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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 9 June 2016
Buying the UHD film has taught me to wait for reviews. It was like watching an old VCD.
The grain was very bad and not well converted. This is on the Panasonic UHD player.
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on 5 January 2017
Ultra High Definition havoc - delivered to me quickly, with out fuss and great condition. The movie just delivers that sens eof realism in asituation which isn't, and in 4K. Nuff said!!
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on 21 May 2017
Awesome audio & vision in HDR,very happy with purchase...
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on 23 May 2017
Great film. Quite funny. Recommend
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on 1 January 2015
There's lots of action and a few laughs too.

I thought the villains were a bit too comic sometimes, but I still liked it better than most films.

Even the wife enjoyed it.
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on 16 January 2015
This is a good story and Will plays it well
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on 3 March 2017
Excellent condition very happy with the purchase
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Hancock(Will Smith)' is a reluctant super-hero with some really bad attitude,despite the heroics, helping the law and saving people, nobody actually likes him, and he doesn't really know why.
Until....one day....he rescues 'Ray'(Jason Bateman) from certain death on a Raiiway-crossing, 'Ray' has a need to repay 'Hancock' for his action, first 'Ray' invites 'Hancock' to his home for a meal, then outlines a plan to change both the image and help solve the attitude problem.
There is a problem however 'Ray' must know nothing about, 'Hancock' feels a connection to 'Ray's' wife he'd met for the first time over dinner, he doesn't know why he's drawn to her.
I must admit i've enjoyed and in fact own several 'Will Smith' movies so i was having seen the trailer first,it left me really looking forward to this one, and in truth i felt a bit disappointed overall, can't put my finger on it but i did feel an ingredient was missing in the overall content.
Don't get me wrong i did enjoy the experience, the 'special-effects' were pretty impressive, and there was some good action and an element of comedy involved, just felt it could have been so much better ?
Worth watching even buying, i'm sure you'll all enjoy the film, but if you like movies as much as i do, i think you'll see what i mean.
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Alcoholic superhero John Hancock (Will Smith) is Los Angeles’s champion. The only problem is as much as the city needs him, he causes so much damage when fighting crime and rescuing others that the city also wishes they were without him. Enter Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), a PR guy who’s just been turned down again after pitching his All Heart logo to different charitable organizations. When Hancock saves Embrey from an oncoming train, Embrey offers to restore Hancock’s image to the public while also giving a nice boost to his own career. When Hancock meets Embrey’s wife, Mary (Charlize Theron), he soon discovers that him and her have a forgotten past, one that’s already altered their future and will do so again unless history repeats itself.

Wow. This is a cool movie and a take on superheroes that’s unique. Though an alcoholic superhero is nothing new (Tony Stark aka Iron Man is a drunk), making a guy who’s like Superman an alcoholic is, and seeing the ramifications of that play out is something this superhero fan was excited to see. Not only that, but you got to see what an inebriated superhero looks like as he uses his abilities. The haphazard way Hancock flies shows one of the dangers of such raw power if it’s not under restraint.

The mythology brought forth in this tale is well done and turns the superhero notion on its head, bringing in the idea of a race of immortals that had once taken the place as gods or angels throughout history. The fact that these superhumans were created in pairs, and that if they chose to stay together they would live a normal life as normal humans and later die, added a level of tragedy to this film that was welcome though tugged at the heartstrings. Sort of that idea of “what would you give up for the one you love?” And in this case superpowers if you chose to be with them. It also seems that these super pairs have a genuine love for each other so to forego that is a great sacrifice indeed and was something exemplified in this flick.

Never thought I’d want to see Will Smith as a superhero. Still have memories of him as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air running through my head, but the reality is Will Smith is an incredibly talented actor and while he has used his default funny guy now and then, he’s pulled off loads of roles where Fresh Prince is but a faint memory and him as John Hancock in this flick is one of those roles. While I personally prefer actors who’ve portrayed superheroes to only be that one superhero and not take on others, if you put Will in the upcoming Justice League movie as Cyborg, for example, I wouldn’t complain and would certainly look forward to it.

Charlize Theron—I’m a fan. Given the complexity of the Hancock story—namely where Theron’s character is concerned—I really felt bad for her for what she’d given up. She also did a good job of holding her own against Will Smith, who’s a pretty domineering actor in any scene.

Jason Bateman is, well, Jason Bateman, but I like him so having him along for this super ride was super fine by me.

Hancock is an awesome superhero movie that gives a fresh take on the genre as it doesn’t follow the traditional formula. Maybe in the sequel, if they ever make one. I hope they do as I’d like to see where the characters and the mythology go from here.

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on 5 February 2009
As superhero movies go, this is definitely a break from the norm. Will Smith plays a down-and-out superhero, slumming his way through life knocking back a bottle of alcohol. His life is meaningless, self-centred and he's hated by pretty much everyone. He leaves a trail of destruction in his wake, and even when tries to do the right thing, he's confronted with his own inabilities and verbal abuse from the world around. In short he's pretty close to a homeless drunk with some extraordinary powers.

However, all that changes when he inadvertently saves Ray (Jason Bateman) from a car accident and then becomes Ray's pet project in a publicity campaign to make the world a better place. Ray's wife Mary (Charlie Theron) finds out first hand what it's like to know a superhero when her husband invites Hancock around for dinner, and a spark between them ignites. As Hancock works with Ray on a rehabilitation plan to better himself as a person, there are some great comedy moments that are full of action and some first rate special effects.

Overall, this is a spin on the good and moral superhero stories, showing a less than perfect hero looking for guidance. It's fun, fast and full of action, and great watching.

My only negative comment with this movie is I didn't particularly like the coincidental and god-like plot near the end of the film, where I thought the story got too far stretched. Apart from that, it's a fun movie that looks good and worth watching if you like superhero flicks.
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