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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Price:£16.99+ Free shipping
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 30 June 2014
Dropped my iPhone 5S on a concrete path on Friday and held my breath fearing the worst! It fell face down but fortunately the existing case took the impact and sheared off leaving a very sharp piece of metal casing!! The Gods were on my side! Having managed to extract from phone from the battered case, I decided that I needed to get a more "robust" one!!

Hey presto! I came across this beauty!! Not my usually gem encrusted number!! It arrived on Saturday and it is the BESTEST case I have ever had for my iPhone - and I have had one since they were launched in the UK!!

It fits like a dream and has cunningly been engineered to "raise" the case proud, thus leaving the screen less likely to hit the deck full on!!

Am so pleased with it, I have know bought one for my 88 year old Mum who has an iPhone 5S and far more careful with it than am I!!

NB: Another friend of mine did the same thing a few weeks back and his whole screen shattered. He ended up having to buy a refurbished iPhone as it was the cheaper option than having the screen repaired!!
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on 30 May 2016
The typical iPhone case will satisfy two of the following criteria:

1. It will protect your phone
2. It looks appealing
3. It won't break the first time you drop your phone

Up until I purchased this case I took the above as a rule of thumb until I found this outlier. The Spigen case comes in an array of colours to choose from (I possess a white iPhone 5S, the champagne with black was my preference), each fulfilling all three criteria listed above. I leave reviews for products about a year after buying them to make sure it can actually last and how well I personally like it and adapt to it. I can say with confidence that this case is well worth its price tag.

Some features that may not be evident from the description or photos:

1. The case is made from a hardened rubber frame with a coloured plastic plate. This plate is detachable when the phone is not in the case and virtually impossible to get off when the phone is inside without breaking the plate itself (which, I might add, would be quite difficult to do). I don't see any reason to remove the plate unless you want to see the manufacturer's statement on the inside.

2. The case rim, i.e the black rubber frame, is quite thick and does raise above the screen by about 3mm. If you are a person who does not like raised edges, this may not be a suitable case for you.

3. The case's AUX jack will fit the Apple earphones plug with about 1mm to spare around the circumference. If you want to plug in an AUX cable from, let us say, a speaker in order to play music, you will most likely have to take off the case in order to do so. A minor inconvenience which I've experienced, but the case is simple to take off.

4. Although I am careful with my stuff, sometimes they may fall. The times that my iPhone had leaped out of my hands, I was trusting of the case to protect it. It did every time. The rubber takes all the impact and transfers almost none of the shock to the phone. The rubber is also difficult to damage if you just drop it on the floor or something. The plastic cover has attained some cosmetic scratches during its tenure, though I'd attribute most of these scratches to my idiotic placement of my car keys in the same pocket as my phone.

That is all from me, a very satisfied customer. Thank you Spigen for making such a quality case!
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on 31 May 2014
I was a little bit unsure buying this without seeing it in my hand especially as it was over £16 pounds, but i took a chance and was very happy with my purchase. The iphone 5 fitted in the case very snugly all the buttons work through the case and the phone feels nice in the hand. Being a women my hands are a little smaller then most men and I was a little worried that with the case on the phone it will make the phone feel much bigger. But all in all I am glad I went for this case although a little expensive but worth every penny.
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on 3 May 2016
Bought this case for my phone when I bought my husband's screen protector. Wanted a case which was strong and durable but did not spoil the look of my phone. If I wanted to be picky I would say it's a bit industrial looking but then if it wasn't it probably wouldn't be as durable.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 November 2013
I got one of these to replace the Otterbox Defender I was using on the old phone after seeing all the reviews saying it was comparable.

In all honesty it's really not. It's a solid enough case, but it doesn't seem to hold the top of the phone in too securely so if you drop this face down I fear it will just drop straight out whereas with the Otterbox you could fling it around a room (as my little one did plenty) and you wouldn't even worry about it. With this I reckon you'll drop it once and you'll need to buy at least a new case!

It covers the corners well enough although there are sharp edges at the bottom so it's not as nice a texture as the Otter either.

For the price it's definitely good - but to get it up to Otterbox standards you need to add the tempered glass option, which puts it up to (and possibly past) the cost of the 5S Defender anyway although you have the plus of a nicer glass screen rather than the plastic one on the Otterbox.

I have seen some reviews saying the metal back scratches easily, but to be totally honest I've not had any problems there and I do sit spinning the phone around when I'm bored!

Camera wise it really doesn't affect the dual flash which is all you can ask. Fair play to the guys at Spigen for a nice cheap design, I did see a video of a drop test and the case did need replacing after being dropped on a corner.

I'm leaving it on for now and I'll update this if I ever do drop the phone!

The biggest test is what the phone looks like inside once you're done with this and decide to take it off - and you really can't honestly review that until a year down the road! Hopefully it won't be like the original Apple bumpers that used to scratch the sides to pieces but we will see.
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on 23 September 2015
I tried several cases for my new iphone 5 but they were invariably badly fitting or the functions were not easy to use. This is a top notch product, fits like a glove and the buttons can still be used without any extra effort at all. The colour is really nice and despite using it on the beach on holiday for the last two weeks, it hasn't scratched. Get a 9h screen protector and you're fully covered.
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on 13 January 2016
My sister loves this - she's had it for best part of 3 years now.
It still looks new and the shiny untouched gold iPhone underneath looks BRAND new.
Sometimes she takes the iPhone​ out of this case to show it off.
Excellent case - very strong and sturdy.
If you want the best protection for your iPhone - then I'd recommend this.
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on 7 February 2014
Bought this product through Amazon. Arrived in time, packaged nicely. The case is very nice looking, and fits the iphone perfectly, It also extends about 1mm on top of the screen, which means that you can leave your phone facing down and the screen will not scratch. The buttons respond nicely, and there is enough room for switching the mute button on/off, unlike other cases, where the opening would not fit my fat fingers and short nails. A screen protector was also included, but I opted not to use it.

Did I mention the case looks very nice? It is the same color as the iphone's champagne back, and has a nice feel. Also slides in and out of pocket without having to struggle, unlike rubber cases which have never worked for me, they would always get stuck in tight jeans' pockets. The case is not bulky, it more or less makes the iphone as high as the 4/4s models, and gives it a few extra grams of weight, which makes it feel nice. Overall, the phone looks and feels very protected, in a very nicely done case.
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on 17 December 2013
Very protective. Looks good. Fits perfectly. Not too bulky. Good quality.
Would recommend products by spigen because they are protective yet compact unlike griffin and otterbox
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on 6 November 2014
I have been using this case for a year now, the back plate gets scratched very easily and looks tacky but it just goes to show how effective it is at protecting the iphone.

I have dropped my phone with this cover a couple of times and the cover has taken it all very well.

I only wish that it was possible to purchase different coloured back plates, as it would be good to replace my scratched one and also I would like to customise my phone too.
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