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  • Hex
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Customer Reviews

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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 8 July 2001
Deeply dark and twisted, this is a book that keeps you in suspense until the very end. References to a mutant gene that the government want to hide and the people who do have this gene makes the coldest people empathise with the characters. There are moments of jealousy, anger, love and even bits that make you laugh. The fact that this book talks about humans as if they are less than evryone else makes you think...which is always good in todays society! Definately worth the read and i cant wait to read the sequels!
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on 19 March 2002
hex is a relly good sci-fi thriller and is really worth reading. And if you think that all sci-fi books are about star trek then you are wrong. The book is about two kids 1 of whom is a hex. If you are a hex then you carry a mutant gene which makes you near enough a living computer. The two kids are Raven and Wraith(Raven being the Hex)and they are looking for their sister Rachel, who is also a hex but was taken away by the CPS (the police).The government think Hexes are a threat and they eliminate them.
This book has characters that are nothing alike and the story is very crefully planned.
My favourite character is Raven because she lives dangerously and doesn't care what happens as long as she reaches her goal, unlike her brother Wraith who is always trying to help people.
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on 12 July 2001
I found this book an excellent read. It was both fast moving and full of detail. Rhiannon Lassiter has managed to keep the reader in plenty of suspense throughout the trilogy, and the finale is wonderful with a startling but satisfying twist at the end. Raven, the main character, is a Hex- a blend of the human mind and computer created by the government. The characters are interesting and well developed. Raven is a well developed character who you feel for, but mysterious enough to not be boring. I felt that this book was well worth reading but advise readers who read this review to buy all three books in the trilogy and read them in order because otherwise they will become confused. I recommend this book particularly to readers who enjoy fantasy and sci-fi and who are aged roughly 12+.
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on 29 September 1999
Hex is a new age sci-fi novel with a difference. Raven is a hex. A human with brain-computer access. Hexes are so dangerous they have been exterminated by law for the last 250 years. Her and her brother wraith are on a search for their younger sister Rachel, who they discover has been shown to be a hex and taken to a research facility to be brutally experimented on. With the help of Kez, a 13 year old ganger, and some mercenaries they plan to rescue Rachel. But they get more than they bargain for. This book has a vison of the future of genetic experiments and the harm they can cause. It is also a bit like the holocaust of WWII. It's a really good read and I know I didn't want to put it down.
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on 11 December 2009
I only have the memories of reading this in my mid teens, but they are fond memories that have stuck with me. Something drew me to this book in my school library - perhaps it was the bold covers; actually it might have been a friend's recommendation.

I'll never forget that this was written by a seventeen year old - it had such maturity! I don't read a lot of science fiction novels, but I found this book extremely cosy and exhilirating, and the next two books in the series are just as good, if not better.

Rhiannon Lassiter deserves more success as an author. It warms my heart that there are quite a few other reviews here. A lot of people have read this, but more should.
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on 28 April 2002
i dont normaly lissen to other peoples views on books because the book is not what i expext after that
this trillogy was some of the best reading i have had and i read a lot of fantasy books any thing about the super natural and this must be one of the best about people who can travel along the net in there mind i would love that true hackers
athough this book has an anoying ending as the others were about rebellion and winning agensed the odds i think if what i have said has not intressed you noting will in this book but it is worth reading
and to think she is still only a teen (the writer) is one of the books wonderful qualitys such a grate book at a young age you can only hope for more years and more books of equal quality
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on 1 November 2004
I loved Hex when i first read started reading it i couldn't put it down i carried it though the whole trilogy. The story line is unique and entertaining, a book you won't be able to put down.
The characters are perfect, they completely get you involved in the book with them. rhiannon lassiter gives just enough background information to make you know them, care about them.
I have still not found a better character than Raven in any other book that i've read. I would suggest this book to anyone at top marks and it also gets the title of "My favourite book".
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on 30 September 2000
It is the twenty fourth century. Three siblings live in the gangland of Lomdon. Wraith fits his name, as he looks like a ghost. He is fairly normal, except he worries constantly about sisters. Raven is a completely confident, extremely selfish, manic-depressive fifteen year old. Their sister Rachel has been missing for four years. It is a hard, almost impossible task. But it so happens that for the people with the Hex gene, it is possible to enter any computer system with the greatest of ease. The task is hard, but Raven can do it. She's a Hex...
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on 22 July 1999
Hex is a great book, taking its cues from the cyberpunk side of the genre it delivers edgy, gritty sci-fi that really involves.
I got this book for my teenage nephew, and read it after he told me how great it was. It certainly delviers everything you'd expect from this kind of book, interesting ideas, a government conspiracy and a bunch of charismatic heroes.
Somehow you can't help thinking that this book could be rewritten for an adult audience with very little effort. Sometimes it seems kids get all the best authors...
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on 26 September 2006
Just finished the 3rd Hex book and I would say that you cannot go wrong buying the first, if you like it then you will definately like the others.

The thing that I found with these books (all 3) is that the pace keeps you reading no matter what else you are supposed to be doing. Read 2 of them straight in one go and I never normally do that.

Also, this is not just for younger readers imho, I still rate this as excellent and I am 35 and usually read dense SF.
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