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on 23 February 2006
Only works if you become a buddhist i think. didn't really read much of it. because of our western ways we would find it hard to follow these directions it would mea a huge life change. find efexor worked better for me!
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on 4 March 2009
This book summarises what human problems really are, how they originate in the mind and how we can use Buddha's teachings to solve those problems by changing our mind. It's especially helpful for those who suffer from anger (all of us!) because Geshe Kelsang uses Buddhist Master Shantideva's explanation of how to practice patience to show clearly how this painful mind can be overcome.

These days there are lots of 'self help' books that purport to solve human problems, but with characteristic directness, this book goes straight to the heart of the issue and gives simple but practical advice to make things better. Considering that it contains so much wisdom, it's also surprisingly short and very readable. Recommended!
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on 10 July 2011
I bought this book quite a while ago but didn't really get going with it. I've read some of the author's other books and thought they were more substantial and better for me. More recently I've been really getting in to this book and I'm wondering why I didn't do it earlier. Let's be straight - everything in this book is Buddhist and that means if you're not Buddhist perhaps you won't agree with everything. But Buddhism is all based in observation of daily life and that means you're very likely, almost certain I would say, to find a lot in there that you can really use. It is written with the public at large in mind and it just makes sense. There's a brief but effective explanation of where happiness and suffering come from, a brief and highly accessible explanation of the Buddhist path in the form of 'the four noble truths', followed by an extensive explanation of how to identify and get rid of one of the main reasons our lives aren't peaceful: Anger (jealousy also gets a good treatment). Anger is identified specifically as being an out of control mind, and it is made clear being forceful doesn't necessarily mean you're angry. In fact it's shown that patience makes you stronger! Read this book slowly, not expecting a quick fix (no such thing), take what works for you and go back to the rest when you feel you want to. Anger is a deeply ingrained habit, changing it is a slow process, but this is a great handbook you can turn to repeatedly in making that happen. The relief from anger this book has helped me to gain (we've all got it going on - minor irritation can ruin your life!) is invaluable.
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on 30 April 2014
Of course we do. Many of them we think of as 'bad luck', or maybe so much 'stuff' we just have no control over. This book shines the light of Buddha's teachings on all of this so clearly. The Four Noble Truths are simple and profound at the same time and these pages skillfully lead the reader through teachings, methods and meditations to both help us understand 'our lot' AND be able to begin to work with our own mind, so we can make our responses more beneficial for ourselves and those around us.
Our environment whisks us along in a daily blitz of input, which I don't think is good for our own mental peace. If, like me, you think maybe it's time to just get a little balance back into your life - not just ALL the usual ways we strive to be happy (many of which don't really hit the spot!), give it a try!
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on 7 July 2012
I have found the advice in this book to be incredibly beneficial and thought provoking. It is helpful whether Buddhist or otherwise as it challenges us to adopt a different view to our problems with explanations that are both empowering and remarkably simple.

I found myself laughing out loud at the common sense approach that obliterates the conventional wisdom that anger is a useful energy. The author shows us how to handle every day situations in a way that is always positive and encourages us to take control of our mind, which is really the source of our problems in the first place.

Each time I pick it up and read it again chapters reveal new meaning and further wisdom. With an open mind this book could change your life and make you happier - what more could you ask!
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on 21 November 2015

This book is remarkable and is certainly a life changer. However in order for it to have this radical effect you will be required to subscribe to the Buddhist philosophy, (which of course not everybody is willing or happy to do) as it relies heavily upon a definite faith in this perspective. Nevertheless,the book will still be able to offer an alternative perspective to non-Buddhists as well as to provide a number of life coping techniques and strategies that tend to have a calming affect and that are able to be utilised whatever your faith ( e.g such as learning to remember in times of adversity that bad things don't just happen to you, and this is the nature of the world, etc), It is a small book and easy to read. Highly recommended.
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on 30 June 2014
This book is a disgrace, i have the buddah at bedtime series for my 2 yr old daughters i thought this series would be a nice follow on however the main character Angulimala is a murderer who kills people with big knives and wears a necklace of fingers around his neck, this book is far from suitable for children if i read this to my daughters at bed time they would have nightmares amazon should not be selling this book it is unsuitable for children and disgraceful example of buddhism
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on 23 November 2017
A wonderfully practical and very readable book that can really help to understand our anger and how we can learn to get rid of it. True to its title in a way that few books of self-help are. I love it!
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on 30 January 2014
This book really opens your eyes about yourself and the people around you. I am not buddhist but there is still a lot in here for people who are either interested or simply want to change the way they interact with other people and react themselves. For example, there is a lot about anger, jealousy, hatred, etc - issues which are covered with great detail and really opens your eyes and changes the way you act and react. It's fantastic and I truly enjoyed reading it.
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on 12 March 2016
A must read for anybody who needs spiritual help in their daily lives.
I have read this book a few times and it always helps me through difficult times.
It helps you understand the difficulties people can face and a way to overcome them which can help anybody have a better quality of life mentally and spiritually.
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