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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 10 April 2008
Many people are slating this album and saying it isn't portraying true drum and bass, for me this has no consequence, i am primarily a fan of rock and easy-listening music but this album really has an edge that made me jump up and listen, the fact that it is not genre-specific drum and bass doesn't bother me in the slightest, people can classify it however they want but the only thing that matters is that it's brilliant. Slam and Tarantula are the tracks that initially caught my attention and i guess these are the more non-drum n bass tracks on the album, however, after repeated listens the tracks that really stand out now are the terminal and through the loop, firstly the terminal is a pure drum n bass tune which not even the most hardened DnB fan could surely complain about, secondly through the loop is a masterpiece, sampling gene wilder was inspirational and really gives this trach a rare quality. Overall a fantastic album that will have your head spinning, if 2008's follow up 'in silico' even comes close to this we are in for a real treat.
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on 4 January 2008
I didn't realise that this had been reissued, but if the other reviews here are right about the gaps etc then avoid and go for the orginial. I was lucky enough to pick up a copy for 3 quid in HMV a couple of years ago, having only heard Slam, and was blown away! The first half of the album is chockablock with amazing riffs and hooks which will suck you in even if you're not a d'n'b fan (I'm only a casual listener). Every track makes you want to move. I was training for a half marathon when I bought it and I swear it made me run a lot faster, cos the music gets your adrenalin pumping like nothing else!! The second half is good for a cooldown or a slower jog, and is decent but not as good in my opinion.
This album is still a favourite on my MP3 player, so I encourage you to get hold of it (not the reissue!) as soon as you can!
Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts....
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on 1 September 2007
I'm not going to attempt to review the actual music, as it's already been done for the original release of the CD. But I like it.

I'm writing the review to warn potential buyers of the amateur mastering of this release of the CD. Every single track has a 2 second gap before it - including the tracks that are clearly supposed to be joined with the previous track! It's exactly like the CD has been burnt with standard home CD burning software with all the options set to their defaults. I don't know why the original release of the CD is no longer available new or why this version has been issued but if you're thinking of buying this then my advice would be to try to get the original version second-hand (eg through Amazon Marketplace) and hope that the mastering was better the first time around.
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on 1 August 2005
Back in 92 (i was 12) i got into rave. it was my musical awakening from the pop pap in the charts. this progressed into hardcore, jungle then drum & bass. i loved it. then in the mid nineties the scene got pedestrian. and i got bored. these days i'm more into rock, breaks, trance etc, and it takes something v special to get me excited in the drum & bass world. This album is something special. heavy, intricate, daring, cheeky, fun, catchy, just downright brilliant. the overall sound is just huge, cinematic and makes you wanna dance. excellent variance in guest vocalists, atmospherics, styles, synths, just so many unexpected elements thrown into the mix. i hope more artists take the lead from this and become less afraid to experiment with a genre that has so much untapped potential. Nice one Pendulum.
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on 5 March 2006
I have only recent began to 'enter' the drum n bass genre of music - most of my other tastes has been in electronica and stuff, not a whole lot different. I heard Slam while waiting in a Tesco carpark and was amazed. I only caught about half of the song but still was blown away.
Buying the album was certainly a brilliant idea. The cd starts with a very good prelude, with strings and a classical influence. A narrator talks about the vastness of space etc and this sends chills down my spine every time I here it. Then, it moves to Slam, where the classical element remains, but fades out, as the bass and drums kick in and speed up, until the brilliant sounds of Slam explode through.
Plasticworld slows down afterwards, with some music that really appeals to me (its slower drum n bass, with some very electronica style sounds and lyric-samples). After that, the album breaks into a more "real" drum 'n' bass sound, not so cheesy - I'm not a great fan of tracks 4-6. Tarantula brings the album back up again, with a different style.
In brief, this album explores a lot of different styles and has a whole lot of potential. You needn't be a huge drum 'n' bass fanatic, any tastes in electronica music and you will be hooked on this. Buy it!!
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on 10 May 2016
This album shows how Pendulum have changed over the years. Being an early example of their work, full of drum and bass with much less in the way of lyrical content and before the metal influence crept in. I prefer they way they progress in more recent albums as I'm not really a D&B fan as such, but I do love this album. This of course spawned hits such as Slam, Fasten your Seatbelts and Tarantula
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on 1 February 2006
Purchasing this album marked my second foray into Drum and Bass, the first having been a bad compliation album that I bought a couple of years ago when I didn't know what I was doing. This album is superb and I hope that Pendulum continue to make music such as this because it is unlike any other type of Drum and Bass or Electronica that I've heard.
I feel that Pendulum are put into the D&B category because the music that they make is fast tempo (and contains drumming and bass of course) but the result is an unbelievably encapsulating wall of sound that (when played loud) hits you and goes straight through you, leaving a euphoric smile on your face.
A considerable amount of thought clearly went into this album when they made it - the tracks sound intelligent and well structured. There is a wide-range of music on this album but all the tracks have a good beat, some use vocals (not tacky jungle-style vocals), and some are instrumental.
My favourite tracks are Slam, Sounds of Life, Hold Your Colour and Still Grey. Hold your Colour is something special in my mind, it's an emotive and stunning piece of music. Several of the tracks on this album are almost disturbing in their restlessness - Through the Loop and The Terminal in particular. That said, there isn't a track I don't like on this album.
Buy this CD even if you're cautious about buying D&B like I was. This is a CD that will be appreciated by music lovers of many different varieties I'm sure.
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on 1 August 2005
It's 2005 and Drum n Bass belongs to Pendulum. They have dominated the scene since their debut single 'Vault' back in 2003 and caused a storm worldwide. This album proves the domination is justified.
This album is breathtaking, from the standard Pendulum talking introduction (see Another Planet and Massochist for other talking intro's) to the current smash 'Slam' which is being hammered by every DnB DJ (Andy C, Mampi Swift, Bryan G, Hype and Goldie to name a few) to the latin-guitar fuelled 'Girl on Fire' to the reggae sounding 'Tarantula' featuring Breakbeat Kaos boss Fresh, MC $pyda and Tenor Fly. Also included is recently voted Tune of the year 2004 by [...] 'Another Planet' with it's 'War of the Worlds' intro.
Another highlight is 'Through The Loop' which contains a sample from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory funnily enough. But don't be deceived, this tune is a full-on dancefloor smasher worthy of Dillinja in the same vein as 'Massochist'.
I think the album could have done with another disc, a mixed version with bonus tracks such as 'Vault', 'Massochist' & 'Voyager'.
Overall, this is fantastic. If you are a fan of any of Pendulum's previous tunes, buy it. You won't be disappointed. If you've not heard a Pendulum tune before, buy it, turn it up loud and prepare to be blown away!
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on 24 February 2006
This is genuinely good music. This is drum'n'bass I can get away with putting on at other people's parties. Some of the tracks are not great but none of them are bad. As some of the other reviewers here seem to have noted, Slam and Fasten Your Seatbelts are both fun, chessy d'n'b lite. Tarantula, The Terminal, Through the Loop and Another Planet are all examples of quality producing. Another Planet and the Terminal are proper fatties which can get me dancing in my car sitting in traffic at 8:30am.
Many people may say that this album isn't truly drum'n'bass, perhaps with the exception of the above four songs; the only really dark tech-step can be found on the awesome The Terminal. You won't hear many of the tracks from Hold Your Colour in a club (although Pendulum did play Tarantula at One Nation two weeks ago - nice work). However, I think this album has done wonders for the genre. People will find themselves enjoying this a whole lot without even thinking of the hordes of baseball capped teenagers MCing away at each other, which gives (UK only it seems) d'n'b a chav image.
If you havn't listened to any d'n'b before then buy this, enjoy it and then go and start buying some more of the many wicked tunes which are out there.
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on 28 April 2013
I've always had a passion for Drum and Bass music since Goldie, the godfather of D & B, in the 90s. Didn't know about Pendulum initially, but heard a CD my sister had been given and found out later that it was Hold Your Colour.

Slow start into the album with Prelude, but soon we are presented with The Slam, full on pulsing, slamming D & B at its loudest. The rest of the tracks vary between hard, almost metal D & B and some softer, but equally danceable D & B riffs. The album is always on my phone now and its great for the end of the day when you've had a bad one, so just turm up the volume to 11 and hit the road.

Great way to relieve stress and give your ears a treat.
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