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How long to make a cup of coffee
asked by D R Rawlins on 7 Dec. 2013
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From the fridge, the milk takes no longer than 2 mins to heat/froth. Give the milk a minute then set the coffee going (pre-heating the machine first) pre heating only takes a minute, but it will say its ready before it's at max temp, I've found at least.

Should note that coffee from the machine is hot but not boiling. So you can't leave your drink sat about for a while or it may be a bit colder than you'd like.

In short, it's a tiny bit long than the kettle with instant coffee but much quicker than queuing at costa.

Anything else, just ask!
MrDeek answered on 7 Dec. 2013
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Hi, it takes approximately 30 seconds to warm up, then another 30 seconds for the coffee to pour out of the spout. For the milk to heat up, it takes no more than 1 minute. All-in-all, no slower than boiling the kettle.
Lollipop answered on 8 Dec. 2013
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