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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 27 July 2001
Truly an excellent book which I would recommend to anyone.
The book is designed as a 'self-help', based upon an approach developed by the authors and successively evolved and expanded by many qualified people to present day. It is therefore not based upon any 'fads' - rather many years of experience from psychiatrists and psychologists, backed up with numerous research surveys etc.
(You don't necessarily have to have any problems to benefit from the book, but it will prepare you to deal with them ,should they arise, and it also helps you to understand other people and the place that this type of approach has in the wider context).
It is written in a very straightforward no-nonsense and minimal jargon fashion - and can be easily read. It is very thought provoking - in an extremely positive manner.
The book begins with some scene setting - what the approach is all about, how it developed etc.
It then develops into a consideration of how people tend to condition their thinking around a basic set of somewhat 'lopsided' views of life, resulting in the creating difficulties for themselves.
These 'lopsided' views are termed 'irrational beliefs' and a chapter is devoted to each of the ten that are defined. The chapters are liberally 'sprinkled' with many actual examples of people who had been affected by jaded thinking, their outcomes and the positive actions that can be taken by the reader to obtain worthwhile results.
The remainder of the book considers various practical aspects of the method and how it is evolved to present day. (The references section at the end of the book are pretty impressive.)
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on 21 March 1998
This book presents the best philosophical framework for living a rich, creative, engaging, and joyful life that I have ever read. It posits that your emotions are, in large part, a result of your internal thoughts, or self-talk. By becoming aware of your own self-talk and the many ways in which your thinking can take irrational turns, you can start to challenge your irrational beliefs, and with persistence, recast them into beliefs that better reflect reality. It's not the events in your life that cause you grief, it's what you think about them. One of Bill Gate's all-time favorite books.
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on 10 March 2005
This book changed my life! I was definitely upsetting myself over and over and over but after I read this book, I started to learn how to work through my emotions and my issues step by step. Now when I disagree with a friend or loved one, instead of 'awfulising' (great term) the situation, I now work quicker and smarter to resolve the issues. Even my sister commented on the change in me. If you're always upset about something or worried about difficult outcomes or unpleasant emotional scenarios, this book is for you!
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on 22 January 2004
This book first caught my attention because one of the authors is Albert Ellis. Having read many of his previous books and rated them highly, I decided to give this one a go.
I believe it is his best book; along with the contrbitutions of Robert Harper it helped change the way I think, feel and act in my life.
This book is very well written and made me feel better just reading it, putting the techniques into practice produces even more drastic results.
Being a man this book also had an advantage for me, as I find many self help books written by women are off-putting for a man reading them as they tend to be effeminised. The authors of this book kept it neutral and suitable for anyone.
I highly recommend this book to everyone as it genuinely feels like two experienced pychotherapists are talking to YOU.
The chapters cover almost every type of emotional problems that people can suffer with, and I believe this book can benefit everyone, even if you don't have a specific problem.
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on 10 February 1998
I came across this book a few years ago. It is without a doubt the best self help book ever written. It shows in clear language how people get sick believing the stupidest things about themselves and the world. I wish I had read this book when I was 18, it would have saved me a lot of trouble. By being skeptical about things and using the information and excercises this book provides, one can prepare himself to deal with a world that is mostly insane. As Dr. Ellis himself writes in the book, one can hardly think of a world more irrational than this one. But he does a good job of preparing his readers to deal with the world. The information in this book is worth many times more than the largest of fortunes. I mean this literally. This book saved me more trouble than I can count. Get this book.
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on 25 April 2012
I've been pretty sneering about self-help books, mainly because most of them peddle utter nonsense about how 'thinking positively' and 'faking it till you make it' will sort your issues out overnight. My back history is pretty messy, frankly I could write an entire misery memoir and retire off the back of it and this led to me receiving psychoanalysis for 2 years- which led to nothing but 1) a feeling that I couldn't handle life on my own without the therapist holding my hand 2)constantly going over the trauma and re-living it to achieve 'closure' which lead to me being a victim years sfter the event

I was attracted to this book when I stumbled across Albert Ellis's obituary in The Times where they recounted the story of how he overcame his terror of approaching women by sitting on a park bench and asking out every woman who sat down. He was roundly told where to get off by 99.9% of them (one said yes) but this led to him saying to himself basically " So I tried, I failed. So what? I'm still alive, the World hasn't ended'. I liked the sheer good sense of his approach and when my abusive marriage ended and I was stuck constantly beating myself up about what I 'should' have done, how everything was a disaster ('Awfulising')and unable to move on with my life I bought this.

It's a very blunt approach, a kick in the ass in some ways and sometimes very funny, but I'll tell you- it works.You take responsibility for your reactions, you work to sort yourself out, you gain confidence, you lose fear. It IS NOT a quick fix, but it's completely worth the effort
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on 20 January 1998
This book is one of the most brilliant books ever written on psychology and self help. It is a classic. The authors show that many psychological problems are caused by irrational thinking. They then give excercises that you do to correct your thinking. Along with a lot of hard work, this book and the exercises in them can work profound and lasting changes on a persons mode of thinking and acting.
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on 16 June 2005
This is no quick fix solution to life's problems. However, if you read and really understand what they're trying to understand then you'll get it. It's not one of those self help books that gives you the solution, it does though point you in the right direction of how to sort yourself out. Once you get past the 'Americanisms' it should help a lot.
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on 19 February 2007
A classic book that has been hugely influential since its first release. As the author states you may not be able to use the ideas on your own to make large changes and I believe most would do well to work with a qualified professional as well. That is not to say you should not get it! I would certainly suggest getting it to learn about the ideas. It gives a very clear direction out of destructive thinking.
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on 13 January 2015
read this book after my therapy finished,a guide to rational living,great read,im back on track and fully understand the content of the book,reading this has helped me so much,to change the way l deal with certain is good again thanks to the wellbeing centre l was referred too
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