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on 4 February 2010
A good value A3+ printer from HP. The 7000 has a relatively small footprint for a wide format printer. Ink cartridges are small and reflect the Epson approach, however, despite the small size, efficient use of ink ensures a fairly good service life. Replacement carts are available as XL, with the black being twice the size as the intro cartridge. Typical of all HP machines, there is a lot of clunking and clicking when first turned on, but actual operational noise is well subdued. Using a good quality "heavy" paper such as 90gsm plus will ensure trouble free paper feed. Standard 80gsm will sometimes cause jams, moreso in A3 format. Print quality is pretty good. Do download the Solutions software from HP, a fully featured package is now available for Windows 7. Photo quality is a bit hit and miss. This machine is primarily aimed at office use. However, using HP branded photo paper seems to give fairly good results, although white backgrounds will have a hint of blue. Well made from good quality plastics and certainly good looking. I must admit that the new Epson B1150 is a much better machine in terms of print quality, but is considerably more expensive to run. Going back to cartridges, they are relatively cheap. Ethernet and USB connections. Low energy use. The paper feed tray is sadly not as good as earlier machines from HP, so when feeding in paper, there is no positive stop, so you end up pushing the paper in too far. This can result in multi-sheet pick up which is not desirable. The output tray extends to accomodate larger sheets upto A3+.
Summary: A good versatile machine that should give years of service. Some minor niggling flaws which don't really do the machine any injustice. But if you want good photo quality then the Epson B1150 will fit your bill better, and the price is about the same as the HP. And to be honest, Epson printers do seem to be more costly to run and also have short service lives. I bought this machine to replace an Epson R1800 which died suddenly and at £400 plus for a new R1800, the HP made a lot more sense.
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on 14 October 2010
I've revised this review twice now as more annoyances surface, two stars removed from my initial opnion. You probably want to know how it works after a few months, so... First, the print quality is good, fine and bold lines come out clear and clean. This printer was a replacement for an HP 1220C which I use for my work to print A3 drawings. It seems that the margin settings are different on this one, so I have to move the titles in so it all prints properly; wastes time and some ink and paper getting it right. The borderless option is good, except that the scale is slightly out, and black comes out not as sharp. Print settings could be easier and quicker to access and edit too. So. It does the job OK, but I hoped for it to be easier to use. I only have HP printers so kept with them for this one, and maybe the main thing is the prints look good. It would be nicer if it worked better all round though. The separate colour cartridges work well, but obvious really. Four months in and another annoyance has surfaced - blank or very faint pages come out, solved by taking out the black cartridge and putting it back in again, ink level is fine. Paper and time are wasted, and its annoying. I have taken a star off for that. It really should print, seeing as its a printer. Oh lord. Six months in and I'm getting more annoyed with it. The side margins are too wide, so normal drawing layouts get their edges cropped, and borderless is not so good, as I already said up above. I wouldn't have got it had I known about these apects.
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on 29 December 2009
Printer is very good quick and good detail in prints only slight weakness is that ordinary a3 paper seems to get crunpled or jammed in the printer - i couldnt get it to work with ordinary paper - but once i bought som good quality paper 100gsm it worked beautifully.
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on 3 August 2010
I purchased this product having read several reviews in trade magazines, all which stated that it was a quick reliable printer. Obviously as part of their tests on the machine they didn't try and print an A3 document. If you have a border around the edge of the page this causes the machine to chew up you paper. A test page prints fine however this doesn't have lines near the edge.It appears that when the paper is rolled through the machine the ink cartridges catch the front lip of the paper which causes it to lift, the rollers then continue to push the paper up inside the machine.

I exchanged the first printer as I presumed it was a fault just with that one. Then the second one did exactly the same. I called HP who were unhelpful to say the least and basically told me to go away. Looks a good printer, but isn't and the assistance from HP was a disgrace.
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on 1 September 2010
My HP CP1700 A3 printer died yesterday, whilst, printing samples of artwork and, looking at the alternatives, the OfficeJet 7000 (HP Officejet 7000 Wide Format Ethernet Printer)looked a good replacement. I ordered it and it arrived next day - GOOD one Amazon! Discovering the CD only catered for XP and Vista, the driver for Win7 had to be downloaded from the Net - not ideal but no real problem either. All installed and working, on A4 that is, I got down to printing the artwork from the day before. Well !! What a pularva! First of all it chews up the paper - I'm printing on A3 and, for some reason it doesn't like it. Checking the tech data I find that my paper weight at 80gsm is good, so no problem there. I checked the paper size in MS Word and set it to A3, just in case. Still no good. Ran off smaller samples on A4 - OK. Ran off test sample on A3 - seemed OK. Ran off run of 3 x A3 prints OK. Set off print run of 4 copies of 3 prints. Paper started to fold after first print. Then I noticed alarm light on the printer against the Yellow Printer icon, swiftly followed by the Blue and then Red. The thing was running out of ink!! THIS ONE IS GOING BACK!!! And I would not recommend it to anyone!!! I only gave it one star because the system wouldn't let me give it none!!! (I tried!!!)
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on 13 August 2010
Amazon receives 5 stars for service.

The printer was delivered promptly, all packaging was sealed and unopened as it should be.
This was purchased as a replacement for my aging Epson Stylus Color 1520 with network card, still working but needing a new black print head etc.
I installed the printer and software as instructions, worked perfectly and very impressed with the quality of print on ordinary paper. Later on installed software on 3 other computers 2 XP Pro 1 G4 OSX 10.4 all seemed fine.
2 weeks later my whole network LAN completely crashed. After arguments with Virgin Media broadband, they said I had network card failure and yes they were correct.
I had to hard reset both the broadband modem and my router (my system is a complete wired LAN). Installing each item individually it soon be come obvious that connecting the printer resulted in total LAN failure all other equipment working perfectly.
Notified Amazon of the problem and a replacement arrived within 2 days excellent service. All packaging was intact as original printer.
I removed the HP software from my main computer so that I could do a fresh installation, this was difficult. I had to download from HP website their scrubber software this after 4 reboots eventually removed the software. Windows control panel and the HP supplied uninstaller on the cd would not touch the programs.
My network LAN was up and working perfectly, XP Pro computer clean and ready. Installed print heads plus inks, connected cat5 cable, powered on the printer the whole system crashed again.
Rebooted the system again changed cat5 cable for a brand new cable, crashed again.
Rebooted the system again installed my old Epson 1520 (on the same connections that the HP was connected) no LAN failure at all, Epson 1520 working perfectly all other computers connecting to the printer no problems.
One last attempt I thought the printer had promise, I tried to contact HP for advice. What a nightmare you have phoned wrong number 3 wrong numbers. What on earth would it be like for warrenty repair.
There could be only one cause of action to take, return to Amazon for a refund.
Again I cannot fault Amazon on their service and will consider them when purchasing a networked Epson printer.
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on 27 April 2013
The printer came with everything except a network connecting cable, but I had one of these anyway. I only needed it for cad work so I do not intend to use it for printing pictures from my camera so I can't comment on how good or not it is at this task.

The only unforgivable things a printer should not do is print (obviously) and not be able to pass paper in and out of the printer reliably, well this printer is a nightmare on the latter, on A3 sheets it's hopeless I have to stand and watch each sheet as it prints more often than not the edge of the paper catches the mechanism just after the print head, if you lift the cover, and activate the button at the back, it's easy to see why this happens, HP this is a design error! The sheets that do print ok only do so because the paper is j u s t in the right position, purely by chance not by design.

The prints that do come out are fine,

The setup could not have been easier and the software worked first time, this was a network printer setup, well done HP.

Now HP how long have you been making printers? You should have paper handling sorted, how did this slip by your checking process?

As with all these type of printers the inks are ridiculously expensive, and the expected life of the cartridge greatly exaggerated, why this has not been picked up by trading standards is beyond me. Plainly they offer the actual printer cheap and make their money on the inks, that may have back fired on this model as I can't see me spending going on 1/2 the price of the printer on cartridges! for a printer that can't handle paper with any reliability, I will buy refills with little concern if it causes print head problems.

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on 22 September 2012
This product is very good, with excellent quality in printing photos. The only disadvantage is that the inks do not last as long as say the manufacturers, who argue that three colors are enough for 700 color prints. If you print 40-45 photos in "best" indicator, then you will want to replace them. Otherwise, a very good tool for amateur user and for small businesses.
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on 16 July 2013
I purchased this printer some three months ago and waited before leaving a review so I could offer a well founded one. I can say like others that it can be quite noisy when preparing to print a document but otherwise its a good purchase just beware it doesn't come with a hardwired cable so if you're not using ethernet there is additional cost involved to connect it up to your PC.
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on 2 March 2013
It was easy to install, i-pad found it imediately, fast, quiet, good quality print. However I bought it to replace my old Epson A3+ printer. It will not print that size without ruining the page. The first inch or two gets folded over and that is no good as it usually tears the corner of the paper too. Sent it back the next day.
Bought Epson WF-7015 instead, couldn't be happier. Amazon support was great.
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