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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 June 2011
What do I know about smart phones absolutely nothing! However I acquired some cash so decided to buy myself one. What a joy it is! My grandson was very impressed that I would want to spend my money in this way. I was surprised that no instructions came with it; well apart from how to put in the battery and sim card. I went onto the HTC site and lo and behold I realised why! There are nearly 200 pages of instructions. I have downloaded a few and got to grips with texting, emailing, finding my way about my local area, etc. etc. Of course you have to be light fingered and not press too hard on the screen but when you have that under your belt you are away. As I am surfing the net a lot the battery life isn't that great. You must take heed not to have animated screen savers and turn off anything you do not use and this helps. I got a good deal with Tescos for £10 a month so I can surf to my hearts content. Doubt I will get through 5000 texts. I think this phone really is for young people who text a lot and who are on Facebook continually, but if you want to bamboozle your friends and have some street cred with the grandchildren buy this phone.
I will leave people who have more knowledge of the inners of this phone to tell you about it workings but I just love it for itself.
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on 3 July 2011
For the price this is a great little phone. If it's your first go at Android then try one of these before you spend out £500+ on something bigger. It may be slower than others but performs perfectly well for general app use and Google maps. If you're one of these people that must use their phone for games then you may be disappointed. Lots of people moan about battery life and if they had done their research before buying they would know that you'd be lucky to get more than 1 day out of any modern day Smartphone, be it Android of Windows. However, with data services disabled you will get 3 or so days out of one charge with light usage. Yes, this defeats the point of having a Smartphone but if you don't want automatic refreshes, updates, email etc then turn on data as and when you need it.
In summary -
- Size is perfect, easily fits in to your pocket.
- Solid build from HTC
- Crystal clear screen, good colour
- Sync with MS Outlook, contacts and calendar only.
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on 7 June 2011
I didn't want a black phone so got the white one,I wanted a touch phone but as I am a pensioner I was a bit apprehensive of going down this road from a keypad phone, so I did my research first and came up with the New HTC Wildfire S.It is just the most simple phone to use all my concerns of a touch phone went right out the window.
Everything is quick and easy to set up.The touch screen took a bit of getting use to but with practice a couple of hours later I was up and running.
My only gripe is making a phonecall when you go to make a call scroll into the phone book touch on the contact u want it goes straight to ring so if you have touched the wrong contact by mistake it rings them, might have been better if a stylus was incorporated into the phone for thick fingered users like me and also when you end the call you have to watch that you don't ring the person back.
The battery is good for a small phone and it feels comfortable in your hand.
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on 24 September 2011
I gave this phone a glowing review when I first got it, but since then have discovered a big flaw in its ability to run a range of apps - see 'UPDATE' below.

The Wildfire S is quite a deal. Even after buying a 32GB Micro SD card, it works out cheaper than the latest 32GB iPod Touch, yet it has the features of an iPhone costing over twice that (including GPS and, of course, the ability to make calls). It's outclassed in some respects (such as performance) by the Apple products, but it still does the same things, and the Android operating system is beginning to rival Apple's platform for ease of use and choice of Apps.

The Wildfire S is smaller than an iPod/iPhone, and in my view more useable as a phone for that reason. The screen is smaller than Apple's, although the area below the screen is also a touchpad, with four standard 'buttons' (Home, Menu, Back and Search) which make using Apps more consistent. Performance is fine - you'd need to be a hard-core gamer or 'milliseconds are money' business user to find it insufficient. Battery life is, as many have said, poor - literally 5-6 hours if you use all the toys - but if you switch off mobile networking and GPS (easy to do) it's much better, so the choice is yours. On the upside it charges very quickly.

The phone's version of the Android operating system comes with HTC's own user interface ('HTC Sense'), which does, indeed make sense - it's easy to find all your apps, and fairly easy to get to the settings you need. The touch screen is as responsive as Apple's, and although the on-screen 'keyboard' for typing is a bit cramped, I don't think it's any worse than the iPod's. The Adroid Marketplace is, if anything, less hassle than Apple's, and there are plenty of apps - within hours I had my Wildfire equipped with (free) apps to do all those iPhoneish things like read barcodes, search by image (Google Goggles) and even find tunes by listening to you hum them (the amazing SoundHog). Satnav software is included and actually works, for walking around streets as well as driving.

Anyone who's waited what seems like all day for iTunes to sync their iPod/Phone will be pleased to hear that you can treat the Wildfire as a disk drive and just copy music etc across, although there is an HTC sync app if you want it. Sound quality is slightly worse than my 3rd-gen iPod Touch, as is video quality (it doesn't always quite keep up during playback, but that's what you pay for with Apple). The 5MP camera has a very effective flash and takes a pretty good pic, although pressing the touch-screen button while holding it is difficult. 720p video suffers badly from 'jelly-roll' when panning, but again this is what you get for this price.

The Wildfire S is a very likeable product, and excellent value for money. It feels well made, works well and has masses of functionality, and if on occasions it isn't as smooth as Apple's alternatives, that's more than outweighed by the savings. It makes sense even if you don't get a calling plan (so can't use mobile networking), but for just a few pounds a month (or even on Pay As You Go) you can get a 'SIM Only' deal that will turn it into a full-scale iPhone alternative.

I've found that if you like installing a variety of apps, then the Wildfire S has a problem. All apps (even ones that have been 'moved to the SD card') take up space on the phone's internal memory. The Wildfire S only has 150MB of that available (out of 500MB total), and it soon gets used up (it's used to store contact information and temporary data storage too), so however much space you have on your SD card, you can't install any more apps. The need to use internal memory applies to all Android phones, but presumably HTC's more expensive models have more internal memory (although I'd check before buying). For me, having a range of apps installed is part of the fun of these things (I even used my iPod spirit level app recently!), and this relegates the Wildfire S from iPhone alternative to camera phone with moderate app capabillity. Shame.
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on 30 July 2011
Really nice phone that is full of surprises.

What can it do?

Text, Phone, Watch You Tube videos, Surf the net, use Google, email, visit Facebook, get up to date weather forecasts and news, listen to music, the list is endless.

Things you will need:

A 3G sim card (my last phone used a 2G sim card so had to replace on O2)

A web price plan (O2 do a WEB ALL ROUNDER bolt on for pay and go for six pounds a month)
You don't have to use a price plan, but it's a lot more expensive without it.

Download an application called "Call Confirm" because it is so easy to call someone accidentally on this phone as i found out on my first day by accidentally ringing for a taxi 5 times!

The keyboard is a little small, but with practice you soon get used to it.

Battery life is short but considering the amount of applications that are available, that's no surprise.

I think it's a fantastic, very responsive phone and for me the browser speed is more than good enough.

If you are careful with things like not leaving Bluetooth and WiFi turned on, then you will get about 2 days between charges.

What do i think to it? I love it!
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on 12 June 2011
I bought this for my partner as a gift because he's one of those guys who loves technology but is hard to impress and having owned an HTC Desire for a year I know how cracking HTC phones can be. He absolutely loves this phone. It's palm size which means you can easily type without having to hold the phone with both hands (something I have to do when texting on my Desire). It's small size means it can be carried in a pocket without creating a massive bulge or feeling awkward when you sit down. It's light, sleek, and compact, but feels robust. For me, the main reason to choose HTC over other smartphones is the amount of fun you can have with it in terms of setting up your home screens, your widgets, apps and skins... you can literally make it anything you want it to be. For creative people it's definitely far more satisfying than having to choose from a limited set of "wallpapers". The Wildfire S really is fantastic.
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on 27 July 2011
I like: Crisp display, snappy navigation, fits in skinny jeans pocket, Android Gingerbread.

I don't like: Contacts management is extremely confusing. Battery life a little short with heavy use.

A great little Android phone at an affordable price. Friends of mine with iPhones have envied the HTC Wildfire S for it's good looks and small frame. It's not a gaming power-house but for less demanding games and general smart phone usage it can't be beaten. Thank you HTC- you've done it again!
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on 3 August 2011
I have had the phone for just over a month and I have brought it along on holiday.

1. Works well as a phone (though "confirm call" is a must have.).
2. Both for stills and videos the camera performs well as a replacement of a holiday snapper. Inexperience led to many clips being rotated: avidemux on PC solved that quick enough. In my perception the pics are better quality than the video-clips.
3. WiFi connections are increasingly available for free: this allows uploading pics to flickr for backups and some to Facebook for sharing.
4. In most cases I can just use bleutooth to download pics and clips to the laptop.
5. An affordable&ubiquitous USB connection can be used for charging.
6. The phone looks nice.
7. With the GPS you can always find your way home and your pictures self-document where you were when they were taken.
8. When you get to a free wifi-spot (free wifi on camping, ferry and in chains like McDonalds) you can quickly check your email, the weather forecasts, backup your sms'messages to a gmail-folder, and upload some pics to facebook.
9. Use as mini-pc to look up things online etc..

1. Data-connections are expensive, so I just use WiFi. This will seriously limit many possibilities.
2. Battery-life is not great. But you can easily charge almost anywhere with USB. In Eurodisney I just topped-up frome a solar-powered battery. Lasted all day with some vidoes and many pics.
3. Fidgety mini-everything (keyboard, screen). If I had one with a Pico-projector and a bleutooth keyboard I could leave the laptop at home.
4. Too small internal memory. You have to move apps to SD-card, but then you cannot use them when you connct to a PC with "disk-drive" rather than "charge-only".
5. When you connect the phone to a PC and activate the "Disk Drive" instead of "Charge Only" the disk becomes invisible to the Phone.
6. Flash light is not great. Some youtube clips play, some do not, iPlayer does not work.

Favorite Applications:
1. Just use as mobile-phone.
2. Camera/Video.
3. Music Folder Player Free
4. Weather/Mail/Clock/Facebook in HTC-sense.
5. Flashlight
6. Navigation, Mapquest, Maps, Sygic.
7. Protecting with pattern instead of password.

Screen-protector added.
I have not used all the options to selct an individual look or style, I have added a cover and attahced a strap on that to carry it around my neck.

Overal Verdicict: I love this phone. Despite it's limitations the phone scores well to excellent on most points. No need to spend big money on high end Smartphones, hopefully their technology will be outdated or lowered in price so soon that my next phone will e able to do more for a reasonable price.

Additional info after 1 year of usage:
1. This phone has replaced my camera for day-to-day snaps (taking kids to the park etc.) and I use its video-capability more often than I thought I would.
2. I still love the look and feel.
3. I do use screen-protectors and I have had to replace them a couple of times.
4. I have started using a 32Gb Micro-SD card. I have also found that Osmaand and Navfree allow downloading of maps for free. Even if there is no WiFi or 3G (so I cannot use Google-Maps) I always know where I am. I can also drive abroad without needing data-connections.
5. The limited memory has become the only real downside of the phone. I will need to get a bigger-memory camera next.
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on 15 July 2011
I've had the phone for about a month now and generally I am very happy with it. It's my first venture into smartphones and has me wanting more. It's really an entry level smartphone and so don't expect iPhone performance. I researched a lot of information before buying it and knew that this was not going to blow my socks off, but it was an affordable way to get a smart phone without a contract. After a couple of days of getting used to the main functions I was well on my way to mastering it. The HTC touchscreen keyboard is a little small and I've often been tapping the wrong letters, but it outputs what I meant to type (It's a sort of predictive style of input/output). It's not the best smartphone out there, but for the money it's pretty good!

1) Good size
2) Not too heavy
3) Responsive touch screen (most of the time)
4) Fast for a small processor and RAM
5) Lots of apps available

1) Not capable of full Flash Player and applications like BBC iPlayer & Google Earth (but does have Flash Lite)
2) Small internal storage. It states 512MB, but this is mostly taken up by the operating system, HTC Sense and pre-installed apps. Which leave about 60MB.
3) Battery life is not the best.

General Comments (Neither Pro or Con)
1) Although battery life is not the best, it does depend on how you use the phone and what you have running. Remember it's a smartphone and so surfing the net, synching, GPS & Bluetooth will run the battery down quickly. But if just used as a phone with light net surfing and app use then it will probably last 2 days or possible more.
2) Managing storage space can become tricky, but transferring apps to the SD (micro) card will help.

If the internal storage and battery life were just a little better then I think this would become a 5 Star rating.
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on 5 January 2012
I've been a loyal iPhone user from day one, having had three of them but began to get cheesed off with the phone freezing and calls ending abruptly, also the size has become too large to fit in a trouser pocket and the iPhone 5 is said to be longer still!...
Htc Wildfire is fabulous, everything the iPhone has and more in a compact package, I love it...didn't think I would ever move away from Apple but I have and I'm smitten.

There are only two little niggles that I have with the Wildfire and that is:

1. Because of its compactness it's not as fast/easy to text as the iPhone but I suspect I will adjust to this.
2. Apple's software is child's play, the way you launch applications is soooooooooo easy because Apple does the thinking for you but with HTC YOU have to think more to launch an application, it's common sense but Apple did this for you with the iPhone and has made iPhone users lazy.

Battery compsumption was an issue to start with until I loaded up a FREE application called EASY BATTERY SAVER which allows you to run the phone with only the applications you want running, it's so clever and yet so simple..."sounds like an apple!"

Get a Wildfire, you won't be disappointed.
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