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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

on 9 August 2006
this is a collection of rather obscure hammer films that include both horror and thrillers.

best films here in my opinion, are "brides of dracula," "night creatures" and "curse of the werewolf."

the latter has been fully restored after spending years being broadcast minus about 5 minutes or more. now running at approximately 92 minutes, the film makes more sense.

the one and only peter cushing leads the way in three films including one of his most famous characters, baron frankenstein.

"kiss of the vampire" is one of the stronger entries in this collection. the weakest is "phantom of the opera."
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on 24 March 2011
This Region one 2 disc/8 film boxed set has been reviewed many times on both the U.K and U.S.A. sites. Before buying I hesitated a lot because many have said the discs they were sent had faults, when viewed, owing to 'cramming' 2 films on each side of one disc: a most annoying and ridiculous issuing formate.
24/3/2011: I have now had time to see/hear all 8 films and with the exception of 'Paranoiac', which displayed 2 separate brief (less than one second) aspects of visual corruption, ALL the other films played back virtually faultlessly. N.B: I viewed each film very carefully making sure all of each was carefully seen and heared.
For anyone who likes Hammer Horror I can't recommend this Series of 8 films highly enough. For me an added bonus was that 4 of the films I'd never seen and surprised me by all being good, as were the other 4 that I had seen.
If you're looking for a film critique about each of the films, there are lots of reviews here so no need to add any more; I'd be repeating on what's already been written.
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on 22 July 2007
This little set is worth it alone for the above chillers, which have superb production values.
The BFI in London has the only 35mm print in the country of 'Nightmare' and a splendid film too, crisply shot in Black + White, superbly photographed as is 'Paranoiac' from the Francis/Sangster team. The others are entertaining too and seldom seen on Television, definitely worth adding to your collection!
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on 3 December 2013
In England we got a box set a few years back that contained 21 Hammer Horror films. Pretty good stuff, though also quite predictable. The US were as they usually are on the DVD market one step ahead. They released an 8 film box set, 13 films less- but some genuine classics and some very rare ones. The films here are all brilliant, but it's the value you're looking for, some priced individual will cost you a small fortune, and others have not graced television screens in years. So lets look at what we have on offer.

The Brides of Dracula- this is the sequel to Hammers classic. Theres no Count this time, so no Christopher Lee. But Peter Cushing does return as Van Helsing and the focus switches to women vampires. Brilliant gothic tale.

The Curse of the Werewolf- contains a brilliant back story and never lets up. I rank this amongst the very best that Hammer ever did. The make up for the time is also outstanding. Oliver Reed is sublime.

Phantom of the Opera- Another classic and easy a top 5 best of from Hammer. Wonderful atmposphere, great cameos by greats and a great general feel of dread, lavished with subtle comedy moments. Oh and don't forget the phantom played with menace by Herbert Lom.

Paranoiac- Oliver Reed plays a drunk, nothing new there, but seriously this is Reed at his acting best. Wonderful atmospheric film in the vein of Taste of Fear, but I feel this film is better. Great twists too.

The Kiss of the Vampire- save for a lethargic ending, this film is actually brilliant. Gothicness at its best!

Nightmare- Genuinely creepy and with some scenes that must have had the censors in fits. This is a classic, dark movie, about depression and suspicion, good twists too.

Night Creatures- better known as Captain Clegg, isn't really horror- but has one of the best ever roles for Peter Cushing. Cushing and Michael Ripper in a main role, it's a classic five star film.

The Evil of Frankenstein- A Frankenstein sequel, quite misunderstood by some, I found this film very good and a worthy entry into the Frankenstein franchise.

The box set only comes on 2 dvds which may put off some, but try and see past that, all features have widescreen and excellent picture quality. A wonderful box set.
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on 14 March 2008
I agree with all those who love this set. It's brilliant."Night Creatures", however, is not really a horror film, more a costume drama, with Peter Cushing and Oliver Reed as 18th Century smugglers.It was originally released as a second feature to "Phantom of the Opera",(also in this collection),under the title of "Captain Clegg". It's actually a pretty faithful adaptation of Russell Thorndyke's novel "Doctor Syn".This may be of use to those who didn't recognise the American title.
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on 16 July 2016
Great films, some are absolutely brilliant but make sure you buy the 4 DVD version and not the 2 DVD version, the 2 DVD edition has many errors which have all been corrected on the 4 DVD edition.
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on 9 January 2006
The little Hammer studio very often had to look for partners overseas to produce their amazing pictures. While other big Film studios like Warner and MGM released “their” Hammer films some time ago on DVD it seems that these eight (European!) movies rested for ages in the vaults of the Universal studios in LA. It was impossible to get them here in Austria for a very long time. So although I have to have a multi region DVD player and a NTSC compatible TV and despite the quite high costs for transport and customs duty I am very glad that this collection finally came out because this here is great stuff from the house of Hammer!
There are two double-sided DVDs with these movies;
The Brides of Dracula starring Peter Cushing
The Curse of the Werewolf starring Oliver Reed
Phantom of the Opera starring Herbert Lom
Paranoiac starring Oliver Reed
The Kiss of the Vampire starring Clifford Evans
Nightmare starring Jennie Linden
Night creatures starring Peter Cushing
The evil of Frankenstein starring (of course) Peter Cushing
No extras like trailers or audio commentary (which is a bit of a shame)
Only “Phantom of the Opera” was kind of a disappointment for me. Herbert Lom is a great and powerful actor and Terence Fisher was one of Hammers best directors but for me this film still is a boring and unconvincing version of the story by Gaston Leroux.
All the other movies are very good and highly enjoyable especially the three with the great Peter Cushing (who is absolutely adorable in “Night creatures”) and of course the films with the young Oliver Reed. “The Curse of the Werewolf” alone is reason enough to buy this DVDs.
Every fan of Hammer, Peter Cushing and good old Gothic Horror should buy this collection. It is really great entertainment!
Just buy it and see for yourself!
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on 8 November 2012
Peter Cushing in a dramatic pose, Oliver Reed displayed in undoubtedly the best werewolf makeup ever done, on a glascine cover that slides off to display even more spooky environments beneath. I've put this edition on a plastic stand forefront of my prized dvd sets.
"Curse of the Werewolf" was the dominant reason for purchasing this set.
I actually discovered this movie after seeing the musical "Oliver" rendition of the Charles Dickens classic, in which Oliver Reed, as Bill Sykes scared the hell out of me as a young boy.
Well the additional film features included with this set proved extraordinary as well.
There are 4 fliks with Reed included in the set and in my mind this becomes a treasure for that reason alone, for I believe he was an exceptional actor. God bless him, we miss him.
Cushing, as has been noted frequently, is one of a very few definitive actors in this genre and in my mind defined the 'give it all you've got" attitude to acting. Of all the actors I could have a cup of tea with, he is foremost on my list. God bless him, he is missed.
So why own this set? I've just given two reasons but I'll provide one more.
It's HAMMER at their finest. Again, we have titles provided that are not readily available otherwise and to own such a compilation surpasses my expectations.
The films all display (for me) at excellent quality and I think the issues that were frustrating some at initial release have all been dealt with. At the price offered, it would be tragic to pass this up.
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on 1 August 2014
well first of you will need a multi region dvd player this box set is not region 2. the 8 movies in this set are brides of dracula the curse of the werewolf disc 1 side A. phantom of the opera and paranoiac disc1 side B.the kiss of the vampire and nightmare disc 2 side A. night creatures aka capten clegg.and evil of frankenstein disc 2 side B .this is a great set at a good price if you buy the movies separte the price is well over 100 pounds .so if you like hammer films this is a must buy
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on 19 July 2009
I have waited for years to get hold of some of these, Oliver Reed in Curse of the Werewolf and Paranoiac, a truly under estimated actor, he is stunningly handsome and believable, Paranoiac in black and white gives it an edge to a great thriller with a twist
Recommend the box set to all Hammer House fans
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