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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 October 2004
Firstly, I think it's important for me to say upfront that I have never bought a Robbie album before...until now.
This is without a doubt one of the best collections of hits that I have seen. 19 tracks, 2 new and both are excellent - 1 of which is radio, the recent No1 single (and a real musical departure) and Misunderstood, a beautiful popwer ballad that he does very well.
Is there really any point in me talking about the songs themselves, other than to say that this is a truly uplifting, incredible selection of popular songs that everyone should have in their music collection. I can sing along heartily to EVERY track.
A couple of songs are missed out (noticeably Something Stupid with Nicole Kidman) but this doesn't effect the quality of the cd at all. This will be the biggest album of 2004
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'Robbie Williams' famously walked away from 'Take That' in 1995 (the group completed
their tour, and split in 96' upsetting tens of thousands of their loyal fans)
'Take That' had achieved phenomenal success during their first and second coming with
27 Top 40 hits, 11 of which topped the U.K Charts, of course 'Robbie' did re-join the
re-formed group during their recent history, only to leave again.
'Robbie's' solo career achieved instant success with a number two Chart-Hit in 1996 which
is curiously not included on this CD the song 'Freedom'
However many of his well known numbers are, as a solo artist 'Robbie' has had 36 Top 30
entries, twenty seven of those were Top 10 hits, of which seven have Topped the Chart those
being - 'Millennium' (1997) 'She's The One' (1999) 'Rock D.J' (2000) 'Eternity' (2001)
'Something Stupid' (sung with 'Nicole Kidman' 2001 -not on-board) 'Radio' (2004) and
'Candy' (2012 - not on-board) This album covers many of his best known and loved songs
between 1996 - 2004
Surprisingly everybody's favourite fell short of the number one slot 'Angels' though it did in fact
remain in the charts for 27-weeks.
Some of the other well known songs on-board this 19-Song CD include 'No Regrets' (A hit also
for the 'Walker Brothers') 'Strong' 'Kids' 'Feel' and 'Misunderstood'
This album certainly a great reflection of 'Robbie's' solo career, well worth having it within your
music collection.
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on 19 April 2005
It's been 13 years since a lycra-clad Take That first stormed the charts, scoring an earth shattering number 38 'hit'. Sure, they ended up having a pretty glittering run but, to use Noel Gallagher's words, "could you really have seen the 'Fat Dancer from Take That' surviving in a sphere of musicality where lip-synching live to a vocal track is tantamount to admitting to liking the remake of The Avengers?"
It is undeniable that Robbie Williams' foray into solo stardom was initially met with more than a touch of trepidation, but 19 top ten singles, 5 number 1 albums and global album sales in excess of 32 million can't be argued with.
Cataloguing the journey from boy-band oblivion to all conquering supreme, Greatest Hits is required listening for any pop fan. Opening the collection is lads anthem Old Before I Die, one of many high standards from the infancy of Williams' solo career, immediately followed by classic-in-waiting Angels, which will no doubt be the highlight of the album for many buyers.
One of the biggest problems facing Greatest Hits' compilations is keeping the release fresh, hence so many artists now include a new track or three to get the interest flowing and Robbie is no exception. Latest number 1 Radio is a hint towards a new era in Williams' evolution with it's darker edge and electronica, and with new track 2, Misunderstood, featuring in the latest Bridget Jones movie this collection surely can't miss! Standout tracks would definitely be Lazy Days, Let Me Entertain You and Kids, Robbie's duet with Kylie Minogue, and though not all tracks are as strong, Williams is an artist who weaves his soul into each release and such honesty alone makes every track deserving of your attention.
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on 21 September 2005
Some might critisize robbie williams for releasing a greatest hits album after just 5 albums but i would'nt be one of those people. After selling over 38 million albums worldwide,achiving 6 number one singles and 6 number one albums i think he has the right to sit back and reflect over his brillient career. From start to finish this is a fantastic pop/rock compilation. Although he might not have broken america but he still sells just as much albums as Usher or Justin Timberlake do. The 2 new songs are not as great as some of the others but are still good pop songs. Radio is an electro-type track that is very catchy while Misunderstood is a classic robbie ballad. as good as this album is it is missing a few good songs like something beautiful,freedom,south of the bourder and #1 something stupid. another thing about robbie is that it is not necesarily his singles that are his best songs so if you want all his gratest songs buy gis studio albums for song like win some lose some,better man ect. the best songs on this album are angels,millenium,no regrets,let me entertain you,rock dj and feel.
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on 11 April 2005
If ever we required proof that Robbie Williams has become more popular and successful than all of his fellows from Take That put together three times over, this album is that evidence. This spectacular showman's Greatest Hits package is just that, nineteen tracks reflecting his best work from a solo career now spanning almost nine years, and not merely every single he has ever released, as is the custom with those acts who hurriedly release a Greatest Hits album after only eleven or twelve singles.
Sadly, Robbie favourites such as "Something beautiful" and "It's only us" did not make it onto this album, nor did his swingin' collaboration with Nicole Kidman, "Somethin' stupid", but the absence of certain tracks does not weaken this album in the slightest. Indeed, every single included here fantastically displays how far Williams has come in the music industry and how much both his voice and his musical direction has matured. So many of his hits are regarded as classics nowadays, notably the infectious "Let me entertain you", "Old before I die", "Millennium", "Rock DJ" and, of course, the stunning ballad "Angels", the song that arguably established Williams as the incredible musician that he is today. Astoundingly, this beautiful track did not even make the Top 3 in the UK, instead becoming the UK's biggest selling no. 4 single ever.
This album also shows how versatile Williams has been regarding his single releases, providing his listeners with ballads, laid-back pop and numerous rock-influenced tracks such as "Lazy days", an ultimate guitar fest, "Let love be your energy", one of the most catchy Williams songs with its infectious bass-driven bridge, and "Kids", his kicking duet with Kylie Minogue. "Angels" is not the only ballad that is thoroughly deserving of its classic status; "She's the one" is also a much-loved Williams track, despite being the only one of his singles which he hasn't had a hand in writing, and the haunting "Eternity" is just as popular among his loyal fans.
I personally admire Williams most for his mature, mid-tempo pop tracks, a genre which he has emphasised even more recently on his amazingly successful studio album "Escapology". Songs like "Come undone" and "Sexed up" are reminiscent of this laid-back style, and the mysterious use of the piano in "Feel" really moves the listener. Their lyrics are very meaningful and somewhat harsh compared to other Robbie tracks, except perhaps the disturbing reminder of his days in Take That, "No regrets", one of the best songs on the album in my opinion (although that was an exceptionally difficult choice to make). My other favourite is the totally unique "The road to Mandalay", which doesn't seem to fit into a particular genre. Its distinguishing chorus is very curious, with a slide guitar coming into effect over Williams' minimalist lyrics at this point ("pum, pum, pum, pa-da-da-pum-pum..."), and its minor key gives the song a mysterious aura.
The two most recent singles featured on this album are "Radio" and "Misunderstood". The former can be very strange on first listen as it is so different musically to anything Williams has released before, but it is instantly memorable. Synthesisers dominate this superb track, and its lyrics humorously show Williams' trademark innocent arrogance: "My performance is easy, I am the god of romance." "Misunderstood", on the other hand, is a much slower track smothered with a beautiful harmonica, again perfectly displaying Williams' versatility.
It is incredible when I consider just how successful Robbie Williams has become; I am sure he is the sole ex-boy band singer who has achieved five consecutive no. 1 albums in the UK and enjoyed over twenty top-selling singles, collecting fifteen BRIT awards and clocking up six UK no. 1 singles in the process. This Greatest Hits collection is an absolute must-buy for anyone who is a fan of mature pop music with a hint of individuality. In fact, a lot of individuality - there will never be another Robbie Williams.
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on 2 November 2004
I have to start off with saying that Robbie Williams is my favorite singer ever. I own all of his cds. I had to import most of them, being in the US they are more expensive if I buy them as imports, but it's worth it. I was very excited to hear about this greatest hits cd and I prepaid on as soon as I could.
Buy it. That's all there is too it. But after listening to the other cds over and over, I know all the words and tones and stuff to the songs. So it dissappoints me that some of the songs on the greatest hits cd are not the full versions. Come Undone in particular was completely re-recorded.
But it's worth it. I love Radio and Misunderstood is growing on me.
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on 27 February 2005
Finally! A Robbie Williams album which gets rid of the cheesy filler material and solely concentrates on the Hits.
I am no great fan of RW but the tracks included on this Greatest Hits package are all amazing. It is just one hit after another and will surely go down as one of the best Greatest Hits albums of the past decade.
"Angels", "Let Me Entertain You", "Millennium", "Strong", "Let Love Be Your Energy" and "Feel" are the highlights of the compilation, although the album is well worth getting for the decent stand-alone single "Eternity", which is not available on any other UK album, and "Radio", which is RW's most recent chart topper.
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on 20 October 2004
well, what can I say. The man is a genius. Never one to disappoint his fans, this greatest hits albums has all of my favourite tunes. You can't help but sing along to them all. Just learning the words to the two new songs on the albums, but given the amount of times that I have played the CD already, this will not be long in happening. Good on you Robbie, we love you.
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on 5 December 2004
First of all,he is the ultimate male pop icon in the UK and around the world.Who can deny it? We've actually grown with Robbie's Music since we were teens (for me)! With his rough edge attitude,perky pissed off humors and bad boy charm,he's the man!
The hit songs reflects his undeniable charisma through the ages in the music industry.Kinda think of it's pretty fast how the time flies,when you could sing along to Robbie's tunes.His "Greatest Hits" takes you back in time to his "one hit wonder"...No Regrets,Angels,She's the one and Strong.All I can say that this are 'real classics',truly candy to the ears.
When Ilisten to theses tunes,it's like's like travelling back to your memories whether you're having your first kiss,striving for the best in high school,becoming a man or anything that u can think of.
Not forgetting the evolution of Robbie's music through the years with upbeat tunes like"Rock DJ,Millennium,Let me Entertain You".Plus,the latest #1 hits in the present like Feel,Sexed Up,Come Undone.A must have for Robbie Fans.It's a complete wholesome of Robbie's masterpieces in one GREAT CD.
I just wish that Robbie will go on feeding us with more great tunes in the future.Only time will tell.For now enjoy Robbie,enjoy LIFE!
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on 5 January 2005
Outstanding collection of some of his most recognizable hits. However, unlike most greatest hits collections where I might buy the hits and pretty much give the other records to Goodwill, I find myself still reaching for his other cd's as I find some of my favorite songs of Mr. Williams have perhaps not always been number one's for him (as an American I wouldn't know as I don't get to hear his music over here!) I think it's a conspiracy so the mediocre artists over here in the States who can barely sing their cookie-cutter pop songs (and our public seems to inexplicably slobber over) won't have to deal with the competition...i.e. J. Timberlake, Britney, J.Lo, J.Simpson & her dippy lip-synching sister, etc.,ad nauseum. Why else would they play Simpson's uninspired version of 'Angels' and not just play the gorgeous original version from the man himself?? Thank God for the CD player for I can barely listen to the radio anymore...
Mr. Williams could probably have coasted off his old hits and sounds for a few years but, not to sound condescending, he seems to have only matured. I don't think his voice has ever sounded so rich as on 'Misunderstood' and on 'Radio' he reminds me a little of David Bowie. I also love 'Do Me Now' (found on the single of Misunderstood) which, I think would actually go over well in the States.
A critic (in the UK, I believe) recently wrote something akin to (paraphrased) Robbie Williams is wallowing once again in self-pity (re:Misunderstood) and that his songs always seem autobiographical, yada, yada. Perhaps because Mr. Williams actually (gasp) writes his own songs and artists DO tend to draw from personal experience sometimes. It's better than the above aforementioned artists who can barely string a sentence together. (Guy Chambers and now Stephen Duffy deserve their due credit as well, I realize, but Mr. Williams is a terrific songwriter and deserves a little more credit for it).
When all is said and done, the greatest hits are great but won't let you forget his original albums (or versions) as it appears some of the songs have been abbreviated for this cd...done out of haste to fit all the songs on or is it a brilliant marketing ploy to make us still reach for the oldies...frankly, who cares? It's great and this is one American who will continue to blare his music (and miss highway exits) on account of being blissfully distracted by a true original! I can only hope the U.S. will eventually join the other 90% of the globe who seem to share this sentiment.
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