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on 22 March 2013
Bought this yesterday (from Argos for the same price - I was being impatient) to replace an ageing Samsung all in one. I don't print a great deal but sometimes need too and often scan letters and receipts and store them on Google Drive. My Samsung CLX-2160 was still on the original toner cartridges and had plenty left according to the report it produced, but the paper feed was appalling and the software very out of date for my OSX and Windows 8 machines.

Anyway back to the HP. Well packaged and easy to set up - toner etc already installed. It was also nice to see the USB cable supplied. One of the added advantages for me is the inclusion of WiFi.

Setting up the Wifi is a bit messy in my opinion - I use Apple devices (Airport Extreme) for my Wifi and they have a menu option that is supposed to work the WPS - most routers have a push button for this. I couldn't get it to work at all so had to resort to connecting via USB and setting up the wireless on the printer via the cable. There is no way to manually enter settings on the front panel which is disappointing. Once configured via the cable it works fine for printing and scanning and there are even several iOS apps to control and print. You can also send documents to the ePrint service and they appear on your printer, and link it to Google's Cloudprint service - just about everything you need really!

The software seems OK so far and works well over wifi for both printing and scanning. Nice to get a document feeder for the scanner too.

Anyway it's highly recommended for a relatively cheap printer/scanner for home / small business use.
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on 13 September 2013
I chose this product for 2 reasons:
1 - I decided to take the plunge into the world of colour printing (having only had a mono laser printer for years, my son was getting sick of having to take drab black and white printouts to school when all of his mates were taking flashy colour)
2 - I wanted the ability to print wirelessly... with 2 laptops and a couple of mobile phones in the house, it was very frustrating only being able to print from a single PC based upstairs...

I received my printer yesterday and was very excited at the prospect of wireles colour printing although I was a little bit worried as I had seen previous reviews stating that the printer was difficult to configure and setup.
First impressions - well packed, contains power cord, and USB installation instructions and 3 CDs - although I didn't need any of them (includes Mac drivers CD)
The instructions that came with the printer were nothing more than a series of pictures and minimal one-line instructions on how to unpack and configure the printer...
The unpacking took approx 15 mins. ensuring that all tape and transit packing was removed.
Then came the configuration...
The instructions on the booklet went something like this ...'The software & drivers are on the printer - power on your PC, the printer and connect via USB - follow the on-screen instructions'
5 minutes later, my installation was complete, my printer was available via the wireless network.
I printed a test page, I then did wireless scan - everything just worked !
I then thought - I wonder if I can print from my Android phone ? I selected a picture and selected print.. - the printer appeared as available, I selected it and it just printed - no hassle -no install required on the phone.
I have now configured this printer on 2 windows 7 boxes, an old Windows XP laptop that we have (I download the drivers from HP as it does not have a CD drive)
The printer has not put a foot wrong - print is excellent - graphics are clear and bright. Photos would be better with an inkjet, but but that is not why I bought the printer.

All I can say is HP have done a fantastic job with this printer - even down to the HP ePrint technology that allows you send an email to your printer from anywhere and the print will be waiting for you when you get home ....

HP - well done for making technology doing what it should do - making things easier...
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on 28 September 2012
The printer seems to work well as far as I can tell and appears well made. I have claimed £60 cashback from HP at [...] which makes it excellent value for money. The cash-back offer is open until 31 October 2012 and applies to a number of OfficeJet and LaserJet pro series models (cash back amounts vary from £20 to £120 according to the model).
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on 5 November 2013
This printer is a welcome addition to my home, although I wouldn’t recommend it for business use as it is quite slow and there is no duplex facility.

I thought it was about time I replaced my old HP Deskjet 970 cxi Inkjet printer, which must be over 10 years old now, and having used Laser printers at work, I felt that a Laser printer would meet my requirements in more ways than another Inkjet would.

I’m what I consider to be a light user and this meets my needs perfectly. I don’t have it switched on unless I’m using it, although it does have a sleep mode. It takes a while to warm up and it is quite noisy and clicks a lot when it does so.

The set up was very easy. I followed the illustrations in the set up manual included in the pack then attached the USB lead to my laptop and it more or less set itself up! I love the fact that this is a wireless printer so I don’t have to physically attach my laptop to it every time I want to print something out.

The display panel on the front of the printer indicates when cartridges are getting low, but from experience, if you take the cartridges out and shake them then return them to the machine, you should be able to get more copies out. HP printers ALWAYS show cartridges as being empty when there’s still a bit of juice left in them!

Print quality is good for both black and white and colour documents and even photos print out well which I wasn’t expecting as Laser printers aren’t really designed for this.

Copies appear to print out a bit lighter than the originals but I think I just need to adjust the settings to resolve this.

All in all a nice, basic, colour multifunction printer for light to moderate home use, just missing out on a duplex option.
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on 26 July 2013
I needed a printer quickly for work and was convinced by an in-store salesperson at a well known computer store that this was right for us. It's noisy and slow to print, cartridges are pricey and, here's the clincher for me, there's something called the imaging drum which needs replacing every one and a half colour cartridges i.e. every 3 cartridges used you'll need two imaging drums. They are more expensive than the cartridges. I've had the printer 6 months and it now needs replacing. The inkjet we had before was better but it remains to be seen if this is more reliable in terms of longevity.
Print quality is good but like most printers it tells you to replace the ink way too early and the ink level indicator is pretty poor. Scan function is good and contrary to other reviews I found it easy to set up.
I wouldn't buy this model again.
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on 21 May 2013
I've tested wired and wireless connections, as well as via Android apps and the simplicity in which you can install it on Windows, Linux and Android is astonishing. Coming from a Samsung all in one, this one is decades ahead in technology, build quality and feature-set.

Print quality is amazing. A bit on the dark side, but that's configurable, so no big deal. Even with the average Tesco A4 paper the paint is crisp, clear and permanent (unlike Deskjets).

Scanner quality is also amazing. You normally get that kind of quality on scanners that are worth more than the price of the whole 3-in-1, I was not expecting that. Again, the Samsung scanner was below average, on par with the ChinaTek standard that you get on 15-quid flat-beds, but not thus one. Truly HP quality, very pleased. There are actually 2 scanners (with the same optic device), one is the flat-bed and the other is the manual feed, which you can put many papers on top and copy all pages at once without opening the cradle, which awesome. You can also use the scanner through the wireless connection using the HP drivers.

In theory you can scan or take pictures with the Android app, I haven't tested that yet, but should just work like everything else.

The downside? It is a bit more pricey than most other 3-in-1s, but you pay not just for a printer and a scanner, you pay for the build quality, service quality and simplicity, which simply put, is decades ahead of the competition.

If you use Linux, the default CUPS driver that comes with most distributions will be enough for you to print, but not scan via wireless. Download the drivers directly from HPLIP website and happy scanning!

UPDATE: I have just used the Android scanning and it's nothing short of a miracle. Not only you can scan from *any* android device and automatically share/upload/email/print, but you can also take pictures with your phone camera at documents and it'll automatically detect the boundaries of the page, crop, stretch, skew and provide you with a flat version of it. Of course, ready to print/save/upload, etc.

I'm so amazed that I've increased my review to 5 stars. Now I know where the extra money is going. As the CEO of a company I once worked for used to say: It's the system, stupid! And in that, HP has outsmarted everyone else. Well done!
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on 26 April 2012
I received this printer faster than its due date, which was a pleasant surprise. Unpacking was easy and exciting, it took me 5 minutes to unpack it. The installation CDs and guide book was there and helped a lot. The installation for Mac didn't really work out when i put the CD in, so i became a bit upset. Then i tried my brother's PC and installed it there in 5 min, and it was very easy to do and it worked perfectly! Later in a day i tried printing from my mac just to see, and it worked! It didn't need any installation or so, i have done it through wireless. It also worked through my iPhone. I am very pleased with the product and it works just great! I read a lot of bad reviews, but i loved the product! The scanner also works just great! Very recommend for people who need small, wireless, laser, colour, multifunctional printer! :)
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on 8 June 2012
I had wanted a laser for some time, more because the text prints were a lot better than inkjets - not that ink based printers are inferior, but for my needs it looks more professional with the waxed finish. I opted for colour because i do like the odd print to have bold images, and this printer does that rather well.

I did think i would miss my inkjet, but to be fair i am not missing it too much right now. My main uses for the inkjet were photos and every now and then CD/DVD prints, but both came to a slow and CD/DVD printing stopped. I would still like to print my own photos, but decided i didnt print enough to require a photo printer - besides with so many companies now offering prints at cheap prices for those i would need printing i could always upload them to an online printing service.

That said the prints from this printer, on plain paper do still look really good, and if printed on matt card instead of photo glossy paper, i am sure would still be very striking when behind a frame. You can still tell this has been printed on a laser and not an ink printer, but given the printers 600x600 dpi print resolution this does a great job.

I have not required changing the toner - mostly because i don't print as often as i once did, but the toners are quite expensive in comparision to ink cartridges - i am not yet able to compare if this will be a whole lot different, but my guess is, if it does work out more expensive i still have a great printer.

Price wise i found this printer to be a good deal, even more so when HP were offering £60 cashback with each purchase.

One thing i would have liked to have seen, if not on this model, or as an optional extra for a little bit extra would have been the addition of a duplexer, but still the printer is great.

One last thing, for those interested - like i was, the printer will prinr on photo glossy paper, but do be careful, remember the rollers and fuser unit heat the paper in order to bond the powder to the paper and wax it, this heat cases the paper/gloss to be warmer than normal paper.

I would recommend anyone trying this (and please, do so at your own risk, i am not reponsible in any way for how you use your decice), use heavyweight gloss and only print 1-2 images at a time, then leave the unit 20-30 minutes to cool down if you plan to print more.

Having said that, results on glossy paper, are no better than on a heavy Matt card - which i would now opt for if printing any colour or photo images out - behind a glass frame the matt will look better.
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on 14 January 2013
Does printing quite well, good scanner, can scan upto 35 pages. As mentioned earlier this is just for home/small office, I would say with printing volumes upto 50 pages per day. If you need to print more - definitely consider something else. If you print in batches, I would not send documents with more than 10- 20 pages at once due to overheating and slow pronting speeds, especially with colour printing. Occasional use, 1-3 pages, to print some google maps/tickets - it would suit perfectly. Nice and clear colours as well.
A hint - if you wish to use wirelessly consider assigning static IP to avoid lost connections and other surprizes
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I wanted a printer that would replace my (colour) inkjet and my (mono) laser. I thought this would do the trick. I have light usage needs with occasional bursts of heavy usage.
Trying to print a set of cheap and cheerful colour A4s is driving me nuts - up to five minutes to send them from computer to paper. If I send more than one at a time (i.e 5 copies of one print) I get error messages, out of memory errors and general failure.
When toner runs low - even though I've asked it NOT to consider 10% as low but to warn me only when we get down to 2% - it simply refuses to go on printing. It cheerfully reminds me that the 'fullness' figures are only a calculation and not to give up until print quality becomes unacceptable - but then refuses to print any further anyway.
My first one spat out screws, a long sheet of black plastic and noises like a Model T giving birth to an alien spacecraft, this second (replacement) one does at leas print but I seem to have to nurse it through every job.
I suppose I'm stuck with the damn thing now - but NEVER AGAIN!!
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