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on 19 August 2013
This could be a most amazing book , it is not edited , or badly edited , I couldn't tell which . It also repeats events a lot , the story jumps from begining to end to middle and back again giving no sense of timeframe . I was desperate to
Read this but was disappointed not by the story but by the delivery of it . Poems , phrases , way too descriptive of places instead of incidents . With proper editing this could be a fantastic read but sadly it is instead difficult to read . Found myself flipping forward as I had already heard parts numerous times before .
Basically borrow it , DO NOT buy it or you will feel ripped off . Unlike most books to film , the film is actually better than the book in this case .
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on 9 July 2014
A continuation of the Harrisville Haunting story.

Things I liked:

- This volume was much more readable than the first volume. The author seems to have relaxed and found a style, there are less overused stylistic phrases (message:received, house alive with death, the woman, the man etc), the wordiness has been toned down, and there is less hopping about in terms of timeline. Still some, but less.

- More anecdotal stories are told in this; it mainly hops from occurence to occurence. These parts are very well written and quite absorbing.

- You really get a sense of the house and the land.


- Starts off really slow with far too many poems etc. I almost put it down because of this. Later on, verse introduces and ends each chapter, but you can just skip these, which is better.

- Still hops around a bit and repeats stories. Also mentions people we have never been introduced to, or were introduced to so long ago we have forgotten, such as Billy. Who is Billy? No idea.

- I do think this could have been condensed into one book, as there is a lot of rumination and repetition. It would be more accessible if that was the case.

Summary: Still needs a good edit but better written and complied than the first volume. Very interesting if such subjects are of interest to you.
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on 16 August 2013
I enjoyed the overall story (not sure how much I believe), but it is sooooooo wordy and quite badly written in some cases. You just need to try and overlook that to get to the interesting bits. It chops and changes a bit and then mentions people who have never been introduced before so you are not sure who they are, but it is still an interesting read. As others have said, she really, really needed a good editor to go through this, but if you can overlook all those bits, the underlying story is really good.
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on 16 November 2013
I just finished this book, I also read volume one and I loved both! I couldn't put the books down and i didn't want them to end. The book does jump around a lot, the story is not told in the order that the events occurred and can be repetitive at times, however the story itself is an amazing tale or a family's supernatural and spiritual journey. It's a must read! What they encountered on this farm was truly extraordinary and at times utterly terrifying!! Thing that seem beyond belief (although I do believe it). The book really makes the reader question life, and reality as we know it,and question our own mortality. I cant wait for volume 3!
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on 22 September 2013
Having heard another the movie, I decided to read the story behind the hauntings first, and boy am I glad I did.
The books tell a much more fascinating and truer version of events that had me looking in the shadows at night after reading chapters. My spine has never had so many chills run up it before. If it wasn't for a news article about the farm I would never have even known about it.
Well recommended and a scintillating read from start to finish
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on 31 July 2013
I am not one to often write reviews but before seeing the film adaptation I wanted to hear it all "from the horse's mouth" as it were. I don't need to be convinced as I do believe in spirits and the afterlife but what I found in this and the first book, was a desperate need of editing. I wanted to read about the family and what happened in the house and I was absolutely interested in how they felt emotionally but the constant re-hashing of events and the pages and pages of in-depth psychological discussion of each and every participant's reaction to each and every event got tedious at best. To me it was as if one event would occur and then it would be analysed from 3 out of 7 persons perspective then, for some unknown reason, 40 pages later the same event would then be analysed again but from the other 4 people who had not been referred to previously. The timeline jumping all over the place became painful to the point where I put the book down for a few days before coming back to it. To complete this volume I skimmed pages of theological musings until I found something that moved the story along. I am completely aware that this is not fiction and it is based on the life and actual events of the author and her family but why was this put into 3 books when most if it is just the same incidents reviewed over and over again? I so wanted to enjoy this book (as the first one was almost as difficult to get through) and see and feel what they felt but there comes a point where an author needs to self evaluate on what's truly needed and what's just rambling.
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on 26 June 2013
Loved this book, volume 2 of 3, cannot wait for the next volume, thanks Andrea for sharing your story with us all xxx
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on 6 October 2014
Just finished volume 2, I was hoping it would be better than volume 1 but was disappointed. There is no flow to the story by the authour, it jump backwards & forwards losing your interest. I found myself skipping 3 or 4 pages of nonsense used to describe the garden. I will not be buying volume 3 as I firmly believe the story could have being written in 1 book. My advice, buy another book.
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on 12 March 2016
A bit too flowery and wordy for my taste, but her radio shows on Coast to Coast am were great. It's a shame the book wasn't written in a more concise and compelling way, as the story itself is fascinating. I had to flip through a lot of it and ended up getting impatient with the whole thing (maybe a generational flaw on my part?)
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on 2 August 2014
I found this was a little disjointed at times but a lovely written book & it's hard to believe that the family look on this house as a house of Light too! Made me question where we go to afterwards & gives me some peace that's Dad is still around me...
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