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on 14 September 2017
Surely everyone has heard of the Miss Peregrine's series by now? If not, I highly recommend it. The first book, Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children is the story of a young boy whom after looking at his late grandfather's photographs is thrust into an unexpected adventure to an old house on a remote island with some very "peculiar" inhabitants. Like the first novel, Hollow City is filled with an array of weird and wonderful vintage photographs that the author Ransom Riggs came across from specialist collectors and he uses the photographs (and often the people within the pictures) to tell his story. I completely fell in love with this idea when I first heard about it and when flicking through them and seeing some of the oddest images I've ever come across, I instantly knew I was invested in the series.

Hollow City follows on where Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children left off but I don't want to say too much about the plot for anyone who hasn't read the first book in the series yet. Our teenage protagonist, Jacob Portman has left the orphanage on the island in very harrowing circumstances with a band of peculiar children and poor Miss Peregrine, who is in quite a different form, shall we say than how we expect her to be? Helped by their book and go-to guide Tales For The Peculiar, they enter a time loop and find themselves back in war-time London. Teaming up with a group of gypsies they must now travel to unknown places to find someone who can help Miss Peregrine whilst avoid being eaten by hollowgasts and ambushed by the vicious Wights.

The Miss Peregrine books is a series that just keeps getting better, in my opinion. It's true, the eerie photographs do add a certain magic to the text - I mean, the girl on the front cover has a hole through her body, who wouldn't be intrigued? However, the photographs are merely decorations to a gripping plot, some dastardly villains and some of the most compelling characters and creatures I've ever had the pleasure to read about. It's filled with everything a great young adult novel should have i.e. action, drama, suspense, fantasy, darkness and above all, a beautiful quirkiness about it that really makes it stand out well above other books in the genre. When I'm reading a book, one thing I'm always looking for is for it to be memorable and for it to continue playing on my mind long after I've finished it. This series fulfils that brief and has gone far beyond the high expectations I already had for it.
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on 8 March 2017
5 stars same as the first. The pictures guide you through the story and by the end you are begging for more. Cant wait to read the third book and find what happens to them all! Brilliant story and theme!
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on 25 February 2014
To say I was impatient to read 'Hollow City' was an understatement, I could not wait to get back to Jacob, Emma, Miss Peregrine and the rest of the Peculiar children. I was engrossed from the start of the book (I did start it on the 10th February but got caught up with another book and then went back to reading 'Hollow City'). In 'Hollow City' we are introduced to peculiar animals, who are just as amazing as the peculiar children, they also share sad stories of their past, I would love to see more of Addison, the talking dog in the next book.

I enjoyed reading the progression of Jacob and Emma's relationship, despite their differences and Emma's history with Jacob's grandfather, Abe, I personally think that Emma & Jacob's relationship is different but Abe is still very much with them.

As with the first book, the peculiar children are wonderful to read, they are so vibrant, different with their own unique personalities, I particularly like Bronwyn, I love how she is the mother to all the children despite her amazing strength she is very gentle. I also like Millard, he's invisible but he makes a impression.

The story is very well written, it's engaging, you are very much part of their adventure, I found myself speaking out loud while reading because I was so surprised at what had happened. The world is opened to the peculiar children and it highlighted how the children felt about living in Cairnholm for so long.

As with the first book, the photographs are a big part of the book, I love how they have their own story.

The ending was a cliff hanger! And I cannot wait for the third book.

I will definitely read it again.

Highly recommended.
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on 3 November 2014
The first novel was great, this one was outstanding. Can't wait for the third in the series.
At first I thought I may not like the books due to the weird photographs but please believe me it's well worth the read.
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on 30 July 2017
This managed to keep the interest set up in the first book. Change of location and new issues to deal with while still pursuing the main objective. Characters continue to develop nicely. Thoroughly enjoyable read for young and old!
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on 20 May 2017
A journey in search of help to save Miss Pereguine. Jacob starts to discover the depth pod his powers. Half way through the third book and thoroughly enjoying this trilogy.
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on 17 April 2017
A most amazing book. I have just reread it, and enjoyed it as much as when it first came out. You should read the first book in the series first though. An absolute must read!!!!
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on 10 March 2017
Loved this book perfect just as it is, if Hollywood want to make a film out of it please do not change a thing.
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on 23 July 2017
brilliant could not put it down waiting for 3rd novel to arrive
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on 1 April 2017
Brilliant read with good photos throughout
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