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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 October 2003
Why, oh why can't the makers of Home Alone stop! The first two home alones are superb! They lead great storylines and have good humour in there too, and the act of Kevin McCallister by Maculy Culkin is expert! The third home alone was pushing it a bit, but is still enjoyable, but unfortunately everyone is played by different actors. But this, HOME ALONE 4 is really going off limits. It starts with the same old storyline, - It's Christmas! It is the same old dragged out christmas time, and nine yr old kevin is left alone in his super cool new house, too sort out the robbers, because as per usual no-one belives him about them (suprise, suprise!) Also I noticed in Home Alone 2, Kevin is Ten but in Home Alone 4, He is Nine! Everyone, Buzz and Megan and all the children look much younger. The acting and script is weak, and the traps are not as nearly as good as they were on the others. It is mostly going to appeal to youngsters who like toilet humour! I think it was a real dissappointment, and most of the things that happen are unbelievable as they are too extraordinary. This is the worst so far any try to avoid it as it ruins the whole plot of all the others.
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on 21 December 2013
Oh my freaking God.
Are you actually kidding me!?

Possibly the biggest sin ever committed by man (Okay, Hitler wins that trophy).
But seriously... How dare you even release this tripe?
I absolutely adore Home Alone 1 + 2.
The third film wasn't nearly as good, but THIS...

SO MANY FLAWS... I can't help but think the director was playing some kind of prank.
They couldn't actually have been proud of this 'work'?

Main reasons this film is the worst thing since un-sliced bread:

1) Absolutely NO logic. Kevin (the dopey looking kid on the DVD cover) is 9 years old in this film. His surname is McAllister.

Yeah, that's right - the same name as films one and two. The whole family is SOMEHOW (?) supposed to replicate that of the first two. Marv (who is cast perfectly in the first two films) is represented by an unfunny douche bag. Kevin (aged 12 in film two) recognises 'Marv' in this film... "It can't be... Marv!" (NO, IT IS NOT MARV AND MARV NEVER HAD A WIFE. IN FACT, HE COULD NOT LOOK MORE UNLIKE MARV IF HE TRIED.) So folks, Kevin has developed Benjamin Button disorder and Marv and the rest of the cast have undergone some dramatic cosmetic surgery.

This film would still be miserably bad aside, but why on earth did they not rename the characters and retain a small shred of dignity?

2) The Cast absolutely sucks. 'Kevin' is annoying as hell. Look at that face on the cover. I do not approve of child-beating, but throughout this film, I thought 'What a little ****. Someone slap him, now.'
It's more than a minor problem when the lead character is unlikeable (and cannot act to save his life). What a horrible dis-service to the original films. The rest of the cast is no better and surely even young children will see this for what it is. It certainly won't appeal to adults (with fully functioning brains).

I can't exaggerate enough how painful this was to watch ... trust me. If you want to watch a film that makes you want to stick a fork in both of your eyes, this is golden.

3) The plot is non-existent. For one, Kevin (a.k.a 'Annoyance-face') is never once 'Home Alone'. (Cash in much?) His parents are going through a divorce and he has an evil step-mother (HOW VERY ORIGINAL). This step-mum had a house which operates on a remote. This remote allows anyone to say out loud 'Snow' and snow will fall from the sky. Pretty incredible... or else, very idiotic. The Prince is coming to stay (What?) and Kevin tries to stop Marv and his wife from 'kidnapping' him. Who on earth approved this complete and utter garbage? I mean, destroying the franchise in such an over-the-top way? The traps absolutely sucked too.

4) The dialogue is terrible. So terrible that I wanted to track down the writers and give them prison sentences.

5) Half of the film looks like it's been edited with Windows Movie Maker. I actually think it may have been.

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on 18 January 2004
Having loved all the other Home Alone films I can only agree with the reviewer above. I looked foward to getting this one home as I had not seen it advertised. Well my kids like it but I had to look away as it was that bad and I always try to put them off watching it. Having said all the above I am now going to order the Triple pack of Home Alone 1,2 and 3.
Hope this helps if you do buy it you were warned!
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on 30 December 2006
I have to say this film is an embarrassment, it patronises the viewer and throws the whole franchise down the toilet. I didn't like 3 but this movie is beyond a joke (and not a funny one),I watched about 3/4 and gave up, it's awful. Home Alone 1+2 are probably some of my favourite movies of all time and they can be appreciated by kids and adults alike. I don't understand how kids could ever even like this movie. The reviewer who said this was the best Home Alone needs their brain checking if ever they had a brain at all. A plodding script with no structure, the worst acting i've ever seen and the little kid is an annoying little git who just copies what Macaulay Culkin did in 1+2. I don't even know how this got released. The movie appears to be just an excuse to rake the cash in. AVOID
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on 5 June 2004
I must say that this is possibly the worst film on the planet. Everything is wrong with it. In Home Alone 2 Kevin was 10. Now he's 9! They have the characters Marv and Harry mixed up. Marv has a wife who is a complete mess. There are hardly any traps. The one thats in isn't funny at all. The characters are all played by totally different, and terrible, actors. Kevin's mum looks like a bank manager, his dad looks ill, Buzz is no longera big teenager but now a teeny, tiny 13 year old who you could squash with your foot. Marv looks exactly like Harry and cannot act. You can't even understand what his wife is saying. There is a butler in this film for no reason and one of the grannys from calendar girls. What the hell? I am telling you a wasted £5.99 on this and it was a complete waste of money. This movie sucks.
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on 9 January 2008
This poorly made film is absolutley awful! The characters are not played by anyone from the origional (although i understand this because the first homealone was made years ago), but no one in the film can act at all! Kevin has some how become younger than he was in home alone 2. The guy who plays as Marve totally killed the character and somehow i can't imagine marve to have a girlfriend. The family is reduced to five members and kevin's older brother buzz looks like he's a few months older than kevin. I think i speak for everyone who has seen this film when i say the acting , plot , editing etc is absolutley TERRIBLE!
Don't waste your money on this rubbish! even out of curiosity, rent it if you are desperate to see it (which i don't reccomend).
I'm pleased to say that my Home alone 4 video is now resting safely at the bottom of a landfill site.
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on 20 September 2004
Ok, they're reallyyy taking the mick with home alone 4. Just what is the point?! HA 1 and 2 were good. I avoided HA 3 but had to watch the 4th one while babysitting.
Only thing I liked about this film was the cool house and gadgets. Everything else is terrible. Harry and Marv (the originals) are no where to be seen. Marv appears played by some random actor who is ridiculously stupid and clumsy, as if his wife. Marv....married?! No way!!
Like the other reviewer said, Kevin is older than he was in the first one. He's annoying. Buzz is the playful older brother as opposed to the brute bully. He also looks like a boy scout.
Do not buy this film. not for yourself or kids. If you need a home alone installment, go for the first or second. Steer well clear of this.
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on 12 January 2012
We watched this&if im honest i fell asleep near end(ok was run ragged4xmas,but film was not really my thing was bit bored)I guess cant have same style movie over again,but we were all expecting home alone but new story&gimmicks tbh.

we were all tad dissapointed,if i had seen movie first i would not have bought.acting was so so.def cheesy&found bit far fetched rushed at points.twist at end was good,tho being an adult kinda expected it as seemed2obv who suspect was.wasnt alot of rigging or slapstick comedy like last films (which is what made the film&what i thought home alone all about)tho tbh i did find some of them a little bit violent not needed..

would i recommend hmmmmm.. not really.def glad it only cost me few pounds.if not seen originals then perhaps like it children found it ok&good at parts,they esp loved the children watching it in our household 14 9 and 5
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on 21 November 2015
Do not ever buy!

one of the worst films ever... any IDIOT knows that you don't use other actors to play the parts of already established characters, and make them YOUNGER...
this is not kevin, and those are not kevins parents, or kevins family, they are younger representatives of another family.

LOL ALSO.. wtf, Marv? sorry but has French stewart even SEEN home alone? or the director for that matter? he doesnt seem to know anything about the characters.... why is French playing Harry when he should be playing Marv? he looks like harry, he moves like harry... and why is there no backstory as to where harry is? whats going on... what the HELL IS GOING ON.? id RATHER watch Bone Alone
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on 6 November 2007
This has got to be the worst of the Home Alone movies. The first two were definitely the best. Home Alone 3 was pretty cool as well, I must admit, but this has got to be taking the absolutely mickey!

The kid in it is just so annoying, especially his scream that's just laughable. The male burglar is called Marv, and I don't know why and he also has a girlfriend burglar. Pathetic.

The traps in the movie are very silly and so is the acting. In fact, the whole film is so silly it's laughable. Avoid this and stick to the first two, and possibly the third.
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