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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 December 2013
Do you believe in lust or love at first sight? I would say that lust is a big factor in this book. Zach see's Bethany from a distance and lust at first sight kicks in. Bethany looks and sees Zach. So is it love or is it love for her?

Love the intensity of the sex scenes in this book. Love Zach's passion for Bethany and hers for him.

A great book to read and can't wait for the next book in the series. Can't wait for this journey to keep going.

Definitely a book worth reading and buying. A good quick read.
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on 23 March 2014
This started with insta-lust that seemed so preposterous to me that I considered ditching this. I'm glad I persevered because it was enjoyable and it kept me reading. You just have to suspend disbelief a little and ignore the silliness of the young billionaire set up and enjoy the erotic romp.
How the woman is still walking with straight legs is a mystery to me, but this put a smile on my face and it wasn't too taxing.
It ends on a big cliffhanger that rather irritated me - you have been warned.
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on 14 December 2013
Well what can I say this book was hot hot with a lovely romance behind it, I want a zach for myself, I love all of it but omg the ending I like need book 2 now, please give them hea, I really look forward to joining them on the rest of their journey, please hurry up and release it, and to everyone out there give this book ago you won't be disappointed.
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on 27 December 2013
First of all thank you for writing and sharing such amazing story with us. I've enjoyed 50shades, Crossfire Series and The Stark Trilogy and have to say this book far out ways them! The connection between Bethany and Zach jumps from the page making you feel attached to them instantly. They both have traumas they've been through in the past which affects how they deal with their daily lives and with each other. The little twist at the end leaves me desperate for the next book. Waiting until 2014 will be a chore. Don't leave it too long it's really off putting.
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on 5 November 2014
Wow wow wow and wow again.
Hot hot hot and hot again.
This book has you totally hooked after the first chapter, it was amazing and I can't wait to get started on the second book.
This is defiantly a must read.
I so want to read more from Zara Cox.
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An other box ticked on my Edinburgh author signing list and this time with a book that ordinarily that I wouldn't have found but enjoyed.

This books tells the tales of Bethany, recently split from her boyfriend who is turned out was gay (and she didn't notice, WTF), and Zac, a wealthy, sexy and troubled businessman who is immediately swept away by Bethany's beauty (a little far fetched for me but hey, it works in book land, right?).

***He stared at her as if he had the right to, as if he owned her and intended to claim her right there and then.***

Bethany has been selected to fly on the Indigo Lounge, a plane with added extras. It is on her way onto the plane that Zac, the company's owner, spots her and quickly changes his plans in order to spend time getting to know Bethany.

Zac's persuades Bethany to change her plans and to spend time time with him and the story begins. Zac sweeps Bethany off her feet but he is hiding a secret and Bethany knows that before she can fully trust him, she has to find out his secret.

The sex in this story is explosive and off the walls with dirty talk, if you're into that kind of thing. Zac is the ultimate alpha male as he claims Bethany as his own.

***Sex with this man would be insanely filthy; it would be nasty and sweaty. It would also be beautiful and complicated beyond words. She knew it as surely as she knew her own name.***

This writer is a bit of an enigma for me. Her writing has a style similar to Kelly Favor (just my opinion) but she also tries too hard in my opinion to develop an overly articulate writing style for what is basically lady-porn! That said, I will be reading the next book as unfortunately High ended on the inevitable cliffie!!!

Reviewed on behalf of Jezabell Girl & Friends...
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on 11 June 2014
3.5 stars. I liked the sound of this book after it was liken to the 'This Man' series. I'll say only one thing regarding a comparison of the two, yes there are definite similarities with Zach and Jesse. Or rather Zach tries to be, with his one-liners that are intended to shock the heroine - Bethany, and the reader. These one-liners are okay....but for me they came across as alittle cheesey, like he was trying too hard.

Anyway, aside from that, this is a good book. It was very easy to read and their relationship is fast moving. I was annoyed at first at how slow Zach took in the beginning, but there was a reason for that so ill forgive him. Bethany was okay too. She's had a tough year and who else to help her - gorgeous and rich Zach.

Of course Zach has some past demons. He doesnt open up to Bethany much and this annoys her - and rightly so given that he demands everything from her. I didnt quite feel the 'darkness' of his past and i had already assumed what these might involve - its kind of obvious. However i think it was intended to be a shock as it is 'revealed' at the end as a semi-cliffhanger.

On the whole, not bad. Hot kinky sex. Always a bonus. Just missing something for me.

3.5 stars
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on 14 December 2013
I read this book after Kitty French recommended it! I couldn't put it down. Great story with the right amount of love and lust. I cannot wait for the next book to continue Zach and Peaches story in 2014!!

This book ended with a great cliff hanger to keep you hooked! Great writing and would highly recommend to readers who love Kitty French and her books.

Thanks Zara and keep up the great work.
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on 30 March 2014
What can i say this book is "HOT"
Meet Zachery Savage a sexy billionaire who has people traveling all over
the world on The Indigo Lounge ( His private pleasure plane).
Bethany Green gets an invite to travel on The Indigo Lounge and from the
moment Zachery see's her he wants her........
Both of them have issues from their past can they overcome these
What starts as lust and sex develops into so much more
“My name is Zachary Savage. You can call me Zach. In fact, I prefer it.
Because Zachary is too long for the many times I intend for you to
scream my name when I make you come.”
The story takes us to Marrakech and i have to say Zara Cox describes it
with such detail you feel like you are there with Zach and Bethany
This book has loads of HOT Fanning myself sex ..........
But there is more to this story. A word of warning there is a
Cliffhanger but book 2 Higher is already out .
I will be reading book 2 and will be looking for more from Zara Cox.
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on 21 January 2014
I liked this book, it has a similar feel to the Crossfire and This man trilogies, The only thing i was a bit disappointed at was the story is about "The Indigo Lounge, a Sky High playground where anything can happen" but nothing whatsoever happened on the plane, I thought lots of hot raunchy things were going to be happening on the plane and it would of been a refreshing change to the dungeons we normally get as a place for kinky things to happen but we never got to see anything at all and Bethany gets off at the first stop to travel around with Zachary, the owner. Its a bit misleading seeing as that is what's on the front cover and in the blurb. I would of given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact i was a bit let down we didn't get any sky high kink. It still is a great read though and i will be buying the next one when it comes out to see how the story unfolds.
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