seems) that means that the box loses sound whenever you switch to another HDMI input, or similar action. Humax apparently refuse to accept the issue and instead blame the televisions. All other products, including my old Humax pvr-9300t, have no problem with HDMI audio connection.

After finding on initial install that I had no sound, I looked to the internet for advice. I've copied a link at the bottom of this review to one of the forum threads that I discovered. Although the sound can be regained after a cold reboot on the humax, i'm not prepared to part with this amount of money to have to 'fiddle' with the system regularly in order to regain audio. It is an unacceptable quality issue and therefore I have returned the item to Amazon.

Forum link:
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on 8 April 2014
I had an old SD Humax PVR before buying this. This new model has lots of great features; for example, the programmes you've set to series-record are all stored in their own series folder automatically. Or you can create your own folders and organise your recordings however you like.

The addition of BBC iPlayer is great, but so far there is no ITV Player or 4OD etc. Perhaps they will become available in the future. The WiFi dongle allows you to connect to a network media server, and view photos, films or listen to music. I'm not sure why the WiFi is not built-in though.

The TV guide is simple to use, and easy for search and record programmes. Some other menus are slightly more complex to navigate, but it doesn't take too long to get use to them.

The 1TB hard drive offers plenty of space, useful if you're going to record lots of HD channels. The remote is well thought out, and very responsive. I noticed that the HD channels were much louder than the SD ones, but I found a setting under the audio preferences which balances them out, so it seems they've thought of everything.

All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase. Really, the only down side is the lack of catch-up TV apps, but I can live without that, and I'm sure they will be added in the future anyway.
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on 3 July 2014
Have had a Humax Freesat box as well which is a good 4 years old, bought HDR-200T to replace a Toshiba freeview box which only lasted a couple of years, only gave it 4 stars as the box has to be switched on for a signal to go through it for the TV (ie i only wanted the TV on and not the box as well) will be buying a splitter to by pass the box and go staight to the TV, also remotes use the same signals for to both boxes so had to move boxes apart (see Charlie's comment on changing signals).

Got over the signal not going through the box I have put an aerial tee piece in, one other thing I have noticed is the red light comes on even though we are watching a program or are playing a recording back, still responds to the controller to change channels but when it comes to turning off not to sure it does, but will look up and see what else is there.

RETUNING.... (auto or manual) WIPES ALL your set up recordings including series link ones, missed a fair few programs before finding out. I have not suffered this with other boxes including the Humax freesat

11/07/15. We have missed a few recordings which we had set up on series link. This due to it updating the channels, it wipes all the series link timings
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on 14 June 2014
issues with the first release of the firmware on the unit mean it's a frustration to use;

RF pass through doesn't work properly you can't use your TVs digital channels unless the HDR-2000 is switched on.Humax promised a fix in april. still not release in June.

software's handling of back to back programs is poor. It sometimes reports a program finishing at 20:30 & with one starting at 20:30 *on the same channel* as overlapping and prevents recording on second different channel. I think this is due to automatic correction of finishing times without considering the automatic correction of the following programs start time

DLNA server is poor. Doesn't show up on the network if the unit is recording and often doesn't appear at all if unit is idle. This could be such a good feature - allowing SD recordings to be viewed from a tablet, phone of PC over the home network but its so badly implemented it's unusable and shouldn't be considered as a purchase reason.

Network connectivity is flakey. Playback of from our media server is often missing from the storage options until you go deep into the settings and click unnecessarily on 'apply' in the configure LAN page.

HDMI sound often drops out requiring the TV to be turned off and on again to reestablish the connection. This occurs once every couple of days on my unit.

Given past experiences with a Humax 8000T and 9200T, both of which had minor issues which were fixed with software updates I'd say this unit has the potential to be brilliant, but not on the initial software release.

Not really good enough for a unit costing this much.
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on 3 March 2015
Beware the Wifi dongle may not work! We couldn't get the wifi option to work and finally gave up thinking there must be a fault with either the Humax box or the dongle or both - we returned the unit to Amazon and requested a replacement. Unfortunately we experienced exactly the same problem with the replacement.
When we called the Humax Customer Support team they knew immediately what the problem was - the wifi dongle required an updated driver and some units had been sent out without the updated software loaded. They were able to send us the software update by email which we had to copy onto a USB stick and then insert the stick into the USB port on the Humax box. With the correct software version loaded onto the Humax box, the dongle worked.
Whilst I cannot fault the Humax customer support in helping us sort out the problem, the units should not have been sent out without the correct software. We have spent a lot of time trying to sort this out - not what you expect froma company the size of Humax - very poor!
I cannot fault Amazon. They have been let down by Humax
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on 23 May 2016
Oh dear! probably the worst bit of kit bought in the past 10 years. Software is a nightmare, instructions virtually unintelligeable. I bought this after having a brilliant experience with a SD Humax from an earlier generation. Completely unreliable. Every recording is hit-n-miss. Why oh why do manufacturers chop-out well established software just to install the latest fad? I'll never buy another Humax!
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on 20 December 2015
The first unit shut off after 30 min. The replacement arrived tardily after much prompting and behaved identically. They claimed there was no fault and that I needed to disable the power saving option. This advice was wrong; according to the manual, power saving comes into effect after 3 hours, not 30 min. The cost of the unit was refunded but not the £29.56 return costs and no apology was received for the considerable inconvenience I have suffered due to no fault of my own.

I note that TPS are often selling refurbished Humax HD recorders and this fact combined with my own findings makes me very suspicious that this product has design/production problems.

During the time I was trying to use the product, I noticed:-
No aerial output to TV if Humax is in (proper) standby. My 30 year old VHS recorder was more capable in this apect.
Wall adapter for power supply - this is rubbish. Why not fit a proper power supply and use a slightly wider case?
Internet capability seemed limited - admittedly not fully evaluated as my unit kept shutting down.
Front panel display was poor - red light can mean recording or standby.

I suppose the two units I tried will be going on TPS's refurbished pile. Someone's going to suffer.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 October 2015
This is so easy to use. Dare I say it? I set it up without using the instructions, and that's a normally big deal for me.
Anyone who has set up a digital TV or Sky will have no problem sorting this out. Just plug it into your TV, attach an aerial, then power it up. Follow the onscreen instructions to auto-tune it, and you are ready to use it.

Using it is simple too - go to the on-screen channel listings, pick what you want to record, and select it. Simple.
Leave it plugged in and on standby (red light), and it will quietly do your bidding for weeks on end, recording whatever you've told it to record.
When you are ready to watch something, go to the "media" option, and it's all there for you.

I'm not used to something this simple - I'm old enough to remember when programming the VCR was something of a challenge, so this is a refreshing change. It's great, and I would highly recommend it.
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on 28 March 2016
So after 20+ years with Sky, I was pretty used to the interface and I knew getting used to this would take time. Well Sky really have it cracked, and Humax have a lot to learn. What it does, it does pretty well, but the EPC, record function and ease of use are not nearly as polished, nor is the remote as intuitive.
With so many reviews on here, there is a lot of info that I won't repeat, but two things I will mention. Firstly and most annoying is that if the box is left on for a long time ie overnight, the pause live tv function stops working. Putting it in standby for 30 seconds and re booting clears it, but it shouldn't happen. It is on the latest software so I can't do anything about it. Second, I've had an occasional fail to record of a scheduled programme. Could be related to the first issue, but I don't know. Still, Sky were not perfect, and that system crashed from time to time.
After my first week I had to do a full system reset to clear a "no signal" error that I was repeatedly getting (despite a brand new aerial installation and no other receiver in the house being effected). This cleared the problem, but I still get an occasional no signal error, but for the most part it runs OK now.
And literally as I type this, the system has locked up again. I went in the menu to look at system info for the software version and it crashed. I have had to put it into standby to reset everything. (software UKTFAC 1.01.16)
So in conclusion, if this is the best non Sky PVR on the market (in many peoples opinion) the rest must be pretty naff. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than Sky and I will not be going back. For the difference in price, I can manage with a few niggles. (that and a Netflix subscription for £7 a month!)
I could have also saved a few quid by not getting the 1Tb hard drive, the 500gb would have been plenty since I don't record anywhere near as much as I did on Sky.
Perhaps I was spoiled with Sky, but at £80+ a month I should have been. Perhaps Humax have a newer model out now, I don't know, but this one is still available.
So do I recommend it if you want to leave Sky? Yes.
Is it value for money, probably.
It there room for improvement, definately!
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