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on 10 June 2014
Cleaning the kitchen floor is not high on my list of enjoyable things to do, but I feel I need to do it before SWMBO visits - and this mop works well. I was pleasantly surprised to find the kitchen did not become a sauna after using it, and I didn't need the wet/dry vac to finish the job.

A few tips:

1) Go round the floor 'dry' with a broom or vacuum cleaner before starting.

2) The detergent needs to be diluted 1 part to 4 parts water. Use an empty 1 litre plastic bottle to make up the mixture and keep this handy for next use. Although the detergent is expensive compared with other types, a little goes a very long way.

3) As with steam irons, if you live in a hard water area, you risk furring up the interior if you use tap water. Keep a 5 litre container of melted snow and/or ice from defrosting the fridge handy, and fill from that.

4) After use, empty unused detergent and water into containers 2) and 3) respectively above.

5) On a heavily soiled floor, go round once to get the worst off and then rinse the head just as you would a dish cloth (take care - it might be hot). Go round it a second time to remove the remaining dirt. Thoroughly clean the the head after use and hang it out to dry for next time

6) Keep a dry mop head handy. When you have cleaned the floor, mop up any excess moisture by fitting this and push the machine over the floor WITHOUT using the 'Steam' trigger.
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on 2 November 2015
This was a consumer magazine best buy ( guess WHICH?), which has proved to be a good household cleaning tool. I now use this in preference to my old mop. However a standard mop is still used for soaking up liquid spills, and then this is used to do the final clean. This steam mop is light and easy to fill and use.The steam is ready within 14 secs. The head is very manoevrable and of a reasonable size to do large areas quickly. The downside is that the detergent tank is hard to remove, better shaped grips would help, and it seems quite unstable when trying to get it to free stand. I have to lean mine against a wall otherwise it will topple over. The trigger on the handle is uncomfortable if its used for any time.
Not withstanding these comments its great at picking up smeared mud and day to day grime quickly.

Pleased I bought it.
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on 7 November 2013
I've just bought this steam mop to replace an old cylinder steam cleaner. I wanted something with a rapid ready-to-steam time and which was easily stowable without taking up too much space in the cupboard in addition to good cleaning ability. I haven't been disappointed.

The Holme HDSM4001 steam mop does an excellent job of cleaning floors. Downstairs is ceramic tiles and upstairs is laminate wood floor and the Holme tackles both with ease. I was pleasantly surprised that the mop also did a reasonable job of removing grime from the dirty grout although I wouldn't go so far as to suggest it is perfect in this respect and you probably will still have to clean the floor grout once every 12-24 months regardless.

It cleans quickly and streak free without leaving the floor too wet. Consequently I found it dried much more quickly than if I'd used my mop and bucket and without the effort and hard work to boot!

Start up time is very quick - approximately 10 seconds to be ready to steam clean - just the job! There is a separate detergent tank and the mop comes with 2 mop pads and 2 bottles of detergent. The detergent leave the room with a lovely citrus odour but I actually wonder whether detergent is necessary as using the mop on steam only is just as good - just no lovely citrus smell.

Two points worth mentioning though are:

1) The user manual requires some serious editing regarding detergent use - the detergent should be used as a 10% mix with water in the detergent tank. The manual implies 50ml detergent to 500ml water. However the detergent tank only holds 200ml. To the unwary you could end up adding 50ml detergent to the tank and topping up with water only to discover you have too high a concentration of detergent. This then leaves a greasy detergent deposit on the floor - I know, because I made the mistake. So, only add 20ml detergent to the tank before topping up with water.

2) Although the mop comes pre-supplied with 2 pads, if you have a large floor area to clean then 2 pads are insufficient. It may be prudent to buy additional pads. Also, just be aware that the pads are microfiber and as such should not be washed with fabric conditioner or bleach. They do wash up lovely with just ordinary soap powder and I've put them through the washing machine and tumble dryer without any shrinkage or problems so far.

I would definitely recommend this mop - I'm glad I bought it and I can see it getting plenty of use - I doubt very much I shall be using my mop and bucket for floor cleaning ever again.
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on 9 May 2016
I bought this in Nov 2014. It has been used only once a week for my kitchen floor. It worked well for 6 months though left floors wet. Then the steam production got weaker and today there was almost no steam. The manual says to change the filter when it changes colour, but there seemed no difference in the colour. I contacted Holme Customer care and was told that as I live in a hard water area I should not be using tap water, I pointed out that it does not say this in the manual, the girl laughed and said ' Yes that is a problem' I thought that is what the hard water filter was for- silly me! I was told to fill the water tank with descaler and then turn on the machine and keep pumping the water through for TWENTY Minutes. When I expressed alarm about the effect on my finger I was told that this is what is recommended. I dutifully followed this advice and now have a machine that does not work at all, a very sore finger and a lot of very wet cloths. Out of guarantee, I would be wasting my time complaining. I bought it from Amazon so who repairs it and is it worth spending the money-I think not. Don't buy this one
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on 23 February 2014
I love this particular steam mop.I researched the steam mop before deciding on this one , which was rated number 1 in the Which Magazine. My problem with other popular brands is that I have high gloss ceramic tiles throughout my home and they all left water marks everywhere. The holme steam mop is brilliant and after a few trial runs with it, ihave mastered my technique. I don't use the detergent and only use the steam trigger every 3-4 seconds andthis prevents the floor getting too wet. I bought extra clothes having read other reviews but find t 2- 3 clothes is all thats required to clean my whole bungalow in no time at all ( this includes 1bathroom, 3 ensuites, 4 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dinning room & hall. Highly recommend this one, real value for money and so simply to use. Have not used my traditional mop since. It is so handy to use even for one room only. I use the detergent in the bathroom and utility room where there would be more muddy footprints etc only. Just order one and don't stress yourself reviewing them.
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on 16 July 2015
This was a brilliant mop but its life span shortlived. I purchased this after research and reading review in WHICH- this came out tops. Unfortunately the follow up care is non existant.After using product fairly regularly, the steaming mechanism is blocked. Of course it is after a year is up but on taking it to the menders-( who refused to touch it because he knows it is blocked and through experience he wont be able to get spares) I rung customer services and bought a new filter thinking that may be the problem (£9.99) this has not helped nor other suggestions I tried to get it working. I know that under EU rules you always have the right to a minimum two-year guarantee period at no cost but this also has conditions attatched which make it almost impossible to make use of. I had abided by the instructions and despite living in a hard water area have always used filtered softened water in the machine.Disappointed.
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on 29 July 2016
The trouble with this steam mop is that while it is great at dissolving the dirt it is useless at mopping it away.

All it does is smudge the dirt about a bit - so you have to go over the floor again with a conventional mop to remove all the little piles of filth that the steam mop leaves behind. After using the steam mop a few times I realised that it is easier and quicker to just use the conventional mop and dispense with the steam mop.

To be fair it has to be said that all steam mops probably suffer from this fault and and this product is no worse than the rest.
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on 13 November 2013
First attempt with a steam mop and looking forward to cleaner floors having read all the rave reviews and 'Which' recommendation. However - have the following issues:
1. Although instructions followed exactly, the mop would not work first time on steam only setting - I had to select detergent 'on'. After first go, it worked OK in 'on' or 'off' position.
2. Instructions for filling detergent tank are wrong. Says 50ml detergent to 250ml water - as detergent tank only holds 200ml total I had too strong solution and some left over. Found a helpful review advising to use 20ml detergent only so now doing this.
3. Instructions also say to empty tanks after use and that 'unused detergent may be returned to bottle'. As this is now a diluted solution, I would suggest saving in a different bottle, or discarding, otherwise solution will be different each time.
4. Quite a bit heavier than expected from the reviews - seems I have a different idea of 'lightweight'.
5. Floors still fairly wet afterwards, but still better than mop and bucket.
Having said all this, it cleans well and I will use it and hopefully get used to it.
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on 10 May 2016
The button is hard work to hold in, but that apart I was satisfied, until after 20 months it stopped working and cannot be repaired. I tried to repair it, but a t-pipe was badly perished and as the manufacturer doesn't do spares, it is scrap.
The problem seems to be our hard water, but one can't descale it. Our house is small, doesn't get very dirty as we have no pets or children at home now, so I think that with so few miles on the clock, it should have done better.
Performance wise - OK, but no better than other much cheaper items.
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on 15 March 2016
Great item for the money and does what it says on the tin. Flimsy build quality though and I certainly didn't expect the steam trigger to break at just 4 months old, it is after all probably the most frequently used part on the machine. I was sceptical at first but now I wouldn't be without it, it really does make light work of mopping a floor and does a really great job to boot. I have two large dogs and it's certainly made my life a whole lot easier - until the steam trigger disintegrated of course! So, for me:

For: Practicality, does an excellent job, certainly takes the hard work out of cleaning floors.

Against: Poor build quality (but remember the price!), steam trigger requires quite a bit of effort to hold in and the water and detergent tanks are a bit fiddly to get off and could have a greater capacity. A little more thought put into the design and the use of more robust materials where needed would turn an average product into an excellent one.

As the steam trigger has just broken and I'm about to send it back under warranty, the jury is out on Customer Service at the moment!

Overall, would I recommend? Yes, I would so far.
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