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VINE VOICEon 12 April 2017
Another entertaining, smart and slickly presented offering in the Marvel canon.

A relatively minor group of misfits (as opposed to better-known groups of misfits like the X-Men and Avengers) become the unlikely heroes in preventing a powerful artefact from falling into the hands of a seriously bad inter-galactic warlord; its all very tongue-in-cheek stuff with a wonderfully cheesy 80s pop music sound track and lots of CGI, but it is wildly entertaining. Karen Gillan (of Dr. Who) is unrecognisable as the sadistic Nebula.

Well worth checking out, this is a good couple of hours of escapist entertainment.
The DVD has no worthwhile extras beyond a deleted scene and some trailers, but there are subtitles and audio description.
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on 16 March 2018
Although Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) has a few moments of corniness, generally speaking it's an hilarious, action-filled fantasy/sci-fi with convincing visual effects, whacky characters, and a great script. The cast is surprisingly star-studded with Chris Pratt in the leading role and arguably more well known stars taking back seats. For example, Glenn Close and Benicio Del Toro have minor roles. Nathan Fillion of Serenity-fame merely does the voice-over of a minor player, and Josh Brolin, as Thanos, is uncredited. Speaking of voice-overs, what a pity that only the voice of Vin Diesel, a favourite of mine, was used in this lively escapade. It seems such a waste and it surprised me that he wasn't cast in the role of hunky Drax (one of the good guys) which went to Dave Bautista, a WWE champion. Having said that, 6ft 4in Bautista, didn't disappoint. Quill is one of the few Earthlings in this 'out there' extravaganza, and the variety of aliens runs from a hard-nosed green woman (Zoe Saldana), to blue men (Michael Rooker), to a magical and daunting tree giant called Groot (voice of Vin Diesel) and an irascible raccoon-like invention called Rocket (voice of Bradley Cooper). My favourites in this movie though, and I expect they are the favourites of many, are the nutty duo: Groot and Rocket. They could have a show of their own. Groot can only say 'I Am Groot' which means that Vin Diesel wouldn't have needed to spend hours learning his lines. I wonder how much he got paid? Rocket was a psychiatrist's dream or nightmare, and the funniest of the lot. Talk about complex. Ronan kept reminding me of Tom Hiddleston's Loki, except that Ronan's lugging around a great big (Thor-like) hammer. And, if all that isn't enough, the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is a treat.

So, what's not to like? Guardians of the Galaxy is such fun. I saw it some time ago and decided to buy the BluRay because I have just ordered the Guardians of the Galaxy II, and I wanted to watch the first one first, if you get my meaning. The video and audio of the BluRay are excellent. The movie has such vibrant colours with equally vibrant characters. The soundtrack is superb, especially if you enjoy the early 70s music, and I do, and it fits the tone of the movie perfectly. The character, Peter Quill, who likes to be called Star Lord (Chris Pratt) loves his ancient Sony Walkman and the cassette he plays upon it. He will burst into dance at the strangest of times. Don't we all???

The BluRay comes with the usual extra which shows us how the movie was made. I would suggest that anyone new to the movie should watch the extra afterwards as, for me, finding out how special effects are done can spoil a movie for me. Who wants to visualise wires or a blue screen while trying to be mentally transported in the movie's world?

If your spirits are low and you need a bit of a lift and your sense of humour remains intact, check it out. Oh, and it's not for young children.
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VINE VOICEon 2 January 2018
Guardians of the Galaxy stormed onto the Marvel scene with a fantastic tongue-in-cheek movie that delivers some great comedy, an excellent soundtrack and stunning action. The cast of characters are unique in that they are quite flawed and the movie is quite self deprecating with them. This is a rogue’s gallery, not a crack team by any means.

If you’ve enjoyed other Marvel films, but are finding them a bit samey, try this out. The Guardians are the anti-heroes, in the same way as Deadpool (but no where near as rude). Great film all round.
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on 29 October 2016
This film was quite funny and violent at the same time, the casting of Vin diesel as Groot was weird to say the least, a question remained unanswered at the end of the film though in how does our hero become part alien in the first place? as this isn't revealed unless I missed it, but a great typical Marvel film and a promise of more to come of the Guardians I think the cameo appearances of Stan Lee in Marvel films is hilarious I cannot help but look for him, reminiscent of the Old Alfred Hitchcock films. I will not give the plot away in case it detracts others from watching it, you just have to see it to make up your own mind, but for what its worth it was a great film, the only reason I give it 4 stars is because I would have liked to know about the origins of our Hero before the film got underway in full swing and not leave any questions unanswered.
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on 29 February 2016
This movie was a huge risk for Marvel Studios, it was the first time they took a chance with characters unfamiliar to a lot of people, the 2nd big risk they took was Ant-Man a year later.

Now one of my favourite movies, Guardians is just.........fun, lots and lots of fun, plus it's also really cool, it has a talking Racoon who fires a huge rifle for crying out loud, that could have easily been stupid but ended up being one of the best parts of the movie.

This movie wasn't just successful, it was a major hit. My younger brother and both parents also thoroughly enjoyed this movie, especially Groot, and trust me, that's a pretty big deal. In a way, it's crazy, some parts a really crazy, this movie isn't a typical Sci-Fi movie, and it is silly in places, but that doesn't matter, it all adds to what I said before.....so much fun.

It will be interesting to see where they go next with these characters. We have only until next year (2017) to wait, and we also get the new addition to the Marvel cinematic universe, the new 15 year old Spiderman in Spiderman:Homecoming. Let's go Marvel.
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on 14 January 2015
Marvel continues to churn out one blockbuster after another but with Guardians they may have hit on something just different enough to inject some renewed enthusiasm.

In a genre that is in danger of becoming stale something needed to change. The Winter Soldier successfully broke the mould but more was needed and the wait to the next Avengers films was still a long way off. So it is with great relief that Guardians is a joyously fun space romp with no rammed in your face obvious ties with the Avengers world.

Peter Quill is abducted as a child by an alien spacecraft. When we next catch up with him he is dancing his way through a creature infested cave to some pretty snazzy pop tunes. This sets the tone perfectly for what is to follow. A funny, thoroughly entertaining action film with some great characters and superb special effects.

The unlikely gang are thrown together but quickly create an unbreakable bond. The standouts here are easily Rocket Racoon and Groot. Both characters are amazingly realised and bought to life perfectly. What could have easily been the disaster of the film turns out to be the crowning jewel.

The action is equally as entertaining with a prison breakout and aerial dog fight being particular standouts. The story is a little bland and is a blatant set up for Thanos who is likely to be giving the Avengers some hassle in the future but it is so much fun this is easily forgotten.

The only downside is the choice of main villain. Ronan is as dull as they come. He has little presence and is literally just there for the sake of having someone to fight against. He barely makes an impact and as such is the most forgettable component of the entire film. To be fair so far Villains have not been Marvel’s strong point but hopefully that will change soon.

All in all Guardians can proudly ay it is the most fun of the Marvel cannon. It may not be as emotionally charged as some of the others or for that matter as accomplished with the story but for just sheer entertainment and a good ride you can’t get much better.
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on 20 May 2015
What can I say, this is simply the best. I’m sure Tina Turner agrees. Guardians of the Galaxy shocked cinema audiences when it graced our screens last year. Everyone expected it to flop and who can blame them. If you explained the plot of the film to someone, it just sounds completely mental. However, Marvel really pulled out all the stops to make a highly entertaining, thrilling adventure that appeals to all the family.

The film follows Chris Pratt’s character Peter Quill/Starlord from his alien abduction as a young boy then jumping ahead to him as a grown man, being a wise-cracking bounty hunter. When he inadvertently steals an all-powerful orb coveted by Ronan, an evil villain looking to commit genocide and conquer the universe, he makes an alliance with an unlikely group of individuals to save the day: a genetically-enhanced racoon called Rocket, a tree-like humanoid of few words called Groot, a green-skinned female assassin called Gamora and a revenge-driven, blue-skinned, muscly Drax.

The main cast all give top notch performances: Chris Pratt completely owns his character and absolutely nails his one-liners – a superb lead. Bradly Cooper similarly is excellent bringing Rocket to life. You don’t even know it’s him voicing the character. Vin Diesel, all credit to him, somehow manages to convey an awful lot from just the same 3 words “I am Groot”. Gamora is wonderfully played by the gorgeous Zoe Saldana, showing the character’s inner torment with superb acting whilst being a badass. The former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista also, I’ll admit surprisingly, puts in a good performance, giving the audience many laughs with his dead pan delivery. I tip my hat to Lee Pace (Ronan), Michael Rooker (Yondu) and for you Doctor Who fans, Karen Gillan (Nebula), who also give it their all.

The film rattles along a great pace and by the end, you’re sad that it’s over. I cannot convey how enjoyable a film it is. It has everything you could possibly want: fantastic visuals, captivating performances, developed characters, laugh-out-loud moments, jaw-dropping action, scenes that tug on your heartstrings and ones that make you cheer plus a wonderfully chosen selection of 70s classic tunes that you can’t help but sing along to or at least tap your foot to. I took my partner and father-in-law to see it and though initially sceptical, they came out with big grins on their faces. They loved it and you will too.

Overall, for the reasons given, I have to say that this is probably my favourite Marvel film, even beating the incredible ‘Avengers Assemble’. The film never misses a beat and hits every nail on the head. It’s flawless! Definitely pick up a copy on blu ray, so you can enjoy the beautiful settings, graphics and colours in the best-quality picture. I can’t wait for the sequel in 2017!

Highly Recommended: 10/10!
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on 14 July 2016
Fantastic movie.

When it first came out I was kinda iffy how it would fit in this current MCU, but I was pleasantly surprised at just how good it was.

What I like is that this is definitely aimed more towards action comedy with some dark undertones. It gives a nice break in between some of the quite dark meterial we are getting atm from MCU.

Chris Pratt is a surprise and does really well as does Dave Bautista. Zoe Saldana and Karen Gillan are fab, but the stars of the show are Rocket Raccoon and Groot. I'm seriously impressed at how these actors all mesh and make it work so fantastically.

Watch it today! haha
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on 14 May 2016
The film follows the adventures of Peter Quill aka Star Lord as he tries to sell an ancient artefact he has questionable acquired. Along the way he meets up with Gamora a green skinned assassin. Drax a power house on a quest for vengeance and Rocket and Groot a gun toting raccoon and a sweet hearted tree respectively. Put that along with an 70s/80s soundtrack which is weaved in and out the film perfectly due to star lords Sony Walkman and you have a great fun space opera. It's visually spectacular and laugh out loud funny. Star Wars done he marvel way perhaps. Can't wait for volume 2 this is certainly one of Marvels best.
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on 8 February 2016
I have never heard of Guardians of the galaxy before, so I did not quite know what to expect and I wasn't to sold on the movie from the trailer either , but this is actually a pretty good movie. If you are a fan of comic book movies or even just a fan of movies set in space, then I would definitely recommend this movie. If you watch the marvel cinematic universe movies, then you probably already know that this movie ties in with them. I hope that this movie gets a sequel because it was very entertaining, full of action, visually stunning to look at and it is a great way to really bring the space element in to the MCU. All in all I give this movie a 10/10 for entertainment.
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