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on 28 November 2013
I should say first that I didn't buy my printer through Amazon.

I have used HP printers for years. This one rates as the worst I have had. Now, don't get me wrong ... the wireless element works well; the scanner seems to be fine; it prints colour pretty quickly and the ink lasts well. So, what could be wrong? Well, if you are doing any more than basic printing with brand new paper - forget it! The paper feed is non-existent and that affects performance badly. I have been trying to print a double sided Christmas letter. Using the double-sided option resulted in one page being the wrong way round and though there is a delay for ink to dry this was insufficient to avoid smudges and made the whole operation slooooowwww. So, I opted to print one side at a time. When it came to the reverse side, with no guides, the paper jumped everywhere resulting in skewed print and many jams. I have had to feed each sheet in individually ... and that REDUCED the number of jams. In the end, I left my sheets drying under a weigh overnight. That helped, but I still need to feed each page individually and it still jams.

I have also been printing a Christmas card - using the maximum 200gm paper (which, incidentally, I have been using for years with other HP printers). The card has a border ... and once again, the LACK OF PAPER FEED GUIDES has meant that I have had to feed each card in individually though it is extremely hard to time it just right as the printed sheet comes out to cover the paper feed. The colour is good though and the printer coped with this weight of paper which seems to have no bearing on my problems.

Note: edited from 3 stars to 2 - see comment below

So, if you need an occasional print and want to use wireless then fine. If you need to do more serious printing then this probably isn't the printer for you. Personally, I will be looking at other printer manufacturers in future.
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on 16 December 2013
Bought this some time ago as printer inks were being discontinued for my old Lexmark. On the upside the print quality is pretty good for photos on even regular quality photo paper. The inks are independently changeable (even the individual colour inks). This was sold as an advantage but actually they all run out more or less the same time - if you end up being frugal and changing say the yellow, then next print the magenta will run out and so on. On the downside the printer is really noisy and spends tens of seconds jiggling around initialising itself whenever you print anything - I have no idea what it's doing. The worst aspect by far though is the paper feeder tray. It frequently fails to pick up paper (especially heavier weight paper like photopaper or card) and you sort of need to force feed it the paper one sheet at a time as it frequently sucks up more than one sheet (if it grips any at all). Really a cheapy product - surprisingly so for HP and not worth the 90 pounds price tag. In future I would shell out 250 and get a budget colour laser that can do the basics e.g. load paper the rate this printer goes through ink it is a better move longterm too.
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on 14 December 2013
I have owned plenty of HP printers in the past but this one is without comparison in its inability to perform the most basic printing tasks. I purchased it as a recommended Apple wireless printer but finally had to purchase a USB lead to guarantee at least some printing certainty when i need it. But that said there is a list of problems - Paper feed - poor, wireless - intermittent operation and to cap it all it now it will not print black text. I've done everything recommended - cleaned the print heads (4 times) replaced ink cartridges. But now i've given up and consigned it to the scrap bin. Cannon / Epson here i come.
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on 27 February 2016
Bought this printer from a well-known retail outlet here in the UK, having previously used a Canon printer that performed flawlessly for so long that Canon discontinued the product and the inks. I have had an HP LaserJet 4L before and again that worked brilliantly but HP discontinued it and the cartridges became unavailable...

Anyway, this is without doubt a really SHODDY piece of hardware. Leaving aside the non-existent aesthetic appeal (like so many of this MFDs it looks like a budget bread bin), it rapidly developed numerous problems. The biggest are:

I) the paper feed is hopeless - sometimes no paper goes through, sometimes several sheets attempt to come through, other times one goes through but at an angle. Really, the entire paper tray and feed mechanism is terrible. As for duplex, I tried it once and then had to spend at least 10 minutes picking paper out of the machine which had become jammed in.
II) the wireless performance - it probably would be good if you sat it on top of your router, but for most people this isn't practical. I had to purchase a USB lead to at least make sure my jobs got to the printer so it could get on with the task of failing to print them.
As soon as the warranty had expired it failed completely - all I get now is a request to clear a non-existent paper jam. This is normally preceded by several minutes of appalling grinding sounds.

Given the exorbitant cost of the HP ink cartridges (which this thing ate like they were going out of fashion) I cannot really recommend it at all. I will be looking for a monochrome laser as soon as possible, and I will just send my pictures to a professional print bureau on the odd occasion I need them. It will be worth the extra cost just to know that I will actually get them.
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on 19 November 2014
Full disclosure - I didn't actually buy this from Amazon; I bought it elsewhere.
As other reviewers have pointed out, the paper feed really lets this printer down. I need to do a lot of double-sided printing and this is almost impossible on this printer. Sometimes it grabs two sheets at once, so page 2 is printed on the back of page 3, not page 1 and so on. Sometimes it grabs the first sheet and spits it out without attempting to print on it. Sometimes it sort of fans two sheets out, so it prints half a document on one sheet, and half on the next. This means huge wastage of paper and also of the extremely expensive ink, and also means a waste of time, as I am constantly having to refeed paper and reprint.
The ink is expensive, and gets used up much faster than on my previous HP printer - even though I almost always use the draft setting. It isn't really an economy having separate colour cartridges, as they all get used up at about the same time.
Not all my devices will connect wirelessly to this, although I haven't had many problems getting the pc to connect wirelessly - other gadgets just won't connect.
It's often slow to start printing - for some reason it has to initialise, even though it has been switched on for ages.
I also get, several times an hour, an error message saying that scan to computer has been lost. The function actually seems fine, but the constant error message becomes irritating very quickly.
On the plus side, the print quality is fine.
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on 26 September 2014
i was happy with my purchase originally after 3 or 4 uses now im very unhappy
paperjam / stopping half way through a print / loss of connection between pc n printer
wish i had gone for a more reliable one!!
we live and learn
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on 7 July 2014
Value for money and working perfect. paper jam some times but really doesn't matter unless using it for continuous printing purposes. It has very good features and you can print from any part of the world to your printer using HP E-connect technology through internet.
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on 2 February 2015
don't touch it. absolute rubbish. could not get it to work wirelessly - unless i turned the router off and on every time i wanted to print anything. had to revert to USB cable. paper feed wouldn't feed. ink cartridges seem to run out almost with every piece of paper. had to keep unloading them and rubbing the ink outputs - the software is rubbish - online support is rubbish. Buy a quill and some ink - you'll do better.
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on 22 October 2014
Don't buy this. I've had HP printers for years and been very pleased. This is poor. The scanner is good for the money and the printer works BUT it slowly drips ink into a pad when not in use. As a result cartridges last about 6 weeks EVEN IF YOU DON'T USE IT. At £30 for a full set this makes this printer too expensive to use. We use this only occasionally and every time we try to print the cartridges are empty - all of them. I've tried to refill them but the printer just complains and drips ink everywhere.
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on 20 July 2014
I am very disappointed with this printer. It has only had light use and, as recommended, I have only used HP's (expensive) print cartridges. Yet after less than two years it has gradually started making loud grinding noises and displaying a variety of messages referring to carriage jams, paper jams and improper shutdowns. Despite spending many hours repeatedly going through the troubleshooting procedures on the HP website the problem remains unresolved. I have carried out careful inspections and can see no evidence at all of jammed paper. Taking the printer in for service will be too costly so, regrettably, I will now have to buy a new one. It certainly won't be an HP printer.
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