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on 9 March 2017
A lot of similarities to Buffy the vampire slayer but without the wit. The main character 'Cat' is very immature but should probably hqve a bit more angst. Secondary characters such as her Mum could do with a bit more fleshing out.
Bones is a bit of a douchebag to her and then declares his "love"? I have no idea why he likes her, I find her quite irritating. He doesn't appear to be very exciting apart from looking good either. Anyway, this is not for me.
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on 13 June 2017
I have enjoyed the whole series.
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on 20 April 2017
Most excellent series
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on 26 October 2014
I love this book and the story line and characters. The four bones is brilliant and I can't wait to read the next one
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on 9 July 2017
Loved it.
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My first jeanine frost book and after patricia briggs, kelley armstrong and kim harrison I needed to find another writer to keep me going. Jeanine's books didn't disappoint. the chemistry between cat and bones sizzles quite quickly and i Love their banter. The sex scenes - well what can i say but ... WOW.. erotic but not smutty and were part of the story and not dominating it. A fantastic read and if you enjoyed the authors i mentioned then you'll love this series. Couldn't wait to get into the next book and then downloaded the whole series to my kindle.(and the spin offs) I've already re read the whole series as its so entrtaining and is one of those which can be re read without becoming boring becuase the storyline and characters are so intense and just keep you wanting more.
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on 5 January 2008
I wasn't sure if I would like this - I bought it on an Amazon recommendation (which have steered me wrong before) - but I loved it!!! The heroine was smartass, sexy, honest and well deserving of the nickname 'Red Reaper', and the hero - whoooo!!!! Hot doesn't come close to describing Bones!

The story was excellent - background smoothly interposed with the action, seriously interesting characters, and a premise that I haven't seen anywhere before!

If you are fed up of angst ridden vampires, and limp heroines awaiting rescue, then grab this book and now!! The fighting, the steamy love-making scenes, all of it, 10/10!!
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on 8 February 2017
struggling to find a decent urban fantasy? i was. then i came across this. very exciting read and not too short. super endearing Cat and Bones, loved it. On par with my favourite books of similar genre. usually not keen on Vamp themed stories, maybe Twilight ruined the scene for me? anyway, cracking straight on with book two, happy reading everyone :-)

Oh and im British and didnt get sick of the slang. Quite enjoyed it to be honest :-) well written, kudos to the author!
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on 25 June 2010
I am a huge fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels and of Twilight as well. This series is really good. I started reading it and from the very first chapter you are captured. There is no slow boring start that you have to trudge through in order to get to where the good story starts. It has you from the beginning. The story also moves along quickly, leaving no boring bitts you want to skip over and keeps you interested. There is a lot of romance and action with a good balance between the two. My one criticism would be that Cat's character sometimes annoys me. She seems a bit spoilt and ungrateful at times, and doesn't have too much dignity, often embarrassing herself. But Bones on the other hand has you laughing with his silly English antics and balances her off nicely. I love their story too, just when you think there couldn't be much more to tell, you are surprised by sudden new developments that send the book in an unexpected direction. Their love isn't the nice easy clean relationship that most romance novels have. It's a little more realistic and that makes it more entertaining. They sometimes turn on each other and misunderstand each other just like normal couples do. Neither of them is perfect either so there are no victims here! I've read all of the books and can't wait for the next one. If you like your vampire romances you'll love these books.
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on 23 November 2007
Catherine Crawfield kills vampires. Half vampire herself, she is trying to pacify her mother, who was raped by a vampire and subsequently became pregnant with Cat. At the beginning of the book we join Cat on one of her hunts, but instead of being the one doing the staking, Cat finds herself at the mercy of Bones the vampire. Deciding to work together, they join forces and pursue Hennessey a vampire who definitely deserves killing. Their feelings for one another deepen, but Cat will eventually have to make a choice between her own happiness, and the safety of those she cares about.

I don't think Halfway to the Grave is helped by being labelled a paranormal romance. I think if the romance had been allowed to develop more slowly over the course of the series and the urban fantasy pushed harder the book overall would have been stronger. As it is the relationship between Bones and Cat feels a little rushed. Also romance readers who prefer their endings to be tied up neatly need to be aware this is the first in a series.

Catherine's character doesn't really settle down for the first forty pages or so of the story. As she's a first person protagonist the story doesn't really settle down until then either. She's very much a contradiction, and I think some of this is down to inconsistency.

I find it very hard to believe that Cat at age 22 has never used hard swear words. So on p5 my suspension of disbelief went out of the window. This woman has been to school, presumably been to the movies, hangs out in bars trying to pick up vampires. I realize her mother is over protective to say the least, as are her grandparents but this didn't quite gel for me. There is an incongruity between her physical age and her thought processes, which feel younger.

Luckily once we get past p.40 the plot takes off and we are sucked into Cat's world.

Overall then, I loved it, and was racing through the pages to find out what happened next. The relationship between Bones and Catherine, their banter, their chemistry, how they spark off one another - these are the things that makes this story come alive and raise it from being just another vampire book.

There are also nice little touches that flesh the world out - the vampire club, their visit to the cemetery, hiding out with a ghoul. Cat having to rethink her prejudices against the undead, working out how to deal with her mother - the woman could have started a cult she's got so much righteous venom. We're also given lots of little things that aren't resolved. Who is Cat's father? Will we be finding out more about Ian (Bone's sire)? What are the consequences of Cat's decision going to be?

The end goes a little Buffy Season 4, but I wasn't too bothered by that. What concerned me more here was Cat's seeming invincibility. Hopefully this will be addressed in the next book, and we'll be seeing a more realistic and mature heroine. And more from Bones.

Book 2 One Foot in the Grave (May 2008)
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