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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 March 2013
During 6th form I used to play Monopoly with my friends in free periods all the time, because preparing for exams is dull. We loved it. We loved it because we didn't care too much for the standard rules. We played that you could build a house the minute you got a property. You didn't have to get the set. That's boring, it takes too long. We would form alliances to dominate the board. And we would cheat. We would steal money from the bank when no one was looking. It meant if you were losing you could steal a couple of grand and potentially pull yourself around. Great fun. We played this all through lower 6th.

Then the year of the upper 6th came round. We settled back into school and lessons were assigned. But more importantly, free periods were assigned. Monopoly time was assigned. When my first free period came round I eagerly ran for the years first game of Monopoly. Upon arrival at the refectory (we didn't have a common room) a friend revealed that during summer he had discovered Monopoly Deal. Monopoly Deal is a cards version of Monopoly. It takes about 30 seconds to set up and less than 15 minutes to finish a game. With a quick sample game you will understand how to play it forever. When we first played MD, we didn't realise what it was. We didn't realise what MD would make us become. One by one, we were consumed. We didn't just want to play MD, we needed MD. Within weeks supply lines of MD had been set up. Most people had a deck and those who didn't soon would. We were doing MD on the bus to and from school. MD at the start of a lesson if the teacher was late. People stopped playing football during lunch; they were inside getting a bit of that sweet MD. We were skiving lessons for MD. When we were assigned to corridor duty, we did MD. We were out of control. People were double decking. We were doing MD sessions that would last all day. It was getting dangerous. MD had become our lives.

But then quicker than it began, it was over. We had finished school. We were forced to rehabilitate cold turkey. Oh, the withdrawal symptoms. They hit, and they hit hard. I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep. All I could do was think about MD. It took weeks before I was back to normal.

I still do MD occasionally. It's in a controlled environment now. No more than two games in a row. We can't let things become what they once were.

TL;DR. Buy Monopoly Deal. It's better than crack.
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on 29 October 2009
Yes. I think it's the best game ever.

Everyone I introduce it to thinks its brilliant.

The 1st 1 or 2 games it seems very confusing but please persavere as after this it becomes simple and addictive. It works ok with 2 people but is best played with 3 or more.

If Hasbros marketing team got their finger out this would become bigger than the original Monopoly.
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on 26 September 2009
My family loves this game (we are two adults and 9 year old boy-girl twins). The game is easy to pick up. All the familiar elements are there from the Monopoly board game but the game is much quicker. Generally a complete game takes 10-15 minutes. It has great twists like the board game. One minute you're losing by a mile and next minute you're in the lead. All-in-all highly recommended.
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on 15 July 2016
If you are on this page then for the love of God don't leave until you have bought this. The amount of hours me and my friends have wasted on this is insurmountable. Now, a year later, whilst we do not play it with the same rigour, when we all get together we will still jump at the chance.

We each bought a pack, which we lent to other friends, who then bought a pack. It is addictive. So long as you do not mind losing a whole night, then buy this (and to be perfectly honest, a night playing this is not a loss).
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on 26 July 2009
The original Monopoly is an excellent game, but it can take a while to complete a game.

Monopoly Deal however has alot of the same features but is very different and much quicker to play. The emphasis is on collecting sets of properties, and not collecting as much money as possible. Properties not money are power in this game.

We really enjoyed this game, the action cards are well thought out and the other game rules really keep the game rolling at a good pace.
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on 4 August 2013
This simple and fun game is highly addictive! I love Monopoly but I find it takes too long. Monopoly deals is a great way to enjoy monopoly in a slightly different and faster paced game. Love this game!
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on 16 April 2009
This is an amazing game and totally addictive! It's really quick and easy to pick-up and ultimately great fun; build up your property portfolio (get 3 sets and you win the game) but watch out for the Deal Breaker card where your opponent can steal a complete set...just hope you have a 'Just say No' card to stop them! Charging for rent on your properties, receiving money for your birthday, or playing a debt collector allow you to build up your bank which helps against your opponent stealing properties from you - this game has strategy, a bit of luck and really satisfying moments that make sure you want to play "just one more game" every time.
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on 12 February 2010
I got this to take away on short breaks (mostly because of the numerous 5star reviews on amazon)This is a superb variation on the Classic monopoly game. Very easy to pick up and incredibly addictive. All you need is a table big enough to lay out your property card / money cards etc. To be honest, I think I can safely say that i won't be playing the board game again.
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on 29 May 2014
I'll be honest. I'm a little bit sick of Monopoly Deal.

Not because it's a bad game mind you, no. But because since we invested in the meagre cost of this little pack of cards, we've played it probably a hundred times.

What's more, we've played it with probably 30 different people in total. And most of them immediately went out and bought their own pack.. so now every time we visit them they want to play it too. It's become a bit ridiculous and I feel entirely responsible.

However, back to the review, this infectiousness is probably the best thing I can say about it as a game. While it's not really anything like playing traditional monopoly, it's actually a lot more fun and plays a hell of a lot quicker. Each game will probably take about 15 minutes and they usually end in a very manic and unexpected way - meaning everyone who was just a card away from winning immediately wants to play it again for redemption.

It still contains the cruelty that it's big boxed brother has, but it's a much more likeable type of cruelty. Action cards you pick up will enable you to steal each other's properties and charge them rent, but it's fast and regularly reciprocated - rather than Big Monopoly where it becomes obvious that one person is going to win and you just suffer at their hands for 3 hours.

There's a lot of luck involved based on what cards you pick up (good shuffling is essential here) and this is probably the biggest criticism of it from a game stand point - however there is a large degree of skill in knowing when to use your cards. The cards in your hand can't be seen or touched, but as soon as you put something down on the table you'll be catching the eyes of your opponents who will want to take it from you. Use your good cards ineffectively and you won't hold onto them for long.

Despite the luck aspect, it's a very quick and fun game. Yes there are moments when everything goes your way and others when everyone turns against you - but the game is quick enough to stop this from being too frustrating and you'll want to play another game straight away to get better odds. There is skill to be found here though and from all the people I've played it with, only a few have really played it enough to work out the best techniques.. so it's a satisfying game to get good at (whilst the luck can even out and give the weaker players a strong chance sometimes).

The game is so cheap and has probably been played more than anything I own - so I can't recommend it highly enough. Just beware the addiction.
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on 26 January 2015
We love playing family games, but as much as we like the standard board game Monopoly, playing with young children takes AN AGE as they chitter and chat the whole way through. Monopoly junior is better but also lasts a LONG time and isn't as fun for the adults. This game sorts all ages. It's fun, quick paced and my seven and 9 year old children picked it up straight away. A great game that I will give as gifts at birthday parties from now on.
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