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on 20 October 2009
This printer was very easy to set up and was connected wirelessly to both of my computers within an hour of it arriving.
The only downside to it is the start up configuration when it is switched on each time. It takes a long time and is very noisy.Apart from that it is a good printer and is simple to operate.
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on 17 October 2011
Good but printer is abit noisy in printing, wireless connection is OK but the setup process should be made easier - the instruction manual is not entirely clear and lengthy - but for the price is worth it.
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on 1 September 2010
I bought this printer a little over a week ago (Aug 2010). After reading the reviews, I was concerned about difficulties I may experience in setting it up and with the level and duration of noise made by the machine (it's located about a foot away from my right ear).

However, the set up (I used the built in wireless capability - so that it communicates directly with my Sky supplied router/modem) required the same degree of technical knowledge as is required to set up a laptop on a home wireless network, i.e. the name of the network (the SSID), the network encryption key (the WPA-PSK), and (in my case) adding the printer to the "Wireless Station Access List" within the router. In short, providing this information is readily available, then installation is not technically challenging.

However, while it isn't technically challenging, it does take time - as the HP software needs to be installed on each computer that is to use the printer - and I guess (as I didn't time it) 20 minutes per machine (with the first machine taking considerably longer - which needs to be attached to the printer via a USB cable during the initial set up - which can then be removed once the printer is connected to the wireless network).

Once the printer was configured to run on the wireless network and the software was installed on each of our four Win7 computers (three desktops connected via Ethernet cables and one laptop connected via wireless) - it worked fine.

As yet, I have not been prompted to download any additional HP printer related software, so this aspect of the installation process that caused others a fair degree of frustration - hopefully, will pass me by altogether.

In regards to the noise, from reading the reviews, I was expecting far worse. I'd class the level and duration of the machine noise as `a little irritating' rather than `unbearable'. Certainly, in my case, now that I know the level of machine noise, it is not of a sufficient volume or duration for me to regret the purchase. That said, it can go on for some minutes making those strange sounds.

Printing speed. The product description (manufacturers description) on Amazon states "Maximum print speeds of 32 ppm black, 31 ppm colour and laser-quality output at speeds up to 7 ppm black and 7 ppm colour". While the wonderful caveat "at speeds up to" is used, I'm not experiencing anything like this. There is two aspects to this observation, (i) when the print button is clicked, the printer takes xxxx time to make its funny noise before it starts to print; (ii) once it starts to print - it is slower than 7 ppm in black. To give you an idea, I wrote this review in Word (using the 10 point Arial font) which takes up almost exactly a page (769 words). Once I click the print button, it took approx. 2 seconds before there was any observable response from the printer, then approx. six seconds making its wonderful sounds, then approx. 11 seconds from when I first observed the top sheet of paper (in the paper tray) move to when the page had fully printed. So, from clicking the print button to having a printed sheet takes approx 19 seconds. Obviously, for a multi-page document, the first two stages apply only to the first page - so subsequent pages will come though more timely.

Other reviews mentioned that the printer kept changing its IP address - which caused difficulties for the reviewer. I don't (or haven't) suffered from this - as I fixed the IP address within the router. My router is Sky supplied, so I'm guessing pretty basic. However, under option: ADVANCED - LAN IP SETUP - ADDRESS RESERVATION - there is the functionality to map the MAC address of the printer (which is readily available from a menu option on the printer) to a fixed internal IP address. I've used this facility to fix all my computer IP addresses, as the router was intermittently changing their IP addresses - which was causing me frustration (i.e. I apply specific firewall rules to specific computers [as defined by their IP address] - which I used to limit my children's access time to the internet). As such, this may be a solution to the issue of the printer randomly changing its IP address.

Overall rating is 4 out of five. The less than perfect score is due to (a) the noise (which, admittedly is less than I was expecting, but still irritating); and (b) the print speed being slower than expected.
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on 22 October 2009
I Recently purchased this printer and I am very happy with it. I use it in my home office and does everything i need, its true that its noisy on start up but for the price its easily tolerated. be aware that it comes with introductery colour ink cartridges, but have had it for over a month and still haven't needed to replace them. Highly recommended
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on 7 January 2010
Upgraded from an old colour, what a difference. Copying, scanning, photographs not to mention printing. Very useful device that converts a home study into a complete office. Only faults: why a fax - old technology! also the HP Updates are a pain in the ........ I don't wnat continuos updates - just a printer that does what it is supposed to do when I buy it (which strangely it appears to do!).
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on 5 February 2010
It was with a bit trepidation that I bought this printer. Some of the reviews I read were not great, my past experience of HP printers have not been great. However, I liked the look of the product, it has everything I want/need, and the price was more than tempting!

I've only had it a couple of days, but I have to say I'm very impressed so far. It was extremely easy to set up - I set it up on a Windows 7 laptop, a Vista desktop and a Mac Powerbook G4. The only problems I had were with the Windows 7 machine and that due to Windows 7 software not being on the CD that came with the printer. However after a few minutes on google and the internet I managed to download the entire HP software for Windows 7 and installed it without issue.

So far I've been impressed with the print quality and it's speed. It feels and looks sturdy and all the features seem to work perfectly (haven't used fax yet though!).

I'd have no problems recommending it to anyone I know.
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on 27 June 2010
Great printing, scanning and copying. Excellent quality
Good solid quality machine (although it does shake the table a lot!)
Excellent value, especially for such a high quality machine with so many functions.
Bit slow to start printing, and also with the duplex. Also took ages to calibrate itself once started.
Bit noisy when it settles down after doing some work.
I like the digital display, even though it took me a while to understand it.
Problems installing - the pictorial instrcutions are not very clear, and I couldn't find text instructions in the manual. So I ended up putting the USB cable in the phone plug socket (didn't know one could do that!), and then the software wouldn't install, and I couldn't exit. So I had to crash it and uninstall and re-install. Took me hours, with strange printer errors that I could not find explanations for.
The fax I have not been able to resolve (something wrong with the line), but I do not like the fax programme - very user unfriendly.
Lots of software bundled with it, but I thought most of it was memory hungry, badly designed and a bit pointless. eg "HP Solution Centre" & "HP Photosmart Essential 3.5". Still, as long as one stops them running on start-up, then no harm is done.
Also, a warning - HP have lots of different models with slightly different numbers. They use one model number in some places and a different model number in others, and Amazon does not always make these clear. So, make sure you are getting the one you want.
All in all, I recommend it, despite a few flaws.
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on 29 January 2010
Bought this printer as a replacement for an 8 year old LaserJet
3380 which had given great service.
The printer works well wireless (in another room from my laptop)
but there is a fault with the software which keeps telling me
that it hasn't been loaded properly. This is annoying.
I am also concerned that it may consume a lot more ink which is
very expensive, rather than the previous printer's frugal toner.
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on 10 February 2010
HP Officejet 6500 Wireless Multifunction All-in-One Printer, Copier, Scanner and Fax

Purchased £97.86 9/1/2010 & delivered on 3rd day, using the free 3-5 day delivery.

well contstructed good value for money as scans & prints in colour can fax in B&W or colour & fairly easy to set up with PC so all incoming faxes copied to PC.

Faxing out can be via printer keypad or directly from PC via the printer with software supplied.

Cut sheet feeder works well & on multple scanning software recognises page breaks immediately without messing around afterwards with image on screen to set up each page area (as on my HP Photosmart 2575 before).

After each print run the machine does seem to have quite a lot of clicking & whiring noises as it sets itself up ready for next print run which is a bit annoying if you are sitting next to the printer - but bearable.

It also has a duplex unit to print back & front of page although I have yet to test this facility.

The couple of times I have had a paper jam, it has simply been a matter of unclipping the 'duplix' unit from the back of the machine & taking out the paper.

Cartridges seem tiny but separate black plus 3 x individual colour cartidges. Apparently the initial cartridges are low volume starter ones. But having said that I got my first low ink warning after 30 days use yesterday, but have yet to change the cartridge over & still going.

This printer is wireless but not clear from the spec is it also comes network ready so can be plugged straight into your router with a suitable cable if you wish.

Only problems were: instruction booklet supplied on assembly & fax set up could be a little clearer. Plus you are supposed to load the CDrom supplied to PC before connecting printer, which works fine, but since then I have had some blue screen crashes (XP) when I plug in via USB another HPLJ1022. Screen indicates may be a faulty driver (so may be unrelated but was fine before!).

K D Hardie
A Star Accountancy Ltd
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on 24 September 2010
Item arrived quickly, having selected free delivery. Installation went very smoothly. The printer does at one point spend quite a while initialising itself, but all that was very painless. On my linux desktop and laptop (various versions of Ubuntu) the printer installation was very quick: after telling the computer to look for a network printer, it found the printer and automatically activated the relevant drivers. The HP toolkit is quite extensive under linux, and shows ink levels, many settings and scanning support. On my wife's laptop running Windows Vista, the full HP software needed to be installed from the CD that came with the printer. Quite a time consuming process, but then it worked fine. Printing is fast and the double sided option saves a fair bit of paper. All in all a very nice printer.
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