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on 25 February 2013
I got my copy for my husband on kindle. He can now write the review.. "My only reservation is that I would wish to photocopy some of the pages with exercises for in pool work. Very hard to take Kindle poolside! So buy the book not the kindle in this case!
What I liked about this book is the sheer information and hope that the reader derives from it. I have suffered with hip pain for about 3 years and had it confirmed about 9 months ago that I have arthritis in my right hip. (I had been a lifelong distance runner and competitor with over 50,000 miles clocked up, much of that running on hard surface. So looking back I guess I got what I deserved, but when one is younger weaknesses and failures are for lesser mortals! Now I know better :) ) I had hospital xrays and 2 physio sessions with the hospital Yes my right hip was quite badly worn, but I must continue to exercise within sensible parameters.. and do the physio exercises every day. I did these ever since as instructed. I did not feel much lessening of disability, I no longer ran, and even walking a mile or two left me quite disabled. I walked with a limp. But I was still able to cycle and spin in the local gym. But I needed over the counter pain killers and ibuprofen more than 50% of my days.Then suddenly there was an improvement... hardly limping at all, next to no need for pain relief and more settled perception of my "problem". Also I bought the book in the last couple of months... and here is the important conclusion I learnt that it could be possible to avoid what I had assumed to be the inevitable, namely a consistent downhill process until unavoidable hip replacement. The book pointed me to a truth that no doctor had told me...that yes the circle of disability caused by the pain leads to using the joint less and thus you use the joint less and so on until you have lost a lot of mobility. BUT that this process is not inevitable and that if righted with proper exercise strategies the circle of disability can be turned back into a circle of ability. I think that by following my physio' s advice and by keeping active I had effected a reversal (which I had not been led to expect.) I do not mean a cure, and I still do not run... but my life has improved so much. The book explains that, depending on the state and stage of one's condition, full replacement, some surgery, or even no need for replacement are all possibles. And this has been very motivating for me. I still am active and able to have regular and quite vigorous cardio exercise (which I dreaded the likelihood of losing at my now age of 62). I may have "caught" the condition early enough to manage it for life or a longer period without hip replacement if I use my common sense. Fortunately I enjoy spinning on the bike- I can do a vigorous 45 minute session 4 x a week and replicate the physiological effects of a good run training session. I also do weight training in the gym. Sensible and not over the top stuff! And I am still challenged by needing to maintain daily exercises in addition to cardio vascular work. In other words, yes I have aged, I have had some limitations, but at least I still feel in charge of my fate rather than just have to take a drastic decline. I feel for me the value of the book is the insight which it gave me which the doctors and hospital was not able nor had the time to give me. So although I have not followed the book text book style I certainly gained a Eureka moment from it and great motivation. I accept I may still hit the brick wall and this posting could be proven a bit over optimistic, but I did think it was all going to be bad news anyway, so in a sense I will have lost nothing. I am not a great water sports person, but next phase is to try the water exercises. Finally, I have learnt ageing, though a pain, does lead to wisdom, patience and new perceptions. So I cannot run a 4 minute mile any more, so what, I still have a hell of a lot of good and meaning in this stage of my existence"
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on 12 May 2016
not that informative at all really
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on 14 March 2013
This book is easy to read and contains some very useful exercises for strengthening and stretching legs and hips. Would recommend.
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on 3 January 2016
click pop fixed now
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on 29 July 2015
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on 14 January 2016
Well worth the money!
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on 12 June 2013
Excellent book, this was recommended for a friend of mine who is certainly benefitting from the excersises and advice shown
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on 3 December 2004
This book has been an absolute godsend to me! Having experienced a constant pain in my hip for the last year due to arthritis, I have found this book inspirational.
This book has provided me with the opportunity to educate myself about my condition and has empowered me to 'heal' myself with a comprehensive exercise plan which really does work... I am experiencing far less pain in my hip now and the pain I do have is much more manageable.
The author Robert Klapper, who is an experienced orthopaedic surgeon in his own right, is extremely positive in his outlook and this continues throughout the entire book. It is due to this positivity that I would recommend anyone who has a hip condition to buy this book. Having myself had experience of an unhelpful orthopaedic doctor, this book has provided me with the means to educate myself and to manage my condition really well.
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on 16 October 2016
A very useful book. I did need surgery in the end - which went well - but glad I read this book.
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on 11 December 2005
This is an interesting read.
It is aimed at how to prevent surgery. Unfortunately I will definately be having surgery but I think I will take it along to my hydrotherapist for her views on the specific exercises they recommend.
Written by a MD and a pool trainer this a good read with land and pool exercises.
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