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on 10 June 2011
I have been looking for a new printer for a while, I decided on this item as it does EVERYTHING, Fax, Copy, Print, Scan. It has been used many times and I'm very pleased with it. Printing quality is good and quite fast. The wireless set-up was easy to do and is brilliant as I use my laptop all over my house.
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on 5 December 2010
So far few paper jams with the auto document feeder; print resolution is good for text; physically refilling the starter ink cartridge supplied was not completely successful, however, an original HP replacement cartridge (£16 for the extra capacity black) was refillable easily using a syringe/ink kit cheaply available elsewhere.

The machine works nicely as a standalone fax, copier (copying - which is slow- using black ink only IS an option unlike some HP all in ones,) HOWEVER, forget about one touch scanning: the custom software suite required for this, is very badly programmed and will use up all of your processor power; therefore, realistically, scanning requires using the scanner wizard built into Windows (click " scanners " in the "control panel" to access this), or, using "paint", both of which give the option of scanning from the platen or from the automatic feeder (as well as a few other useful options such as greyscale, custom resolution, etc). My memory being faint, use of said basic applications may require the "basic scanner driver" for this scanner, downloadable from the HP website.

Likewise, forget about "advanced functions", such as checking the ink level, and other things provided by the "software suite", because you really do not want it installed on your computer, at all, trust me.

It is very cheaply built. However, having paid for this unit, barely more than the cost of a cheap printer, I am delighted with it.
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on 14 March 2011
I'm using this as a network printer / scanner. Haven't tried setting up the fax yet. It's not the most sturdily built machine ever but it produces good quality prints and is compact and reasonably fast. The one thing it doesn't do that I miss is auto-duplex, and I feel it could do with a separate tray for the output rather than laying printed pages on top of the feed tray. Having said that, it's never jammed on me or anything like that. Some of the printing preferences user-interface is annoying but you get used to it. Check availability of it's 901 cartridges before buying - they don't seem to be the most popular.
Fantastic value for money.
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on 10 June 2012
I'll keep this short & sweet. Worst printer I have ever bought. Don't buy it!
Constant paper jams even using good quality Xerox paper
Paper output constantly gets sucked back in to inlet and then jams
Cheap plastic components, plastic paper tray lugs broke within 24 hours
In short it is a pile of poo! cheap printer but complete waste of money!
Constant network issues with printer printing one copy then coming up with network error message
Woefully short ink cartridge levels (only bought the original HP once, never again). Ink lasted a week with very low usage

I have bought and used a wide variety of HP printers and also recently this HP Pavillion G6 laptop that I am writing this review on, which I have no issues with (yet), so I am not an HP 'hater' by any means, but this printer is definitely the worst piece of HP hardware that I have come across. Words just cannot describe how bad it is. trust me within weeks you will see this online for a tenner as distributors try and dump their stock onto unsuspecting customers. Spend a bit more money and get something better. I wish you could use a minus star rating
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on 2 June 2011
this is a good cheap printer/copier/scanner/fax. Have used all functions and they all work well. Print quality is good, easy to use. Not particularly robust, not suitable for printing large numbers of copies. Poor paper tray/catcher system. Ink supplies not as readily available as I would like.
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on 1 March 2011
Does what it says on the box. Very easy to set up and install. I only wanted to use the print/scan/photocopy facilities which was not a problem. The USB lead from my old Canon fitted perfectly was way able to easily bypass the fax.

This machine looks good, is easy to use and cartridges can be sourced relatively cheaply. It doesn't take up much room either. All in all, an excellent buy for a small amount of cash. Highly recommended!
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on 15 March 2012
I was given one of these as part of a work package.

Positives. Its cheap, and fairly compact. It works well as a printer (but see below re its speed). I have it set up for, but havent sent or received any faxes, as a photocopier it does the job. It also has a good feature in that the back is removable to get at paper jams (which are not uncommon).

Negatives. When printing , it tends to 'snatch' at the paper in order to get its speed higher, which can cause paper jams, so actually can make the print job longer. Also the printed pages get thrown out into the path of the incoming paper feed, so these can get 'sucked in' again which also causes jams. It doesnt seem to have a setting to print on card or anything thicker than paper. I get warnings that the ink is running out at least 30 pages of print before I notice any reduction in print quality. I havent worked out how to stop all incoming phonecalls being regarded as faxes, so if a call comes in, you have to grab it quickly, whilst the machine will make assorted bleeps and whirrs next to you. When you hang up it seems to keep the line busy for a few minutes before you can make a call.

As you can see, there are seemingly more negatives than positives, but I have tried to explain why I thought something was not good.

When I was being supplied I had a note apologising for the delivery delay as this was the last one in stock as it was being phased out. Hopefully the new model will be a bit more of a quality machine. Still I didnt pay for it, but I would consider looking at another make (except that they tend to have higher running costs in that my local print shop refills only HP carts, the others are all originals or clones) or another model ( do you really need the fax - when was the last time you used fax ?) and wouldnt Wi-Fi connectivity be more useful ?

All in all, good value for the money, but however the machine`s functions are now getting out dated for the 2012 market.

Since posting this, within a month the machine developed a particularly annoy fault, in that about every 3rd page jams en route through the printer. Based on this I have asked for a replacement machine. As the previous HP machine lasted about 3 years before developing a fault saying there was a paper jam (when there wasnt- but was then told that it was cheaper to write the thing off than repair) the paper feed system seems to be HP`s weak spot. So for the time being, this is functioning as a not particulrly pretty paper weight, and when its replacement arrives, I expect I shall be listing some 901 cartridges on E-Bay as no doubt they wont fit its replacement.
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on 17 August 2012
This printer has a critical fault for which there is no solution: if it enters Power Save Mode it freezes and can only be unfrozen by unplugging the power supply. You cannot stop the printer from entering Power Save Mode and Power Save Mode cannot be turned off.

HP have set the printer to enter Power Save Mode after 1800 seconds by default. You must either use the printer every 1799 seconds, day and night, or accept that it will enter Power Save Mode and freeze... and you will have to unplug it and plug it back in every time you want to use it. This may be acceptable for an infrequently used printer but for a fax that may have to receive a transmission at any time, it a serious defect that makes it unusable.

You can change the Power Save Mode timer to 18 hours which will means that you only have to use the printer once every 17:59:59. This makes it usable for most of a day but it does not solve the problem. To change the timer you will need to follow these arcane actions exactly:

1) Unplug the power lead from printer.
2) Hold down the # and 6 keys while plugging the power lead back into the printer. Continue to hold keys down until printer says SEMI NVM RESET. You can now let go of the keys. The printer will want you to set language, but don't do that yet.
2) Press the * and # keys at same time until ********######## appears on the screen.
3) Press the keys 1 2 4. UNDERWARE: and a series of letters and numbers will appear on the screen.
4) Press the right arrow 6 times until you see SYSTEM MENU, press the OK button.
5) Press the left arrow key once and you will see SYSTEM MODE TIMEOUT. Press the OK button.
6) The timeout will show a number of seconds (usually 1800). Press 65535 on the keypad to change it to 18 hours. Press the OK button.
7) Press the red X button twice to get back to the point where it asked you to set the language. Go ahead and set the language... and location.
8) Now it sees that there are used ink cartridges installed and it wants to run an alignment. Press the OK button once.
9) It asks you to put in a sheet of paper. Put in paper and press OK. It will print an alignment sheet.
10) It now asks you to put the alignment sheet on the scanner. DO NOT DO THIS! Instead, press the red X button. It will cancel the alignment and go back to the date and time.

Now remember to use the printer at least once every 18 hours until you buy a new one from a different manufacturer... Canon is supposed to be good.

[Edit] Further 'good' news about this printer. The ink cartridges hold only 9ml of ink. So the tricolour cartridge has 3ml of each colour. This means that your cartridges will be empty after no time (assuming you have persuaded the printer to print at all). Be careful if you opt for non-HP cartridges with more ink as the printer considers them to be defective and won't print until you replace them with an expensive HP version with less than half the ink.
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on 13 February 2012
What can I say! Rubbish!

Lasted 5 days and printed 1 page and scanned 4 pages then started returning messages of 'Scanner Failure - Unable to copy, scan or fax'. Quick search online reveals many more people with the same issue and no help from HP.
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on 2 June 2011
This printer is very good for the price, and also very easy to configure. There are a few things I don't like that much, for instance when you print in draft quality the printer goes so fast that it throws the pages away. The first time it even hit my face. Now I prevent myself and stay by the printer, taking the pages myself. Also, when you scan a picture you can select the output resolution, but you can't when you scan a document into pdf, then it only takes the default 300ppi, which turns out to be about 1MB per page of the document.

Appart from these two things, I think it is a brilliant network printer and it is more than worth the money I paid for it.
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