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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 8 April 2012
This is a preliminary review, since I've only had the phone for a couple of days, and am still exploring its possibilities.

However, so far, I've been very impressed. The build quality is beautiful (a solid piece of polycarbonate with a gorilla glass screen spanning the whole front face of the device). It's slim and lightweight (unlike previous HTC models, that tended to be heavy beacuse of their use of an aluminium unibody, and rather on the chunky side). The HD screen is stunning - bright, vibrant, and with incredible detail. This is the first phone display I've seen that out-does the brilliant IPS display of the iPhone. The quad core processor means that the phone undertakes even the most demanding of tasks with ease - no lags or stutter - everything is wonderfully smooth.The camera seems to offer good performance (though haven't used it in a sufficient variety of settings/conditions to come to a definitive view). The sound (with Beats Audio enhancement) is excellent - combined with the screen and processor power, it makes watching 1080P HD video a real treat.

A lot has been made of the issue of battery life - both because of the power requirements of this device, and because of HTC's past record of less than impressive battery performance (the HTC Desire I've been using until now, while not terrible, wasn't great either is this respect). After a few days use, my view is that HTC have clearly done some work on the battery issue - reasonably demanding use (a few hours of video/web browsing/game playing), synching multiple email accounts, WI-FI, 3G and GPS 'on') and the phone will get through a normal working day (but will need an early evening top-up). Given the screen and processor in this phone, that's acceptable in my view.

Downsides? Not many. I have noticed some patchiness in pinch-to-zoom and text reflow with the stock web browswer - but hopefully this will be corrected with an update (or I'll use an alternative browser). Fortunately, I've not experienced the screen flicker and 'banding' issues that some users have reported.

One issue to bear in mind is the inevitable size of this phone - unavoidable if one wants that amazing screen. Having moved-up from a smaller phone (with a 3.7 inch screen), the phone doesn't feel easy to use in single-handed operation - just a bit too wide and tall. The slick polycarbonate body also gives the feeling that it might slip out of the hand if using it one-handed (though I'll buy a skin and see if this helps grip for one-handed use). So, for those with small hands, this might just prove too large to handle comfortably - worth bearing in mind, and perhaps considering the slightly more compact HTC One S as an alternative.

The verdict so far - not quite perfect, but as close as I've seen any phone get to being the ultimate all-round mobile device.

FOLLOW-UP. Well, it's now been a few weeks that I've had the phone, so thought it worthwhile to add some additional comments. In all, I continue to be very impressed with the device. I did mention a few glitches, such as rendering issues in the stock browser. However, last week I installed the OTA (over the air) update from HTC, and that seems to have solved those problems. Moreover, the update includes some other valuable fixes. Firstly, according to HTC, there's a battery fix that increases the life by 20% - I'm finding now that the battery does indeed last longer (I've also installed Juice Defender, which adds additional lasting power). I've read other reviews and comments about the battery life, saying how terrible it is. Maybe this is a reflection of different patterns of use from different people, but for me the phone comfortably gets through the day, which is all I reasonably expect from a high end smartphone of this kind. Also, HTC have fixed a problem with the camera software - apparently, it previously stopped images being saved in files larger than 3MB, thereby reducing the definition and quality of images. This has now been fixed, meaning that the 8MP camera can peform at its best, and I've been very impressed with the quality of images.

So, in all, I'm really pleased I went with this phone - a great performer, with that added 'wow factor' and beautiful styling.
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on 15 April 2012
I've had the phone for a couple of weeks, and can confirm all in Hodroulis' review, especially relating to size and feel. However, it fits neatly into trouser or jacket pocket.

The first one I had did show the screen flicker, where the image would try to re-size very slightly but several times during high processing load. I noticed this in the store, but a restart sorted it. It then started again at home. The HTC support team quickly identified this as a fault and I got a replacement from the local 3 store the next day. The new one is fine, so it looks like a manufacturing problem with some units.

If you decide to go with this phone, use the Bluetooth transfer function to copy your contacts across from your old to the new phone and set up your email account at the same time. This should flex the processor and show if the unit has the flicker problem.

To add to Hodroulis' very good review, I find that
- the GPS receiver locks on very quickly
- the operating system (Ice cream sandwich - Android 4)is generally intuitive
- video calls over Skype work well
- copes well with multiple apps and web page tabs being open, synchronizing etc
- Battery will of course be an issue due to the large variation of power-sucking apps and large screen. Many apps demand power unnecessarily. There are many available apps, eg Juice Defender, which do a good job of controlling this to prolong life.

If you're looking for a good, large screen, light weight, good multimedia experience and smooth operation then this is a great option. It does make phone calls too, but with 3's all you can eat data and Skype, email and Facebook, who makes calls?
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on 21 July 2015
Great Phone, amazing features. Just overall a very very good phone. The screen quality is amazing. Nice feel. Just hands down one of HTC's best phones.
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on 27 February 2013
Fanstastic phone, fast slick and Sense UI is much better than samsung's touch wiz..

But HTC's "multitasking" isn't real multitasking and doesn't allow multiwindow like the samsung.. This could probably be forgiven if everything else worked, but things like DLNA don't work (have tested with my PS3) but do with the S3, and wifi direct cannot be enabled in the menu :(
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on 19 October 2015
Need 50 chargers with this one.
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on 21 April 2012
I'm completely blown away by how good this phone is. I had an HTC Desire for 2 years before this and it was really tired, and I was getting pretty sick of it running out of juice by 3pm after not using it a lot. If you upgrade from an HTC Desire, you will see a huge improvement.

The HTC One X is 10 times better in almost every department. It's quick, intuitive to use. Swype keyboard is a revelation. The camera's fantasic and has a really quick shutter speed in comparison with my old phone. The face and smile detection are awesome. The sound quality on the One X's pre-loaded music player is a massive improvement with the Beats Audio turned on and, though you apparently get the full benefit if you have some Beats headphones, I've just got a decent pair of cheaper earphones and the sound difference is still substantial in my view.

I've noticed a number of people complain about battery life. Frankly, it hasn't been a problem for me. I use the phone a reasonable amount through the day. I unplug my phone from an overnight charge at 6.30am or so. Listen to music before work. Surf the web, check email, Twitter, E-bay, Amazon etc. Make/take some calls. Likewise during lunchtime and I usually play the odd game. Same on the way home and on and off through the evening. Probably fairly average use. I'm typing this at 12.30am and the phone still has charge left. Easily much, much better than I was used to with the HTC Desire.

If I play 3d games on the One X, this does drain the batter much more quickly and I got 2-3 of hours' charge out of the phone when I play 3d games on it solidly. However, compare this to the Playstation Vita, which has a battery life of 3-5 hours. In this context, I really fail to understand people who complain about the battery life. This is a phone! If you are buying it as a games machine, frankly there are better and cheaper options, like the PS Vita.

The phone is big. It is wierd at first, but after using it for a week, my old phone now feels like a toy in comparison.

Is it better than an i-phone 4S? Both definitely have their pros and cons and it's an old argument. But I'm a fan of Android, and I feel this is the best Android phone around. I am 100% glad I bought it.
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on 3 October 2012
I'll start with amazons handling of the product. I paid extra for the next day delivery however was worried it wasn't going to arrive as it stated next working day delivery and it was a Friday so I wasn't sure if it would be delivered on the Saturday. I ordered it at 3am, it was dispatched by 12 the same day and arrived at my house the next day (Saturday) at roughly 12. The item was as described with no fault, it came with no charge in the battery so I did have to charge it for roughly 30 minutes before turning it on to give it some charge. Not a problem but it's something to note. So overall I am extremely happy with both the price and delivery offered by Amazon in this product.

Next onto the HTC. I'm 17 years old so I use my phone constantly, I decided to buy this phone mainly for the screen size and beautiful design. This phone hasn't dissapointed me yet, the graphics on games are fantastic especially the Tegra HD games. It's fast and does everything I need it to do. The battery I would prefer to be slightly better however it can last me roughly 10-12 hours even with 2-4 hours of hard gaming ( GTA 3, Dead Trigger etc. ) which are all big 3D games so you can't expect battery to last too long. If you aren't using the phone for gaming quite as much as me you can expect your battery to last a lot longer 12-24.

If you're looking for a phone that has a large screen, is fast, beautiful design etc. this is a great phone for you. It outclasses the iPhone and is on par with the Samsung Galaxy S3. Like I said the only problem I have with this phone is the battery, but even that is managerable and not too much of a problem to make me not want the phone.
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on 23 September 2014
The one star is for the phone..I have twice already praised the seller for his courteous and promt service..thank you...!!!!
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on 12 April 2012
Okay problem number but fault of my own, I wish I had realised that the phone now uses a micro sim as I was very frustrated when my old sim didn't fit but it's a problem easily rectified and my provider is sending the new sim.

I was very surprised by the weight or should I say lack of it, when I took it out the box I thought I needed to put the battery in it as it was so light but it was already encased. The size of the phone is just right being so big it allows you to appreciate the truly stunning screen but not so big that you feel you are putting a tablet to your face. The body of the phone feels sturdy and in no way flimsy and very stylish.

The screen is sharp and the sheer ease of use is fantastic comparing the phone to my htc desire you can see they haven't left the htc roots but the performance and the possibilities are so much more advanced. The speed and response is blisteringly fast it feels like your using something out of Mission Impossible.

The camera is stunning and truly unbelievable with it's possibilities it has so many options.

However....I was very worried about the recent reviews of the dreaded screen flickering and was watching the phone like a hawk. After playing with the phone for a couple of hours the left side of the screen did a slight pixel merge which flickered for about 5 minutes, I then placed the phone on it's back and the top of the screen completely screwed up as if it had been dropped I touched the screen and it rectified immediately. It hasn't done this again since and seems to be okay but I'm still returning it, I'm not paying nearly £500 for a phone for it to not be absolutely perfect. I will be getting a replacement and hope that it will be okay.

All in all this phone exceeds any that's on the market and I look forward to receiving the replacement.
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Fantastic phone but there have been a few issues. I got this last year on contract and have been very happy with it overall. At first I thought it was too big, I did have a HTC Desire. But after a weekend of use the Desire felt like a toy compared to this!

It's fast, has a slick interface from HTC, and in the time I've had it has had a number of updates. The most recent update added the excellent Google Now, which if you use Google products is a great little tool that shows you weather items, calendar items, and traffic reports on where you might be going (e.g. search for a restaurant on Google and Google Now will tell you how long it takes to arrive and what the traffic is like).

The handset itself has a nice solid feel to it, the screen is clear and the processor is so fast you won't have any slow downs.

One of the draw backs I've found is the battery will only last you a day with general usage. It can mean you run out of power if you don't get a chance to charge it before heading out and about in the evening, which can be annoying if you want to use it as a camera or to access social media on the go.

The second issue I've had with the phone is that it has crashed on a number of occasions. The handset will randomly restart and when it reloads it asks me to send an error report to HTC. I hope the various updates that've come out have no fixed most of the issues, but they haven't got them all, it still crashes every now and then.

The camera is excellent, although I miss a dedicated camera button, using the on screen button is a bit annoying.

Sound quality is fantastic. I'm so use to rubbish headphones and a tinny sound from mobiles that I was really impressed with the One X. The supplied headphone are really good quality, they are anti tangle and therefore don't get as messed up when you pop them in your pocket. The sound is rich and has a surprising amount of bass.

If you're looking for a powerhouse of a mobile that will handle anything you throw at it I'd 100% recommend the One X. Even with the low battery life (fairly standard on big screen mobiles) and occasional restarts this is still a fantastic handset and you won't be disappointed.
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