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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2006
So pleased this is available in the UK first.

Fantastic transfer to HD DVD well worth the extra money just for the clarity of the picture image.

I was wondering whether on a film with a large number of special effects whether the clarity would be a problem but it isn't. Each frame is bright and clear.

Roll on the other Harry Potter films in HD
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on 23 February 2006
After the incredible, adult-orientated Prisoner of Azkaban, the fourth outing for Potter, Goblet of Fire, seems to be a backwards step towards the more kiddie style of the first two films.
The main reason for that fact is because the film-makers virtually tried to squeeze the entire 600 page novel into a 2 and a half hour running time. That was a mammoth task, done pretty well, but as far as adaptations go, its not even the best in this series.
Out go a few major plot lines, like Hermione's Elf campaign, but everything else is bunged into the script into a reduced form. Scenes that were pages long in the book get reduced to a couple of minutes of film, which I felt gave the film a feeling of being rushed, unfulfilled plotlines and a confusing style if you HADN'T read the book.
Harry Potter newbies (if, indeed, there are any?!) should avoid. This will only confuse them. But for the real fan, Goblet of Fire is impossible to dislike.
Being thrown into JK Rowling's world once again is always a delight, particularly as it is always how I imagined it from reading. The huge ensemble cast is a delight (even if the three main leads still disappoint), and the new characters and actors are embraced into the series with welcome arms. It's only annoying that firm favourites like Sirius and Snape just don't get enough screen time!
The film mostly revolves around the Tri-Wizard tournament, and the three contests really are the action highlights of the film. The rest of the film only bridges the gap between the next test. ost memorable is an encounter with a dragon, expanded on superbly from the book.
Much has been made of the super-scary ending - finally he who must not be named is revealed in all his disgusting glory, and its the true highlight of the film. Yes, it's dark, sure it could be scary for very young kids, but my 9 year old neice was fine with the dark horror nature of the finale.
Still, it doesn't matter if this film was absolute rubbish - it would still sell by the bucketload, and we're virtually guaranteed a film of book 5 - so its refreshing that the film makers don't rest on their laurels, and at least try to make a film thats better than the last.
Looking at the extras, its also worth noting that there is more on how they made the film and behind the scenes, rather than the earlier films DVD releases that just gave us set-top games and quizzes. The making ofs should be interesting, and I look forward to discovering how they created some of the scenes.
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on 15 March 2006
I am a true Harry Potter fan, having read all of the books about a hundred times each, but i thought that this fourth film was fantastic. Sure, it cut out quite a lot and added a couple of things, but it was still a brilliant watch. Definately the best of the four and the kids are so much better at acting! People who dislike the film need to get a life-its brilliant!
The film follows all of the major plot, and although there could have been a little more about the world cup i thought it was amazing. The special effects were fantastic-especially the underwater scenes!
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on 1 March 2006
I was very keen to see just how a book like Goblet of Fire was going to be translated into a film. Not only is the book huge, it takes a turn towards real violence and death that has only been alluded to before, plus the characters themselves are changing. They've hit their teens and experiencing all the angst that goes with that. So how does the film do? Well it has merits and flaws...
First the merits... It manages to hit the main thrust of the book well and generally captures the spirit of what happens, moving the plot forward to Book 5. It cut out the House Elf sub-plot (thank goodness). The effects are excellent and the young actors are growing in stature (both physically and in their performances). Daniel Radcliffe deserves particular mention as he has improved greatly and really now seems to be under the skin of his alterego not to mention all the fantastic work he did doing the underwater scenes. They are all the more effective for it. I also liked the way his growing crush on Cho Chang was dealt with. Katie Leung was well cast for her looks and her charming Scots accent and generally the rest of the casting was good, including Miranda Richardson as evil journalist Rita Skeeter.
Now the flaws... I am sure most people would agree that fitting in such a big story requires deft editing. But the film rattles through as if each scene is a set piece in itself to explain a particular plot point. I think it would have been better to take a breath now and again instead of spending so much time on scenes like the dragon test which is way too long in my opinion. Some of the moments are overdone, particularly in the relationship between Ron and Hermione which boils over to a point where it no longer relates to the book (heck by the end of Book 6 they have barely acknowledged their real feelings!). I was also quite disappointed with the great 'unveiling' of Voldemort. Not as scary as I'd hoped and strangely the long-winded exposition comes across like a bad episode of Scooby Doo when on film rather than in print. Hopefully more chance for Fiennes to grow into this in OOTP? But my biggest source of frustration is that Michael Gambon's Dumbledore still bears no resemblance to the character I know, either physically or in his personality. JKR's Dumbledore is quirky but not loud or aggressive. He emanates power, he is tall and thin with a white beard not a straggly grey one. I suspect Michael Gambon (whom I am usually a big fan of) simply wants to differentiate his own performance from the late Richard Harris, who in my eyes was perfectly cast. This is a great shame as it spoils the films for me. When I saw 'Troy' it occurred to me that Peter O'Toole might have been a better choice?
So some major and minor flaws and some things to celebrate. I think this film visually was the most successful of the four and the promise is of even better to come, particularly in the performances of the young actors. As a fan of the books, I found the film enjoyable and on the whole true to their spirit - but I hope for more improvements in the next installment.
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on 29 July 2006
The way I feel before a Harry Potter film is probably shared by a million others: hoping against hope that they won't muck it up. I love the books far more than the films, and I thought that the first two were okay, but terrible compared to the literary originals. The third was good, and I let out a sigh of relief. The fourth is excellent. The book's collosal, so I was sure that they couldn't make this film without cutting out most of the stuff that I love, but it works. The things that they have included are the most relevant and important, and you can understand why they chose some scenes over others. Admittedly, the acting can be wooden and you can't help but be disappointed at how Daniel Radcliffe stumbles through the more delicate scenes, but it's wonderful to see the three evolve through the process of these films. I can't imagine anyone reading this who hasn't seen it - it's obviously a must-see, even if you hate the Harry Potters, just as the books are must-reads. If you've seen it at the cinemas it's still worth buying, just so that you can know that it's there to watch at any time.
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on 31 July 2006
As a HUGE fan of the books,I would rather put my face in something nasty than not see the film. This film was the best so far,the first and second films were far too sentimental for my liking. The acting has dramatically improved,Dan Radcliffe looks a lot more comfortable in his role this time round.

As for the storyline, absolutely faultless considering a lot had to be chopped into the 2 and a half hours.

The DVD extras were actually quite good especially the interview with the cast members. Well worth buying but get the two disc version rather than the one disc version.
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on 8 July 2016
A great film full of story and action. I loved the books and the film is just as good. It's a big hit with the adults and children in our family! A fantastic price too and arrived quickly without any damage.
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on 17 February 2006
The arduous task of transfering "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" from the page to the screen was always going to result in some plot being missed out. For me, the fourth book is still my favourite; its full of adventure as well as new revelations about Harry and his arch nemesis Voldemort and the criticism that has been poured on this film is that it misses out much of the book's depth.
That I agree with, but I don't think it makes the movie a poor effort. I like to think of it as "Goblet of Fire: Greatest Hits" - the highlights of the book put up on the silver screen. Fans who have read the book will know each intricate plot detail anyway, and for the casual viewer the movie contains just enough to help them follow the story.
The story I don't need to tell, you know it already I'm sure. You should also know that it's young cast gets better with each movie they do and the special effects live up to their name. If the DVD follows the same formula as the previous three, and from the extras list here then I think it does, we're all in for a treat. Whether the movie itself is worthy of 5 stars or not I'm unsure; but for the simple fact it made me feel 12 again is enough to make me recommed it to anyone who wants a little magic in their lives.
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on 6 February 2007
One word describes this HD-DVD, AMAZING!!!!!

This disc really shines, and is a great example of what an HD-DVD should
look like, and is now my new DEMO disc. I think Warner has hit the jackpot
here, and fingers crossed the other 3 will get the same treatment.

If you're a fan, pick this one up ASAP, or wait till the 'rumoured' July
release in the US. PICTURE is phenomenal, SOUND is incredible, and the
movie kicks some serious butt.


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on 6 March 2006
Definitely the best HP film I have seen so far. After being thoroughly disappointed with the previous films I was pleasantly surprised (almost shocked in fact) when I found myself really enjoying this film.
Not only has the acting improved, but the film sticks relatively closely to the storyline in the book. Of course, no film will ever be the exact replica of the book it is based on, don't expect it to fully explore all the little details, subplots, whys and wherefores. Having said that, I felt that in this film, where it didn't follow the book exactly, the plot was (generally) still great. Thrilling effects and a couple of laugh-out-loud moments really do make it enjoyable.
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