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Customer Reviews

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£14.90+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on 6 June 2013
Grid 2 is probably inferior to Grid 1, however certainly in some areas, particularly presentation and physics have all been dramatically changed. If you are wondering whither or not you will like this game it probably comes down to your love of car customization, cock-pit views and 'big' races. If the last three don't bother you then this game is a good, competent racer. Still not sure? Then how about the good, the meh and the ugly?

The Good
+ Production Values
The graphics are fantastic, visually there is a lot of detail from the newspapers sweeping across the road to the glitter of distant fireworks. The longer coastal and mountain tracks in particular look superb. Damage effects are also great and the music on a final lap of a championship really amps the tension.
+ Multiplayer Madness
Add a dozen racers with persistent damage, no flash-backs and crazy anarchy reigns, yes it is possible to get a 'proper' race but most of the time it devolves into a brutal game of shoving, raging and seat-of-your-pants racing, if you like that = great.
+ Variable Physics
The cars really do feel different, the changes between how each car grips the road or how much is weighs can make a real effect on your race plan. If you like that sort of thing, then great, if you don't like lots of drifiting skip this one and proceed to 'The Bad'.
+ Split-Screen Racing
Always nice to remember there are still people that enjoy playing games in the same room rather then with the delightful masses of homophobic/racist ten year old Americans.

The Meh
~ No Cockpit View
I never use it except to try (and fail) to impress my other half, but if you like it...its not here.
~ AI
Some people say its great, smart, aggressive and dynamic. Others say its rubbish sticking just to lines. My view? Its a bit of both but thank goodness its not as suicidal as it used to be!
~ Lack of Customization
Again, not something that bothers me, but if you are into decals, color schemes, changing your car suspension etc, not here in the single player. Likewise no buying cars in single player.
~ 'Story Mode'
Gone are the smultzy rivalry's of Toca (boy i miss those) replaced by a streamlined, slick and non-invasive voice overs and live action videos where people talk about how amazing you are. It's fine for what it is but Grid 1 had a better campaign layout. One day we will get some crazy triple A race game which takes a 'Mortal Kombat' approach to racing games like this (which is to say a crazy overblown story of rivals, love interests, grumpy retired race-coaches and hopefully the 'ultimate showdown of ultimate racing')...sorry what were we talking about?

The Bad
- Flashbacks
Wait! Wait! The flashback system is really good, thank goodness the days of restarting a whole race are over and done with! However...remember Grid 1? Where you could have amazing, crazy crashes then flashback and watch it in slow-mo while moving the camera around the glorious carnage? Gone. Replaced by a one speed rewind where you press (Y) to restart the race from. Streamlined but soulless, ugh.
- Driftastic
Mario-kart it ain't. Nevertheless there is a lot of drifting, a lot greater emphasis on sliding round corners instead of careful breaking and following the racing line. This becomes very frustrating when you fail to drift correctly and skid into the nearest invincible signpost. This is'nt due to a particular lack of skill, its just that if you are used to a more simulated form of racing then it can be a bit of a steep learning curve.
- Lack of Features
Destruction derby? - gone
Le-Mans race? - gone
Epic longer races? - gone
More then 12AI in a race? - gone
There are other things I could probably list but it does feel like a few things missed the cut, certainly the location list isn't that impressive, only a handful of real tracks and some variable city ones. The mountain and coastal ones do look very nice but you will do them again...and again. Grid original surpasses Grid 2 when it comes to tracks, features and variety.
- Day 1 DLC
Day 1 DLC is a cancer in the video-game industry (okay, okay, maybe not as bad as always online DRM) and Grid 2 comes with a bunch of it as well as the constant nagging to upgrade for a season pass for more money, what...was £40 not enough?

Anyway, hope that helps someone, it is a good racer overall, certainly good to watch and you will get a buzz out of it...but the lack of features and general...lack of soul, and by that i mean there is no awesome slow-mo flashbacks, no epic 24hr le-mans, no customization just a constant invitation for 'season passes' and further DLC, that is soullessness. But hey, great bargain bin racer if you can get it.
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on 30 May 2017
GRID 1 is still better
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on 19 June 2013
Although excited about the release of Grid 2, I have to admit that previous iterations of key franchises (I'm looking at you Dirt!) have meant that I was never certain that this would live up to Dirt 2 or the original grid, let alone the subtle, tangible handling found in the beautiful Forza Horizon and the genuinely terror-inducing racing of Shift 2.

With the cars in this game, there is little intimation of feedback: a car will break away with little visual, aural or haptic warning, there is no 'edge' on which the car can be balanced through apexes and high speed corners. As an example, compare the works-converted Mercedes 190E from Shift 2 to the 190E in Grid 2, where the former is responsive and balanced, yet exciting, Codemasters' car seems to pivot on a central axis, making for a frustrating drive and insulting tothe legacy of this classic car.

The tracks are awash with graphical excess, which is no bad thing in my opinion: both Pure and Forza Horizon are similarly pitched visually, but they are either too short or move to the puzzling 'Live Routes' system which randomises track content thereby nullifying the constant challenge of mastering a track, through clipping armco, bumping the apex, or throwing weight into the car through mechanical or hydraulic means.

When the car and the track are brought together, the problems really start: brushing the side of the track or an (aggressive) AI can result in a cataclysm of sparks and shifting camera views which is only partly mitigated by an overhauled (and well implemented) flashback system: this is Codie's much vaunted 'TruFeel' handling mechanic, but there is little encouragement here to take the cars to their limits as there is indication as to what there limits are: without insulting the hardworking programmers at Codemasters, I'm not sure that they know either.

All in all, this release makes Codemasters' move to a purely racing studio a strange one. Without the diversification of different genres, they will rely more and more on established franchises, Grid 2, along with the Dirt series needs to step up next generation if one of Britain's oldest and proudest devs/producers is to survive and thrive.
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on 31 August 2014
I understand that it is not a great racing game for an hardcore race gamer, but for me, an occasional player it's quite nice. I don't like particularly difficult games, because i don't have much time to be playing , so i usually choose to play in Easy Mode, so that i can reach the end faster. This game allows me to do that. If you're a real gamer there's other games for you better than this one, if you're an occasional gamer like me, you might want to give this a try.
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on 29 July 2013
Grid 1, I played for hours, why? Because it was fun, simple as that. Lots of variety, everything from single seaters, stock cars, GT cars, Le Mans and lots of great tracks. So, after a long wait I was super excited when Grid 2 was announced. Well, what the hell happened? Don't get me wrong, it looks great, it's slick and the production if pretty faultless, hats off to Codemasters for that, but it's just not fun to play, it seems that in their efforts to make it look great, Codemasters have forgotten to make it play great. Quite a few people have criticised the drifting approach to getting around the corners and I have to agree with them, it's awful. You don't need to be particularly precise; you just throw the car into the corner, close your eyes and hope for the best. One car in particular springs to mind (the default Mercedes on tier 4 online races) is like driving on ice, again, just awful. Every online race is a first corner smash up. I'd suggest to Codies that in future by default, they make all the cars ghosts for the first 2 corners, that way decent racers can leave all the children behind to mario kart each other to death. I also have to agree that the tracks are pretty repetitive.
Grid was great fun, Grid 2 is disappointing.
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on 6 June 2013
I was really looking forward to this game after spending hours on Grid. However, it is a real letdown. The main problem for me is that it doesnt focus on racing in a real sense. No clipping apexes or finding racing lines here. The main skill is in drifting, not braking points etc. Only a personal view but its just too arcade orientated. Graphics are sharp, but the much hyped damage model was much better in Grid back in '08. Also not having a cockpit view is a huge omission if the game is aimed at proper race fans. I played this using the bonnet cam, but it nowhere near gives the impression of driving that a cockpit cam offers.
Overall the game looks great, but seems like a step back from Grid in my opinion. Worth renting at best. Codemasters are capable of much, much more than this.
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on 30 April 2014
I had been put off of buying this game because of a lot of negative reviews but being a racing fan I opted to buy it anyway especially as it was just £6!
I can't see much wrong with the game. Codemasters have put together an edge of the seat racer that keeps you going back for more.
I've seen criticism of the handling of the cars, that they are hard to control and all you can do is drift round corners and hope you don't crash. I didn't find this at all, true you have to adjust your driving to each car and they can be a little hard to handle but once you get used to the controls it's a great game and provides some adrenaline pumping entertainment.
For less than ten quid this game is worth every penny.
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on 24 January 2014
As the title says, Grid 1 was full of life, new and exciting, this is just a chore in comparison. Some nice game modes ruined by others, overall its pretty boring.
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on 30 January 2014
Definitely not as good as the original and it seemed to die a quick death in online multiplayer mode. The first Grid had good popularity online for a number of months and was great to play. Grid 2 just doesnt seem to have the same appeal although its still a decent game. Anyone interested should buy the original which i'm sure is pretty cheap nowadays. Just be aware that you wont get that much online use out of it nowadays as interest has waned greatly
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on 9 October 2013
Not a bad game but in no way better than the first grid game. The driving of the car is not very good because every type and make of car drifts to much you go to turn in to a corner and quite oftern you will spin the car and crash. Also there is'nt enough varirity of cars in the game. The first grid racing game is still one of the best racing games i've ever played the second one still would be in my top 10 of best racing games
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