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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£15.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 4 September 2013
I have tried to watch this on the Internet for ages now and always got to a certain episode on a site and the link was down ruining my enjoyment of the series so when I saw this was going to be sold like this I decided to grab it.

Product Description:

So this comes as one case which holds hold four discs inside:

Two Discs = DVDs
Two discs = Blu Rays

Region Codes:

DVDs = 1, 2 ,4
Blu Ray = A, B

Languages = Japanese & English Dubbing


So the anime itself is really good I know people say its a fan-service but that just adds an element for us guys to enjoy. It's from the same creators as Ikki Tousen but add a few years and this is where they have come too so it just goes to show they are making strides in the animation industry. Anyway so we have the first complete series here and the content is superbly drawn, where the animation is really good on the eyes and you can tell it hasn't been rushed in its development.

The audio is as you would expect fitting for the scene and not overdone very suave in some areas and heart pounding in others. I will say the audio sounds much better on the Blu Rays a bit of a no brainer but that's the truth. The dubbings are easy to listen too for both versions the Japanese and the English both voice overs are enjoyable to listen too and not annoying but I've found to enjoy the English version a little more as it has had some new scripts thrown in e.g. New Jokes, New humour. This was unexpected to be honest as they usually try to stick to the Japanese script, which they have but just expanded on it in slight instances.

The Characters are enjoyable and not irritating and well thought out and you can come to like them not for their assets guys but for their personality and roles in the series. As expected of a fan-service anime they touch bases with small girls to stupidly large girls (Bust & Booty) for all us fantasists but I don't care leave it to your imagination to decide on that one.


The story is rather twisty but not complicated to understand after the first two episodes. I am going to resist in explaining the whole story but the general summary is our protagonist Hyoudou Issei, a 2nd Year High school student who hasn't had a girlfriend all his life out of the blue finally gets a girlfriend! but then after a short time dating gets killed by her.

This is where our second main character Rias Gremory shows up. where Issei is revived back to life and learns the shocking truth from her that in fact she is a Devil and now so is he. The story also expands on Issei as he learns he has a weapon inside of him called the "Sacred Gear" which evolves and gives him tremendous power.

The story continues to follow Issei and Rias and the rest as they explain to issei they are locked in a three way battle against fallen angels and regular angels the only difference between the two angel types is one are angles but they have been corrupted by evil desires and the others pretty much normal angels out to fight devils.

It's got the same mock up as most other animes as it follows the characters in all there going-ons at highschool and beyond and how they develop in battle and life so nothing out of the ordinary.


Please give this show a watch if you are a fan of Anime but as stated this is fan-service heavy but still contains a very good story behind it and at the time of writing the second series is already streaming and on its way so don't fall behind everyone. The animation is amazing along with the dubbing in both English and Japanese and the characters all enjoyable with unique traits to watch and understand.

Try it guys you won't be disappointed. :)
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on 24 June 2014
If you thought this anime was full of gratuitous boobs, and panties, then you'd be right. However, though I'm not an advocate of extreme fan-service, Highschool DxD is much more than that. The quality of the animation is very good, the pace with which the story moves is engaging, and the comedy is woven seamlessly into the action.
The story follows the exploits of Issei Hyodo, whose highschool life is full of hormonaly charged longing, and a penchant for peeping, which has earned him the reputation of being a sleezey pervert. Imagine then his surprise, when a demure young girl from his school asks if he will be her boyfriend. He eagerly agrees to go on a date with her, and all is great until instead of a goodnight kiss, he receives a far darker parting gesture, which opens the door to a new life of demons, boobs, devils, boobs, and fallen angles, and boobs....the plot, as they say, thickens, did I mention boobs ?
Overall I felt that this anime would have been better without quite so much fan-service, but if you are not offended by the preponderance of, it has to be said, beautifully drawn breasts, then you will not be disappointed. If you liked HSOTD this may be for you. I bought this based on a great opening offer price, and am glad I did.
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on 12 August 2014
When you first hear of this you are notified first of the high doses of fan service, but that is a plus! In actuality, high school DxD is an action fantasy that actually has an intriguing concept. Animation and sound are top notch, especially the dub where Jamie Marchi mixes sultry tones with light hearted ones and Scott Freemans Issei is a riot and is on par with Yuki Kaji the Japanese voice of the character. Supporting cast is great too. Truly a decent anime worth getting your teeth into, just don't let mum and dad catch you watching it or you'll have major splainin' to do.
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on 25 March 2014
Hey, I watched this series online a couple of years ago, in 2012 I think. Other reviewers have covered the basic story well enough so I'll just stick with saying that it's a lot of fun, great graphics and characters you can't help but like. There is a lot of fanservice sure, but it's all part of the fun and always handled in a light-heated manner so it all just blends in with the general story most of the time!
I really enjoyed this series and didn't realize they've made a second series till just recently which is definitely on my 'to watch' list. I'd recommend this title to any anime fans who might not have seen it.. it has a good story and apart from devils, fallen angels etc it's incredibly funny a lot of the time. I just noticed that the set is available for a mere £12 which seems like pretty good value to me so I'll definitely be hoping to get a copy for myself as it's a series I'd like to re-watch. 5 stars from me.. Px :))
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on 8 April 2014
Bought for my girlfriend, fortunately she likes boobs as much as me. It's silly, funny, mildly pornographic but thoroughly enjoyable.
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on 9 August 2015
This is an amazing series!

There is a lot of nudity throughout and many sexual references, but if you can look past that or are OK with it, there is a great story to this anime which only gets better with each season. All the characters are fun and you end up really caring what happens to them.

This contains all 12 episodes of the first season and all of season 1's ova shorts "Fantasy Jiggles".
Extras include commentaries from the English voice actresses, Japanese and USA trailers, the songs without text and promotional videos.

Feature run time: 273 mins approx
Extras run time: 39 mins approx
Region code: B
Languages: Japanese 2.0 & English 5.1
Subtitles: English
2 discs
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on 13 July 2014
This is a laugh from start to finish with fan service all the way but tastefully done and not overstated.These devils are in high school and fighting to keep the fallen angels at bay.For once they are the good guys trying to keep the balance.
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on 24 June 2014
Lots of nudity. The story is quite funny and not too sexual but there is a lot of nudity and the ending credit animations are more than a tad suggestive.

If you like Ikki Tousen or Sekirei you'll probably enjoy this too.
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on 18 June 2014
This anime series was amazing to watch. The main character was hilarious and this anime has ALOT of FAN-SERVICE to offer for those of you who like that sort of thing. The story was engaging and the characters were interesting. The fights were action packed and the dubbing was top quality.

Highschool DXD in a nutshell is one of the best anime titles that I have had the pleasure of watching. I would recommend this to any anime fan.
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on 4 October 2014
one hell of an anime great action, comedy and tons of nudity
the story is about isse a high school student also a prevart joins the house of gremory witch is an legion of demons that lead to a path of becoming a harem king but he has to stop other demons from stopping his path

great anime worth a watch
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