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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 11 September 2014
O-M-G. This is the big one that I have been waiting for. Netty is BACK!!!! Don't want to be a spoiler but you will not believe where she has been and the revelation about what really happened when she was murdered. What a tremendous blindside. This author has got what it takes!!!!

The bombs are dropping but survivors are safe thanks to Netty and Baby with Abby and Echos help. Identities have been revealed and the truckers are in shock. What a surprise to find yourself on the bottom of the food chain.

And what are the tendrils that creep from the walls at night to sink into the bodies of the survivors AND the wildlife?

***A special thank you for the most beautifully written scene- the death of poor Barney, the dogy that got left behind when the bombs dropped. I couldn't stop crying. I was THERE! (suprising outcome, another blindside with tears of joy)
This series is one of the most spellbinding and original I have ever read.
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on 24 March 2013
This book is fast paced.
You follow them on collecting all the animals and hurrying to get to the Hive before world destruction starts happening. You are willing them to hurry up and praying they save everyone (animal)
You get thrown with talks of The One and you are left thinking 'Hold on a minute' I so want to the author to hurry up and finish the fifth book.
Not only do I want to find out about the One, I want to know if Lorna made it. What happened to both of her grandchildren? Does Seth get what is coming to him (I hope you!) What is going to happen when they can all leave the Hive?
I could continue..... I have so many unanswered questions. It is as if the author has just decided to open a whole can of worms.
Hurry up and let me read the fifth book please :))))))
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on 3 June 2014
The world has been devastated and our survivors found a place to ride out the bombs thanks to Netty and the Aliens. I guess we should thank the Womb too.

The world aboveground is a cesspool of violence and lawless behavior. Lorn and her grandchildren are trying to get to the Hive where she had been promised safety because her hubby was one of the truck drivers that help saved the rescued wildlife. And what a remarkable place the Hive is.

This book moves very fast, excitement around every corner. I could feel Lorna's despair ala The Road will she make it with psycho Seth having revealed himself? What are the tendrils that come out of the walls at night to enter the sleeping bodies of the survivors? And what of poor Suzy? My heart went with her as the men that kidnapped her disappeared into the night leaving poor Lorna devastated.

Each book I read gets better and better. The writing is dynamic and vocabulary sophisticated. One to the next chapter. I received the book for an honest review.
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on 12 May 2014
Most of my questions get answered in this best of the series so far. The style of writing is consistant and lovely.

Hive (Species Intervention #6609 Book Four) byJ.K. Accinni is a great read!

The characters are in shock over the big reveals. Homo Sapien's true origins for one! No point telling you the plot except to say that the magic is back with the survivors pulling together.

Some scenes have been dark but I felt like a deer caught in the headlights and couldn't turn away.

And best of all...Netty is back. Not the Netty we know and love but a healed and wonderous one! (Baby and Will too)

One of the most heart-wrenching yet touching scenes was when Barney was left behind and died alone in the woods with the bombs dropping. The tears fell fast on that one. Don't worry, it has a good outcome. Only in the magic of the life-giving Hive.

I highly recommend this book and the entire series!
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on 6 October 2014
Brilliant!! the whole series has been such a riveting read from beginning to so far! they have been "unputdownable!" I have been late to some appointments as i didn't want to leave my little aliens! All the books together would make a brilliant film. there are a few little inconsistencies but I think they are more to do with typos/transcription than anything else! Would highly recommend these books they are well written, thought through and although hard to read in some places due to the nature of the content, are nonetheless a vivid reflection of humankind in all it's glories and horrors! Have pre-ordered the next book with great anticipation and in the meantime, I shall miss those little aliens!
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on 27 August 2013
What a fast-passed book! The trials of getting the animals they rescued to the shelter and saving the ones at the Bronx zoo has you on the edge of your seat. So many little things go wrong. The tension among the friends is palpable. Jose is having feelings of jealousy as the relationship between Abby and Captain Cody blossomed into one of mutual trust and support, his past has thrown him for a loop, Scotty's girlfriend is in shock, Peter is lost in an emotional pit. Worry all the animals are going to decide to attack is on their minds. A boat ride, a plane trip, truck hauling.

Man starts the Earth's destruction before they can get the planes where they are going and the race is on!

Cloyd, one of the truckers has told Abby he must rescue his wife and granddaughters. They arrange for Lorna to drive up to the cave. As more bombs hit, the trip takes a twist of it's own!

Will Lorna find Susan and get them all to safety? Will Seth cause problems at the hive?

Can people adjust to this new living arrangement?

What secrets are Baby and Echo keeping? Who is "father"? Why is Ceasar obsessed with Scotty and just what is meant by "The One"? Why are those working in the library always coming back so dirty?

Can't wait for book 5!
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on 21 April 2013
I can't say that I have ever read a series so quickly, but I was given the series and I gobbled them up. Like the other 3 books (Baby, Echo, Armageddon Cometh) Hive is certainly no different. You can taste the talent J.K. has because she simply makes the books flow, one to another and in such a sense that you will be forever reveling in a world of what if and is it really happening in that sense? I am NOT one to read sci-fi or paranormal things in this nature, but something drew me to what she had going on. In Hive we pick up on things already going on and carried over from Armageddon Cometh, but not in a sense that it couldn't stand alone and be descriptive and capture-because it could and would! However, I feel like things heat up, become more desperate, and are more truth bewildering in Hive. I understand the struggle, the sense of urgency, and the connection J.K. is making to things in life now. As horrifying as things in the book can be, it very much is a real situation in life today. JK gives you some shocks you didn't expect, some turns unknown, and then leaves you wanting and needing more.... speaking of which---is book 5 DONE YET?!?!?! This is an amazing series, and Hive, book 4 in the series, certainly does not let you down! Honestly-its another one of those movie moments-make you cry when you read it, make you feel the essence of the what each character is feeling, and shed the tears with the heartbreak! 5 stars isn't enough for the series I thought I would never pick-up!
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on 8 April 2013
In Hive it becomes finally clear why the series is called Species Intervention #6609. The human race is so depraved that in the past the Womb has intervened through creatures like Baby and Echo - and not just once but 6609 times, showing that humanity doesn't learn and is destined to fail. This is the dystopian element: the fact that Homo Sapiens destroys all life forms and Earth itself and therefore does not deserve to survive. The real chosen ones are the innocent animals, the human life that is rescued is of no meaning to the Womb.

Live in the Hive is the most wonderful fairy tale come true - it is completely self supportive and has amazing out-of-this-world abilities. It is in stark contrast with what happens above ground in the `real' world, where we follow what happens through the wife and grand kids of one of the truck drivers, who are desperately trying to make their way to the Hive.

Various leads from previous books show up and become clear and other leads are expounded upon, making me ever more curious for the next - and unfortunately last - book in the series.

The rescue of animals to the Hive is akin to the rescue of animals by the arch of Noah - where also the human race was found severely lacking in their original purpose. As Wil shares the history of the Hive, a comparison to the fall of mankind is recognizable with the same punishment: no longer is immortality attainable. However, Wil, Netty and Barney are very much alive after their death! This is achieved through cloning and mind transfer. The question that remains: is redemption possible? And what does it mean that Scotty is The One?

While reading the second half I felt like I became part of the group residing in the Hive - and I can't wait to read what happens next to "us"! Please hurry up, mrs Accinni!
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on 14 July 2013
Book 4 already in the series, and Earth is changing faster than people expected. The book picks up right where book 3 ended, so it's easy to read the books one after another. Would have been a pity to have to wait for the continuation, but luckily there are already 5 books published!

The atmosphere in the book changes a lot from inside the rescue place Baby and Echo showed the humans and animals, and the outside where the rest of the people are trying to survive. The pictures from outside are probably a lot like you could expect in reality, but I would have appreciated a bit less violent description of certain things. You don't have to write out everything to get the idea across to your readers!

As our main characters are getting their daily routine organised in the Hive, we follow a few persons that are still on the road there (seems to last forever to reach it though!) And we still have to wait for the next book to know the outcome.

Some questions were answered in this book, lots of new questions came up that are now waiting for us to discover to truth! Looking very much forward to the next book in the series!

ps. I received a free copy of this e-book through a promotion for the series, this has in no way influenced my opinion expressed above!
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on 10 May 2014
Hive The real armageddon

Hive moves very quickly. All is revealed and what a reveal it is! Abby, Wil and Baby are back in full force. The survivors are dumbstruck as the order is dictated to them. They are meaningless...the animals are everything. the Hive is uncovered in all its beautiful and mysterious glory.

Meanwhile, the bombs are dropping above. A woman and her two grandchildren are trying to get to the Hive where they have been promised sanctuary. Their story is raw and real as the world goes mad.

The author did a super job with the chaos. Every word rings true. I am rooting for Lorna to make it but the author does such a great job painting the horror of madness that I can't see how they will survive.

Looking forward to the next book.
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