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on 2 November 2012
This very handy little speaker system arrived just today. I looked at it and my heart sank. It looked so tiny, half the size of a Nokia mobile phone. When I inserted batteries and plugged in my MP3 player I was very pleasantly surprised at the volume. It sounds ever so slightly tinny but that is made up by the fact that when it's at the loudest volume, you get absolutely no distortion whatsoever. You have to control the volume from the device that's plugged into the speakers as they don't have their own volume control. The 3.5mm jack can rotate a total of 180 degrees to make positioning the speakers easier and more convenient.

These speakers will be doing a lot of mileage with me!!!
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on 16 July 2009
I've been using small portable speakers with wires since the Walkman age, so that you and your travelling partner can listen to music in your hotelroom on holidays. The problem was that the wires of the two separate speakers got entagled and it was hard to put it - for example - on the dashboard of the car without it falling off. This little device makes it very simple to listen to your music collection wherever you want. And the sound, even if you turn up the volume, is not bad at all.
The disadvantage is that it needs batteries...
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On opening the wrapping I was quite surprised at the large size of this speaker, measuring 3 times as wide as the iPhone and 3/4's the length of it.

The fact that the unit requires two AAA batteries might be a contributing factor as to bulk and means that your player does not have to power the speaker.

Hama has done a decent job of delivering quite a loud sounding device, especially when considering that the actual speaker diameter is no larger than a British pound coin. Yet loud does not necessarily mean good. Sound quality is fair on low to moderate volume settings, with very low dynamic range. Cranking up the volume results in marked distortion which is quite irritating.

(I have another unbranded smaller iPod speaker which delivers a far cleaner sound with richer bass, plus it doubles as a charger!).

The design is great, and build quality is sturdy. The 3.5mm swivel jack is also a great idea, and the fact that no wires are required to connect this device to any mp3 player (iPod included), earns a 3 star rating from me.

After all a speaker's primary function is to deliver good sound quality, and that is where this unit falls short.
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on 9 August 2009
This is an excellent piece of kit which produces good loud sound when connected to ipods and MP3 players also minidisc players. I have tried a number of these tiny speakers but this comes out best
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on 4 August 2008
For a little battery operated thing this can give off some good sounds. Not the most amazing sound quality... but for what it is it's fabulous.
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on 9 December 2014
Present for my step daughter but it quickly broke and sound wasn't that great
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on 26 August 2009
I've bought three different portable (budget) speakers on Amazon so I think the best way to help you decide which one to buy is to compare and contrast these in one review. Note that I have used brief names in uppercase when comparing them so that they are easy to spot amongst the text; of course their full names can be found in the titles on the Product Pages. You may also wish to view the photos that I have uploaded to compare them visually.

The LUPO Portable Folding Speakers isn't the smallest of the three but it is the best by far in sound quality. The one with the worst sound quality is the largest of the three - the Mini Rugby ball Speaker which is a hard 'POD' case. I wouldn't recommend it unless you want your ears pierced but it is attractive and it does protect the player. The smallest of the three, this HAMA, is second best in sound quality; the LUPO is streets ahead of it, although admittedly it is bulkier.

They are all powered by batteries (the POD: 2 x AA, the HAMA: 2 x AAA, and the LUPO 4 x AAA - it's really easy to open the battery cover of the POD; the other two are fiddly) plus the LUPO can also be mains operated. All three claim to being stereo. The HAMA and the POD each have two small speaker outlets; those of the POD are spaced well apart whilst those of the HAMA are close together - in neither case can I discern stereo sound. The LUPO is genuinely stereo with individual speakers.

Only the LUPO has volume control. When my player (a Sansa Fuze) is set to maximum volume (and ditto the LUPO), the HAMA sound level is fine up to a couple of feet away; the LUPO and the POD several feet further. None of the three have control over treble/bass so quality of sound is controlled by the player. As implied earlier, the POD sound is just plain harsh (and tinny at times) whatever adjustments I make. Using maximum bass the HAMA is ok but with a thinnish sound and tinny at high notes but I soon got used to it. Switch to the LUPO though and you realize what you've been missing. It's another world - the quality is warm and rich.

The player slides into a pocket in the POD and lays flat, sits in a plastic holder in the LUPO, but just hangs from the connector of the HAMA. There's a photo (not mine!) on the Product Page of the HAMA showing it sitting on top of the player, no hands to be seen. This is impossible. The HAMA with a player attached has to lean against something or be held onto, otherwise it would tip over. It may be aesthetically pleasing with its rounded curves but a flat bottom would have been more practical. However, it does draw attention to the speaker socket location on the player. The one in that photo is on the top of the player whereas mine is on the bottom. This is the only drawback of the LUPO. If the socket of your player is at the bottom you will either have to perch the player semi-sideways in the holder or put it in upside down. Whichever way you do it the LUPO itself is as steady as a rock.

I do like the HAMA for the convenience of popping it into a pocket and I like the idea of the hard-cased POD. And yes, the LUPO requires more power than the other two and yes, it has a larger footprint than the HAMA (though it doesn't take up that much space in a travel bag) but also yes, its sound quality is far superior to the other two. So, to my mind there's no contest; the LUPO wins hands down.

To avoid confusion: I wrote the above review on 29 May 2012. However, I first reviewed this Hama speaker on 26 Aug 2009 and that's the date you will see here. At that time the title on the product page was simply "Hama Mini Stereo Speaker, 3.5Mm" with no description to speak of. I had it attached to a laptop and, of course, my review was geared to that. Some time later I discovered it was being sold as a "Hama Ultra Portable Mini Stereo Speaker (3.5mm), for MP3 players and iPods" and such specific description added. I deleted that review but Amazon has retained the original date.
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on 15 July 2011
Small and loud but is a little tinny sounding.
Connector is mounted on a pivot point so you can angle the speakers but as it weighs more than my mp3 player it doesn't add any functionality.
Overall a good product for the price.
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on 30 December 2011
Just what we wanted; improved quality on the mp3 speaker at a very affordable price. A happy alternative for those who don't like earphones. Great for listening to audio books late at night without disturbing the neighbours;
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on 10 March 2016
Very good no problems. recommended
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