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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 11 July 2017
Really funny so I enjoy being able to watch a lot of it
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on 3 December 2002
This HIGNFY DVD has pretty much everything you want from a Best of. Three and a quarter hours of highlights, a commentary from Ian and Paul (who seems obsessed with his weight) that gives some really interesting insight into what went on backstage and what the guests were like, and because the commentary was recorded after the Angus stories broke, put all of the sex and drug references over the last twelve years into context. Some stories just never went away, especially Archer and Iraq and there is much discussion about how little the world changes. Plus trailers and trivia that I'm still going through even though I've been watching it for a week. There are a couple of niggles though. No Brian Sewell who was one of the best guests, and the editor doesn't seem to have any sense of comic timing, as some of the punchlines have been cut (much to Paul's chagrin). Overall though one of the best comedy DVDs available.
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on 16 June 2013
Just recently ordered this and I was impressed by the speed it came with the post.
The show was a barrel of laughs and realy enjoyable. hope they keep on rocking with
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on 27 August 2004
Absolute comic gold full of far too many classic bits to recite. Some highlight include the tub of lard replacing roy hattersly, the infamous peter mandleson episode (oops!) and of course *that* episode where Angus gets it. However what really makes this is just the chemistry between the three and how it evolves over the years. The first few years are good without being great but it quicky turns into absolute brilliance. Particulaly Ian and Paul ruthless destruction of Angus' brown suit and the autocue gags plus Mertons constant class war with the others. No matter how many times i watch it im in stiches - a must buy for anyone.
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on 26 December 2002
First things, first - Buy this!
If there's one thing the British do better than everyone else, its satire and Have I Got News For You has quite comfortably been the best in satirical television for over a decade. It's sometimes as subtle as a sledgehammer but who cares? It more than filled the void left by "Spitting Image" at the end of the Thatcher Era and has managed to stay fresh and to keep hitting those targets ever since. The presenters make the show - Angus Deayton, in fairness, doesn't have much to do - but he delivers and manages the show well. Ian Hislop is "Private Eye" personified and Paul Merton is the most fantastically surreal comic I have ever seen on TV. Together they are sharp, witty, biting, slapstick and plain ridiculous, just brilliant.
As for the DVD itself, well it has to cut and paste from 12 years and 23 odd series into 200 minutes and it does so as well as could reasonably be expected. All the funniest bits are there and officionados shouldn't complain if the odd item they like is left out - be reasonable! The manner in which the news has repeated itself over the years is fascinating and maybe quite alarming (Iraq, anyone?) The commentary from Merton and Hislop is fantastic, they are genuinely interested in reminiscing about the old shows, are very insightful and (unintentionally?) hilarious. The other extras (trailers, a Newsnight piece) are fillers but quite worthy nonetheless.
All in all a great buy at a great price - not least to own a piece of TV history from the late twentieth century.
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on 2 December 2002
This DVD could not be better. It runs well over 3 hours, switches to anamorphic widescreen as the show does, has a feature length commentary from Hislop and Merton, a feature length trivia track, clips from Room 101, Newnight and just about every TV advert ever for the show.
I've watched the whole thing through many times, and I'm always amazed how quickly time flies.

This is now my favourite DVD in 100+ collection, I fully recommend it to everyone; fans or otherwise.
I hope they release this present series on DVD as well, for the Boris Johnson episode alone!!
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on 11 January 2003
Well this video is old now and pales in comparison to the recent ‘best of’ video but it still a worthy addition, containing the best bits up to series 5 including, Angus’s brown suit and the tub of lard. This video also has the full 1992 election special with Rory Bremner and Alan Coren, which is a fantastic episode, overall this video is still worth having although it is hard to come by these days.
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on 11 September 2005
It's amazing to think just how long HIGNFY has been going for now and just how strong it remains. Watching this compilation, what struck me is that it seems to have improved over time which is impressive.
The DVD contains clips from all series upto the end of the Deyton era and you'll be laughing throughout. It's interesting to see how many stories that were featured at the start still seem to be rumbling on now. There all the classic moments here, The Tub of Lard, Boris Johnson's first bizzare appearance and my all time favourite, Ian Hislop doing battle with Paula Yeats.
There is an enjoyable commentary track included with Ian Hislop and Paul Merton giving their comments on things. That's very funny in places and a good extra.
Fans of the show will love this.
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on 2 February 2007
This is the best exponent of 'get your TV show on DVD' I've seen. It's clear that thought has gone into this.

I won't dwell on the content - if you're a HIGNFY fan, you'll be well aware just how funny this material is. What stands out though is the quality of the DVD. Firstly, we can watch the main feature (clips from 1990 to 2002, better than it sounds!), then watch it again but with commentary from Ian and Paul (which is very entertaining), and then watch it again with the 'trivia track' - random snippets and questions which appear at the bottom of the screen which are usually good enough to require your attention. Add to this an interesting set of extras, and you have a DVD that feels lovingly put together.

Highly recommended.
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on 21 January 2003
Just buy it. Really. If you're a fan of the show, or even just a casual viewer, you'll love this for the collection of clips alone. All those moments you wished you'd recorded when they were first broadcast: Paula Yates' argument with Ian Hislop, Paul Merton on sending fire to the continent ("It's sheer madness!"), Boris Johnson being "stitched up", Angus Deayton in the tabloids... Classic stuff, and wonderful to see it collected here.
The extras are predominantly watch-once curios, and the trailers aren't all as amusing as they could be; but the highlight is Ian and Paul's commentary. They're a constantly engaging and unfailingly intelligent pair, going for thoughtful anecdotes over forced attempts at gags (although there's plenty of humour there, too): importantly, they set the clips in context, and provide behind the scenes information, very usefully in the cases of Paula Yates and Piers Morgan.
Oh, and they get in plenty of digs at Angus, too. Always fun!
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