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on 11 March 2014
I have just finished reading this book. The last 30% of it was really dreadful. I am glad I finished reading it. I couldn't wait for it to end. I will never purchase another book written by this author. This is all because the author says nothing substantial in this book. The concept of generosity makes no sense in today's world. If you are so generous Mr. Sam Beddall, why are you not giving out your book for free? Why selling it in the first place? The goal of this book is a nonsense. If the world is supposed to be so generous, why do we have to pay our rents in order to have a shelter and not become homeless? Should not the landlords be generous enough and let us all live in their dwellings for free? What do you mean they would not be able to afford it? Who cares? Their generosity should make them happy, shouldn't it? What I am trying to say here is that the author's concept of generosity in this book is just another fallacy. Only the filthy rich can afford to be generous, and only if they choose so. The poor people of the world just cannot afford to be generous, they just barely make their ends meet. Mr. Sam Beddall, it's all about survival. The most important fact you are forgetting to mention in your book is that the world is full of people who will exploit the generosity of others, no matter what, because that's their way of making a living. So the most important thing is to be very, very careful as to who you are going to be generous to. Be generous to everybody around you as this book suggests, and very soon you gonna end up hungry and homeless, period.
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on 21 August 2013
An inspiring read for those who need a reminder of what really makes us happy, full of quotes and studies that make the argument all the more convincing. One of my favourite things about the book is the fluid style. It sometimes feels as though chapters were written in one go, which makes for some great reading.

What I liked:
* A great, timely message
* Nice cover and title
* Fluid style
* Intriguing content/studies and a nice introduction to some spiritual teachers that I've never heard of.

What could have been better:
* It was slightly shorter than expected
* The psychology is basic, but then again I guess that isn't the main focus of the book
Overall, this is a great book for anyone who enjoys the `spiritual' or `inspirational' genre and a timely reminder of what makes us tick as a species. Short and sweet.
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on 23 August 2013
I would not say that I am well versed in this genre of writing but I have many friends that are and over the years they have recommended many books to me that are designed to bring calm into my life. I have read both Wherever You Go, There you are [Kabat-Zinn] and also, The Power of Now [Tolle] and found them both useful guides in moving forward in life with calm success.

In Happy at Last: The Miraculous Power of Generosity in Life, Love and Success, Beddall has written something accessible and, more than that, easy to read. Unlike the other books I have mentioned, Beddall's book is short and can be absorbed neatly so that his guidance can be used with little fuss.

I will recommend this book to friends who need to unlock a little bit of magic into their lives, from within themselves.
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on 12 August 2013
I loved the raw feel to this book, it's as though the author has written on sheets of paper and handed you the unedited and real version! Having read a great deal of spiritual books, some of which I found very long winded, I would compare this book to some of Eckhart Tolle's works with a hint of Emmet Fox and a splash of Wayne Dyer.

The well though out series of chapters in the book hold the "secret" to a much happier and joyous existence. I especially appreciate the no-nonsense and clarity of the words the author uses which keeps it a nice a simple road to follow for someone like me!

I would recommend this book to anyone and will be doing exactly that!
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on 16 August 2013
This book is truly amazing. I have read many spiritual books and none have compared to how this book is written and presented to the reader. It is concise and as the reviewer before me said it is as though the author has written on sheets of paper and handed you the unedited version.

This book does hold the secret to a much happier life and will allow anyone to achieve the perspective that will make you an unstoppable force in your life.

This book is a must read for anyone of any age and is completely worth the purchase for an insightful step up in daily life.
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on 21 August 2013
This is an excellent book for anyone who is familiar with the Advaita Vedanta philosophy and other spiritual books such as I Am That and The Power of Now. It provides a simple, progressive path that anyone can adopt and follow on the way to becoming `unconditionally generous'.

The main gist of the book is that learning to cultivate our innate generosity (and abandoning the `accumulate and gain' attitude of our culture) can help us lead happy, constructive lives.

It draws heavily on spiritual teachings and teachers, all the way from Jesus Christ to modern Indian masters such as Ramana Maharshi and Ramesh Balsekar. The author is obviously well read in these philosophies as he echoes them almost perfectly, with his own twist.

If I have on gripe it is that it's quite short, but this also works to its advantage. I read it in one sitting and put the simple techniques into practice immediately. Recommended.
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on 14 March 2014
Sam what a wonderful book ,simple advice and truthful knowledge,if only a tiny percentage of people practice the way described in the book it would improve our beautiful world forevermore thank you and bless you
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on 20 August 2013
It was well worth the few pound it cost and delivered instantly. Will recommend and definitely go back to! Excellent.
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