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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 28 June 2017
Simply the best adaptation that I am aware of: real actors with a script to warrant the exercise of their talents. A terrific novel which, in a surreal world, I would wish would never end.
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on 22 April 2009
If you enjoy beautifully told stories about loving, supportive families, then you will enjoy How Green Was My Valley, a wonderful 1975-76 BBC production. It is the story of the Morgans, a close and loving Welsh family of seven as they endure the sorrows and celebrate the joys of life over a period of about ten years. The father and three of the four sons are coal miners and though there are several plot lines, the underlying theme of the story is the family's hopes for the youngest son, Huw. They are determined that he shall have the advantage of an education and the opportunity to escape a life in the mines, and they are aided in this effort by the caring Rev. Gruffyd who helps and encourages Huw and loves Huw's sister, Angharad.

This five-hour production is based on the 1939 novel by Richard Llewelyn and is lovingly told in six episodes. The characters are richly developed and beautifully portrayed, and the viewer is quickly drawn into the story.

The entire cast, many of whom are from Wales, gave wonderful performances. Sian Phillips as the mother, and Nerys Hughes as Bronwyn were especially good, as was Mike Gwilym who gave a wonderfully nuanced performance as Owen. He is one of my favorite actors and never disappoints.

I would recommend this DVD to anyone who enjoys a great story, well told. The quality of the DVD is very good. Unfortunately, it is NOT currently available in Region 1 format for the USA.
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on 13 February 2004
I thoroughly enjoy all five hours of the twinpack PAL video How Green Was My Valley starring Stanley Baker and Sian Phillips. They play the mother and father of the Morgan family in a South Wales mining town. This is based on the classic novel by Richard Llewellyn.
The video covers ten years or so in the life of the family and the small town they live in. Besides the family, an important character is the Rev. Gruffydd played by twice nominated BAFTA actor Gareth Thomas. He helps educate young Huw Morgan and is a general family friend.
All the acting is superior. Sian Phillips said that this TV production was far superior to the older American movie version which was award winning. This production was originally a 1975-6 UK TV production, but there is nothing dated about it because it is a period piece to begin with. It was originally done as six episodes. In the video it is now divided into two parts, one part per two and a half hour video each.
When I first got this video set, I sat down and immediately watched all five hours of it at one sitting. I was totally enchanted.
I do have to mention that there is a little static at times on the screen. I don't know if this is because my PAL VCR is not very good, or if there are some flaws in the film because it was not preserved well over the decades before it was released on video. But these are minor flaws and are not important.
I really highly recommend this video version of How Green Was My Valley. Anyone who loves good drama should enjoy this.
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on 9 September 2001
How Green Was My VAlley (1975) is a wonderful early Welsh classic on PAL video which in five hours gives great detail to the beloved novel by Richard Llewellyn. Originally it aired on BBC in 1975-6 in 6 fifty minute episodes and starred Sian Phillips and Stanley Baker as the heads, Beth and Gwilym, of the large Morgan family, a poor coal mining family in Wales at the turn of the century.
Later in 1976 this production aired on Masterpiece Theatre in the US.
The story revolves around the Morgan family of seven people and especially its youngest member, Huw, played in this TV adaptation by two actors. The minister who helps him and who also falls tragically in love with his sister Angharad is the Rev. Mr. Gruffydd, played by my favorite actor of all time, Gareth Thomas.
The acting in this production is first rate all around. The intricate plot is given plenty of time to develop over the five hours, and the complex characters are very specifically shown. Unless you have read the classic novel or seen the earlier made award-winning American movie, you will be surprised to see how the events unfold, bringing happiness to some and sadness to others.
Several plot lines intermingle throughout the show, but the core always remains the Morgan family which is held together with love. I would guess that approximately ten years is covered in the show.
When I received this video in the mail, I immediately put it on the VCR and sat entranced for five straight hours. I was never bored.
I have nothing but good words to say about this production, and I highly recommend this to anyone.
My only warning might be that sometimes the Welsh accent makes it hard to understand exactly every word said, but this doesn't happen often. Sometimes actual Welsh is used which adds to the realism of the show.
This is definitely a classic story and a very well done TV adaptation.
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on 18 November 2001
This has to be one of the best dramas ever shown on British television and the years have not dimmed this glowing production.
The writing is superb and the actors bring the whole story to life. Sian Phillips and Stanley Baker are wonderful in their roles as the parents of the Morgan family. Mike Gwilym and Sue Jones Davies are but two more of this wonderful cast.
The story of the Morgan family oozes good and right as well as the struggle for survival in late 19th century Wales. It is for me one of the best performances by that fine actor Stanley Baker, and, with great sadness, one of his last I believe. As a teenager I marvelled at this drama and in my 40's I still marvel. Five stars is not enough.
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on 23 January 2015
How I loved this series when it was televised originally,and I was so delighted to be able to buy it and watch it again,absolutely thrilled.Stanley Baker and Sian Phillips were Mr,Mrs Morgan,who had a loving and richly warm family life in the coal mining valley.It was so sad to think that Stanley died not long after this was first shown.
Of course this series is nothing like the Hollywood film,but I love them both anyway.At least the South Wales accent was more correct in this series!!
I loved the way the terraced houses were depicted,with the large shed out the backyard,for the sole use of the "boys!"
Ifor (pronounced eefor in the Welsh dialect)married the lovely Bronwen from the next valley,and they settled in a house just a few doors up from Mam and Dad (Gwilym and Beth).Sadly Ifor was killed in an accident down the mine,and Nerys Hughes who played the part of Bronwen,went through a deep grief over losing her husband,as well as giving birth to her first child.
Angharad,the only daughter of the Morgan family, eventually married Iestyn,the son of the Colliery owner who treated her abominably.They lived in the beautiful house located high on the hill away from the colliery and the streets.Her sister in law was delightful but sadly had no money of her own after Iestyn deserted them and went to South Africa...She,just in the nick of time travelled to London,married one of the Morgan brothers,played by Mike Gwilym and they all emigrated to America.Mike Gwilym who was very talented,was going to advise the potential colliery owners in the USA about running the new deep mines in one of the newly excavated coal mining areas.

I would thoroughly recommend this DVD, as it is still as enjoyable as when it was first aired so many years ago.
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on 27 April 2004
Great series and very enjoyable but the quality of the video leaves a lotto be desired. The picture breaks up on a fairly regular basis, thishappened on two video players, which is disappointing but the story is sogood one can forgive this little annoyance.
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on 6 July 2006
I remember watching this superb series when it first aired on PBS in the USA. It was unforgettable and I've wanted it for my home collection ever since. But of course the PAL system is incompatible for systems in the US. It would be GREAT to have this reproduced in a DVD format. If it could be done for "Upstairs, Downstairs" then why not for "How Green Was My Valley?"
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on 27 October 2015
This is a classic, warm and simple..but first class acting held together by Richard Llewellyn's classic tale...it's only six episodes....and unlike dumptom abbey, it has plenty more to tell...what became of so and so? Don't expect glitz glamour stepping stone actors or big sets...it's basic ..it's 1975 man..quality from the BBC pre-bakedance
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on 23 April 2012
Bought for friends who had been trying to catch it when on BBC but had missed several episoids they were really thrilled with the dvd which meant they could watch it whenever they wanted to. Traces the story of the welsh homelife when all the men are down the pit, excellent range of actors including Stanley Baker. Would recommend highly .
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