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on 6 March 2002
After finishing I, Strahd:The Memoires of a Vampire and Vampire of the Mists, I chose Heart of Midnight to be the third in my Ravenloft collection. Well, it was a good decision!
Robert King summons all the monsters and freaks of Ravenloft to build up an excellent story with haunted memories and an evil curse. The storyline has many unexpected events, such as the death of
Gustav or the relation between Casimir and Lukas.
This IS really a world of darkness, because all the people, who are good in part, become dead or corrupted.
King is a master of human mind: in a world of decay only the creatures can survive, who don't conceal their evil and let it guide them, even to commit some murder...
Ah, yes! The epilogue is the best I've ever read, it is a real accurate one. I don't tell more about it...
Why I gave four stars? Honestly the episodes in the Kartakan Inn were not the best! Too fussy, too
slow, too monochrome! But the book is great, so read it!
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on 9 August 1998
Though I have read more than review about this book that claimed it to be fantastic, I had read many more denouncing it. Thus, when I cracked the cover of HoM, I was tentative. If I have one thing to say to those who have publicly claimed this book awful, it would be this:
Heart of Midnight proved to be one of the best books I have ever read, probably one of my favorite RL books thus far. I found it much more entertaining than the supposedly perfect Vampire of the Mists (still, that, too, was a great book) and the equally-praised Dance of the Dead (again, it was still good).
Not knowing the entire continuity setup of Ravenloft past the fact that only 2 books and one MC entry are considered non-canon (this isn't one of them), I cannot point out any errors at this time.
From this book, I entered once more the domain of Harkon Lukas, a darklord I had found before to be rather silly, but after reading this book, thoroughly enjoy now. After I finish readin! g Death of a Darklord (another highly-criticized RL novel), I will review it as well. I can only hope that it is as good as HoM was to me.
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on 16 May 1997
Normally you would think that a little soft cover book like heart of midnight wouldn't be very good. This one is different. It is an amazing book. After I finished the book I just kinda sat there in thought and amazement. Still to this day I think of it and just smile. The ending is the absolute best I have ever read. Its about a young man's troubles growing up being a werewolf. I am not going to give you too much info..just go buy the book..its cheap and a very good book.
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on 16 July 1997
I've only read the first four Ravenloft books and this one was, without-a-doubt, the worst. It had an extremely boring plot (and I feel I'm being gracious by calling it a plot), and poorly concieved characters. The ending was the best part and even it wasn't that good. Overall, a very dissapointing read, especially considering how good the first three were. Hopefully King's next book in the series, "Carnival of Fear," will redeem him.
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on 20 February 1999
Hmph. Ravenloft books tend to be sorta pointless exercises because they're not really HORROR; they're just fantasy with werewolves and vampires. This at least tries. It can be somewhat tedious, but all in all it actually works as horror, to an extent. And the ending's great.
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on 10 March 1999
A very entertaining novel about a young werewolf who seeks revenge on the murderer of his mother. Contains all ingedients to belong to the Ravenloft Novel serie but is sometimes a bit predictable and therefore I gave it three stars.
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